Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lonely, alone ly, making friends, sunday night ramble, maybe "good for you"

loneliness is one thing
alone ness is another

you know how
people pay big bucks
to go on a retreat
and get all by themselves
away from others,
not talking at mealtimes?

it's to just shut up
and deal with the inner stuff

and alone time can be like that
time to just sit
with or without journal
and let all the crap come up
and watch it
or do the Katie work on
or realize you need help with it
and then just
be empty
and enjoy that power of
sweet nothing
to replenish
almost everything

and then again,
it's nice to have friends

how do you make friends

a. be yourself

b. go up to people who
look like they might be able to tolerate you
as yourself

c. find something to like in them

d. don't worry if they like you,
just keep being yourself
and liking them

e. if this doesn't scare them off

you've got a friend

enough for this cold
and sweet night
for NOW

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