Wednesday, March 05, 2008


marlie knitting
this picture has nothing to do with shoulders.
or maybe it does

the human body
is a marvel

and one of the many, many
sweet marvels is the shoulder

one of our great gifts
coming down the evolutionary chain
our shoulders

here they are:
one on each side

try this:
right shoulder forward
and left shoulder back

do that a couple of times
and check out:
did you move your ribs
and rotate your spine to do this,
or did you move your right shoulder blade
to bring the right shoulder forward
while bring the left shoulder blade

that looks complicated in writing
and millions of years of evolutionary
engineering went into this marvel:
a shoulder blade that can take a ride
on our ribs
and can also move independently of our ribs

play again,
right shoulder forward
just the right
and see if your ribs are part
of the game
if you can notice just what your right
shoulder blade is up to

(it's fair to reach around with your other hand
if you can,
and feel the shoulder blade.
it's big.
and wing/ triangle shaped.)

have some fun:
see if you can discover what a right shoulder blade
how it moves
and when it moves with your ribs and when it moves
on it's own

plenty more to do
and that's a nice start

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