Friday, November 21, 2014

Better talk and touch, and love and sex.... part 4 of 60

Not really 60 days straight, but in a program of ten days of work each other, that gets cycled through three times.

day four
This is going to be fun.
Every day is going to be fun, and yes, yes, there is going to be even more blow back from the habitual world, because, believe it or not, there is a big chunk of your inner programming that doesn’t want you to be happy and the busy/ kids/ tired/ sick/ whatever whatever excuses are going to rear their ugly ( and false, if you look carefully at the real problem to be solved and not the FEELING that things can’t be any different) heads.

So, keep it up.
Half an hour a day.
Preferably before dinner.

And here goes:


Sit close and look at each other for a minute. Just connect in silence.
Then a minute while holding hands.
The talking today is going to be an every other sentence loop back to the “gurdjieff meditation” I mentioned yesterday.
In that, you start first thing in the morning, and sense your right toes, and bit by bit sense up through foot ankle shin knee thigh to your right hip.
Then sense the entire right leg and hang out there a while.
Then, keeping that in awareness, add on, right finger tips, fingers, hand, wrist, forearm, elbow, upper arm and right shoulder socket. Then sense the two, right arm and right leg.
Breathe. Enjoy giving yourself real attention.
And the complete and unequivocal being “present” that this is.
As experience. Word free. Now, now, now, now.
And then, keeping the right arm and leg ( and fingers and toes) in sensing attention, go to the left shoulder and work your way down to the left fingertips.
Then hang out in those three: right leg and arm, left arm.
Then add on, keeping going around the circle, left hip, down thru thigh, knee, shin, ankle, foot, out to all the toe tips.
Then sense all four.
There is more to the “Gurdjieff meditation” and this much can be revealed today:  this is something for all day and all activities.

And so, for today’s talk, we’ll go around the circle every other statement, and you can sense up the right side and down the left, or just zap into the whole limb at once, and it’s going to bring you present, now, present, now, present, now.

Person A, goes like this for 3 minutes:
“Sensing my right leg and toes, I notice….”
“This is what I like about me…”
“Sensing my right arm and fingers, I notice…”
“This is what I like about you….”
“Sensing my left arm and fingers, I notice…”
“This is what I like about me….”
“Sensing my left leg and toes, I notice…”
“This is what I like about you….”
“Sensing my right leg and toes, I notice….”
“This is what I like about me…”

And so on.
Then, person B, for one minute, feeds back to highlights of what they heard.

Switch, the other way.

Do it again, so 16 minutes is taken up being present to ten fingers and ten toes and to liking of oneself and to liking of the other.

5 minute massages of one of your partner’s feet. They can make requests. But not too many. Sense your arms and legs as you give the massage. Especially sense in your foot whatever you are massaging in their foot.
And sense the fingers you are using, and the using of your arms and whole self to move your massaging hands.
One minute each to say how that was for you.

Seven minutes the other way around.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

be present, even in grief, it's the doorway to God


If I’m present I’m really alive.
It’s not the only game in town, and (AND) it’s necessary to at least two of the other great games of this overall game called “being alive.”
-- love

Another essay could be written ( and has been, search through the blog) on the impossibility of happiness and love without being present. Discover this for yourself, or transmit any time of un-happiness or un-love to a time to happiness or love by becoming present.)

And there’s one game that can be played from not being present, and often is, and it’s a big and fun game in life. It’s this one:
--making money.
Lots of people have discovered that it’s a lot more fun and lot easier and lot happier ( and….full of love) game if played from being present. And it appears that a messy version can be played, and even played well from what I’d call, copying Gurdjieff and many others, a state of “sleep.”

And then the last great game…
--Service. Helping others. Making a difference.

Ah, me oh my. You can be of service and be asleep, and it can work, but it’s a perilous situation. If surrounded by peaceful and almost saintlike people, who are also good at self care, you / one can get away with being asleep.
And, on the other hand, burn out, and grumpiness and feeling ripped off, can be so prevalent. There is a great passage in Brothers Karamozov, where a gal admits that she has a hard time give to the poor because they aren’t sufficiently grateful.
Lots of prayer and quiet time, which is often close to being present, can help people get away with being of service without a practice of being present, but usually, the people you are serving will suck you dry, since there is really no you there to be around them, just your good deeds.

And that’s that.
There is one more great reason to be present and it’s almost as if it’s your way to salute the universe for the wonder of being alive. Which is kind of like happiness, but on a quieter and more reverent sort.
And being alive is the gift and the glory.

And here we shift to the second half of this discussion, a “harder” part, and it is about his: how to be present when someone we love dies.
They are gone.
No longer in our lives.
We are still alive.
They aren’t.

This can hurt.
This can wound so deeply our whole lives are turned inside out.
Rumi’s endless poems of love, which he didn’t write, but shouted out while whirling and his disciples wrote down, came from his grief at this beloved mentor and enlightenment friend, Shams, being gone. The suspicion is the jealous disciples and even some of his own children murdered Shams.
And in that grief, plunged to the depths, he found a love and poetry that has nourished our souls throughout the ages.

And if we aren’t Rumi ( yet!), what to do?

Be present.
To reality.
Reality is what we see right now. What we hear right now. What we are sensing in our bodies.
In our bodies the grief may be surging in great ferocity, and we can always meet that with awareness. What ever we are sensing, we can be aware of those sensations in the moment.
Moment by moment.
Breath by breath.

And this too, be can be aware, that we are alive, that we are aware, as we sense this sensation of grief inside us. Balancing that with awareness of gravity and light and breath and sound, as per yesterday’s blog on Ten Fingers, Ten Toes, Belly, Eyes, Ears and Nose, might make it “easier,” and no matter.
We are alive.
We are in love with these sensations, or we could be, as this is the way to honor our life exactly now.

And then, there can be suffering. Pain is one thing, suffering another.

The suffering is not real, but always sets of words, always of the sort that “This should be different,”  or “That should have been different.”

That is, we are demanding that Reality change to suit our wishes.
The elephant should be a card table. Impossible.
The rabbit should be a dog. Impossible.

This past event should never have happened. Impossible.

To fight reality brings suffering which is different than pain. Last weeks essay on the four questions and the turn around can always get us out of the suffering.
The pain remains as long as it remains.
And when we are present, we are riding the surf of reality, no matter how rugged.
Something is being ripped open, and in the stillness of not filling our minds with all the words that create suffering, and in the hot furnace of sensing the actual grief in the moment, something new can be born.

What it will be can’t be predicted.
The present can point to and wish for a certain future, but reality can play funny and beautiful and mystical games with us.

That’s it’s job.
Our job.
To be present and love what is.

This is either too many words, or not enough, and words are all a bit of a lie, and maybe they can point to the rose garden. Maybe we will walk there. Maybe the thorn will prick us deeply and we can be aware of our wound.
Maybe we can look at the sun reflecting in the drop of blood and see the meaning of our love and our lives.
Who knows?

If we are present, we’ll be there to find out as we discover.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Now, really? LIke this now?

Slightly before the Power of Now came out and it was suddenly cool to be in the moment, I am leading a small workshop on being present in the hills above Sonoma.

People are given the simple assignment of talking a half hour walk, alone, and hanging out in the present and seeing what that was like.

What it was like was great.

Everyone came back rip roaring excited about the peacefulness and the intense moment by moment vitality of their bodies walking through the woods with their minds mainly focused on being present.

All was well.

We parted.

I was pleased, and then I realized an odd thing, thinking back on the sharing about their walks, a noticing I'd had while they were talking but kept submerged.

They hadn't been present when they were busy, happy and excited to share about their walk in the present.

Perhaps even more shocking: I hadn't been that present either.

Ah, shit... What do we have here?

Well... reading these words. writing these words... are we present in this now, now.

Maybe yes.

Maybe no.

It's a trick, it's a veil, it's a huge dilemma: how to be using words, which are never in the present, to describe anything, first of all, and then to be present while we are in word land.

There is a reason why most meditation retreats are silent.

Talking almost always equals going back to sleep.

There is a way out of this, specific to talking and being present, but for now, let me just introduce a game, and you can try it, if you want, while you are talking.

And walking.

And riding a car, driving a car, riding a bike, eating, or even reading and writing.

while you are talking to someone.
And listening to someone.

On the phone.
In person.

It's "hard," but its a way out of the ongoing sleep of most of humanity, most of the time.

So, maybe it's worth a try.

Goes like this;;

Ten fingers

Ten toes





And that's the attention game. The being present game. While eating or reading or talking or walking or dancing or making love, or writing, or working:'

Put attention on all ten fingers, and both arms. Sense their entirety, from shoulders to fingers tips.

Put attention on all ten toes, as a reminder to add in both legs, sensing all, the flesh, the bones, tendons, nerves, flesh, blood, all of it, from hip joint to the tippy tip of all ten toes.

That's a lot.

Belly and Nose are the two ends of breathing. The joy of this being alive thing. Now, now, now, we can feel the air that is keeping us alive, feel the air itself coming into our nose, feel the belly expanding as the diaphragm pushes down to make more room in our lungs.

Feel it all.
Breathing in.
Breathing out.

And the belly is near the tan tien, the center of our body, two inches in and one down, or something. Doesn't matter.

Just sense your middle and sense your spine along with the two arms and two legs.

Arms, legs, spine, breathing, fingers, toes, air in and out the nose.

And now,
eyes: what light is coming in?

What do you see?


What sound is coming in?


and that could keep you pretty damn present in case you want to be while yammering, or thinking about being present or talking about being present or talking about your deep wishes or talking about your trivial complaints.

Can you have all that now now nowness:

ten fingers

ten toes





----try it.

You've nothing to lose but the misery of believing your thinking or someone else's.


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Transforming bitterness into love: Forgiveness as Realization

Once when it was cold, and I was all alone and bitter and in despair, I got myself a pen and a notebook.

Time to write my way out of this suffering.

Judge your neighbor.
Write it down.
Ask four Questions.
Turn it around.

The happiest person I'd ever met suggested that as a way out of suffering.

I was suffering. The girlfriend of 7 years had left me for Tom.

Not fair, poor me, sad bitter and so on.

Being bitter, thinking bitter thoughts, complaining, get others to agree with me, hadn't done the trick.

So, Judge my ex gal:

"She should not have left me."

Of course not. He was good looking and smart and charming and had an English accent to seem even more charming and smart and he drank coffee and she worked in a coffee shop.

We'd met, this gal an I, when she was in Berkeley, getting her degree in Landscape architecture. We talked design, gardens, roamed Berkeley together, feel in love, had the usual fun of that, drank coffee.

She finished her degree and we visualized the perfect cottage in Sonoma, after scoping out about six towns in the country. We wanted to grow. We wanted out of Berkeley. We found Sonoma, with it's 10,000 population, and nine acre plaza and only an hour from the bay area.

And we "manifested" the white cottage, on land, with oak trees on one side, a meadow in front, a creek on the side, only seasonal, but still, 4 months of gurgle gurgle is pretty grand. And not visualized, but cool, a quarter mile driveway lined with walnut trees and olive trees.

Heaven, and we gardened, heaven and a strange thing happened in paradise.

We fought.
Ah, what did we argue about?
Who knows?

And here, let me clue you in to the generic argument:

Person A:  "I'm right and you're wrong."

Person B:  "No. You have it backwards, I'm right and you're wrong."

Person A: "No. You have it backwards, I'm right and you're wrong."

forever and eve, louder and louder with the context hardly mattering and EVER so important.

Anyway, we argued, and then at the end I DO know what we argue about.

I was right and she was wrong to be spending so much time with Tom.

Here's a hint, on how to make jealousy a self-fulfilling prophecy: spend a lot of time hassling the person for liking someone else.

So we argue and the choice for her got clearer and clearer:
Stick around me and be argued with that she's wrong.

Hang around and be charmed by a man with an English accent who thinks she's the brightest rose in the morning dew.

And so she chose.

And I'm alone.

And I have my paper and pen, and it's time to write my way out of suffering.


Let's see.

Judge the one you are blaming from your suffering: And write it down.

"She should love me more."

Ask four questions.


Hell yeah. I'm suffering. She should love me more and stick around. ( Ha! Selfish malarky, but the answers have to be honest)

As, in the Universe needs this to function. As in, I can be absolutely certain that for her life and my life and blah blah blah, she should "love me more," whatever that means.

And the answer, sigh, is no.

Hell no.

Which means, darn, the statement, "She should love me more," is a thought, and opinion, and like most thoughts and opinions, is not true.


Question Three:

Wow. Well, that's pretty clear. Miserable. Sad. Angry. Bitter. Betrayed. Poor me. Victim.
On and on.

And that's the kicker:  It's the thought setting me up for all this. Not her.

How do I know?

Question Four:

And, I'm just me, here now. Or me, there then, in a garden, in a beautiful town, alive, seeing the skies and the trees and without the thought:  no suffering.

Can it be that easy?


But wait, there's more:
Judge your neighbor.
Write it down.
Ask four questions.
Turn it around.

The turn around is to eat your own medicine,
You should listen to me more becomes:
I should listen to YOU more.
I should listen to ME more.

You should appreciate me more, becomes
I should appreciate YOU more
I should appreciate ME more.

So, with Tom's new gal, my new X:

"She should love me more,"
I should love HER more.
I should love ME more.

Yeah, okay. I write that, think that , and then ZAP.


 I still do love her, and most of my suffering had been from stopping that love, and when I do the turn around and "love her more," what do I want:

I want her to be happy.

And she is happy.
With Tom.

Great. Loving her more means wanting her to have what she wants.

She wants Tom.
I can love her and be happy she has what she wants.

This isn't theory. This is almost teary,
teary eyed relief and how good the world has suddenly become: someone I love is getting what they want.

And loving me more?

Ah, it means doing the work, the writing down, the questions the turn around on the next thoughts that come up once I let her go, as if I had a choice:

"I won't ever find anyone as great as her."

I did that work.
What happened is another story, a sweet story, but let's just say this work, the work of judge your neighbor, write it down, ask for questions, turn it around, turned my life around.

You have any suffering?

Give it a try.

A pen. Some paper. Looking within. You might find freedom, too.

Good luck.
Bon adventure.

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Pseudo Wisdom on a Wednesday: Love What Is..... or SUFFER

A young friend of mine was recently murdered.

My favorite moment with him, well second favorite to a bike ride we took together, was hearing him give a talk on how he'd used his time in prison to seek and find spiritual wisdom.

One of his key sharings was the "7 Page Project," wherein you took seven pieces of paper ( the number that could be mailed in an envelope with one stamp) and wrote your beliefs, and learnings down and send them to someone.

In honor of him, I'm going to journal for seven pages ( handwriting is the only way to really get close to your soul in writing) each Wednesday, and then type it into this blog.

I'll also print up this typed version and mail it off to his mother, who can might want to friend on facebook, Denise Roussell.

And here, in honor of Cory Roussell and today's gift to Denise and myself and all of life, and especially anyone reading this, is today's seven pages....

Here's the honey: Life is Good.

Yesterday I heard that my second grand daughter had been born just before midnight the day before, at the very tail end of November 3, 2014. I'd been hoping she would be born then, since that was the birthday of an amazing woman, Marlie Wesner, now Marlie Collins, who had been my girlfriend for 8 years in Sonoma, California.  ( Not Sedona, Arizona. Think grapes, not vortex).

Marlie was a wonder of simplicity and love of life and acute connection with simple physical pleasure. My son, who knew her fairly well, said she was the kind of person who should be riding a unicorn. She and I spend night after night sleeping under the stars, in town, but either at a garden we were creating or on our deck. We helped create one huge and beautiful garden, and one large and beautiful garden. I hear she's still gardening, and yoga-ing to life's great delight.

She was a gift, and I feel I contributed her way and then it was life to part paths.

Life is good. When the love is here, and we can share the same cottage and garden and bed, that is good.

When it is time for love to take another form, that is good.

Unless I want to suffer, then I could have begrudged the ending, but I didn't. She didn't. Life moved on.

Gardening teaches this: plants spring from little seeds, get huge, give great gifts, reach their end, die, become food for the compost.

We were both content, and even more in love in a certain way was we spent five months still together and knowing we were parting.

And I was happy that my grand daughter would probably have this birthday, for on the day of November 3 this was up in the air.

And during this up in the air time, I called my sister to tell her of the birth on the way. That part went well.

But when I told her I was excited that this girl ( they knew it was a girl) would be born on Marlie's birthday, my sister reverted to being my sister. When I told her I'd really loved Marlie, and hoped that child would share some of her amazing qualities, she pushed back with why wasn't I still with Marlie is it had been so good.

And when I began to explain the reasons that Marlie and I found for an agreeable and loving separation, she told me they were stupid.

Ah, here's when I lost my understanding of how to be happy.

Instead of listening to her ideas and reasons and feelings about this, I took this as an insult and hung up.

Poor Sis. People hang up on her all the time, since she has a firm habit of telling people they are stupid and wrong and expecting them to be grateful for the insight.

And I could have been present to my sting, and not taken it personally, and it would just have been her being the way she can't help being

But I blew it.

I hung up.

I believed in my story, that she shouldn't call my reasons stupid, instead of the reality that she had.

And so, I hung up and closed things down.

Now, sticking around, I might have found out what was going well and what was not going well in her 35 year marriage, but I didn't.

I chose to disagree with a disagreeable sister, and hence, fighting fire with fire, closed off a chance for something new and interesting to happen.

My loss.

The price I failed to pay to stay in happiness and "life is good," is this price:  Wake up to NOW and when in pain, look within and discover where I am fighting with "What Is," which is another name for Reality.

The secret to ongoing contentment:  "Loving What Is."

My favorite spiritual teacher, Adyashanti, defines enlightenment as "Loving What Is."

My favorite enlightened being calls herself Byron Katie, and does not call herself enlightened, that's a story, nor a teacher, since it's about un-learning rather than learning ( at least in the spiritual realm.... in movement, about which maybe I'll write next Wednesday, learning is real, but not book learning, the kind of learning that a child discovers when going from not being able to crawl, to being able to crawl)

She called her first book, "Loving What Is."

Not as a belief of hers, but as the purest statement of how she found life had to be lived for her to end, completely the immense amount of suffering she was undergoing as a chain smoking obese ranting-at-her-family alcoholic.

Like all of us, she was
In rage and suffering.... when she believed her thoughts.

At Peace,
when she gave up trying to demand that Reality be what her thoughts wanted it to be.

And that's the easy/ hard/ obscure/ obvious route for us all: Let go of our argument with Reality.
Then life is good and we are happy.

And so it was with me, on November 3.
My suffering on top of my sister's suffering. She told me I was wrong for ending a relationship. I told her... by hanging up... that she was wrong for telling me that I was wrong.

And so it goes.

And sometimes we are lucky.
I have another sister who pointed out to me that I seemed to be caught up in a story that the critical sister should have been other wise.

That was it!

I woke up.

I'd been trapped in my thinking.

And this seems to be one of the main reasons to be present:

In the present we can wake up to
Am I happy?
Am I suffering?

And then, we can be present to the thoughts that are fueling our unhappiness.

And being present we can feel our bodies, our arms out to the fingertips, and our legs out to the toes, and our spine with the pelvis and our head.

Our breathing.

We are alive.

We can be present.

And sounds, sights, color, light:  we can feel and notice all that, in the present.

So, that's the way we can live: present to our idiocy when we decide to believe our thoughts and suffer.

Present to the aliveness of ourselves now.

Present to the beauty of the world.

And present to this:  what do we want our life to be headed toward.

That's "not the present," but it's the way we want to move, and that's part of the game to: we get to chose, from happiness, from the present of love of life, from the present of knowing what our life feels like right now, what now, do we want our life to become.

And right now, this is happy.


Because life is good.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

The truth is free, and yet...

how is your breathing
right now?

what are you seeing,
besides this
right now?

where are your arms and legs and

what are you hearing?

that's truth:
our experience right now

freely available

and then the cost:

awareness of when we put a story
on our experience and demand that it be different
than it is

that's a cost

the cost of waking up
is a dilly:

realizing when we have
fallen back asleep

not beating ourselves up about it
then getting back
into the glide




all this inspired by someone texting me this:

"I know the truth will set me free,
how much will it set me back?

the truth is free

most change has a price

seeing that as being
"set back"

is like putting a price on your
child's smile

not really a way to live


Monday, September 29, 2014

Two legged chairs

Look around you at all the two legged chairs...

Not many?

How come?

Lots of four legged ones.
A few three legged stools, and approximately zero
two legged chairs.

What's that about?

Lots of twos in the world,
two eyes, two ears, two hands, two feet
two legs.

We can pull it off.
Why not the chair?

Are they picky or something, or
have the chair designers of the world been holding out on us?

You tell me.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

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735. May 20, Tuesday, morning again: Who am I?  Is love about fixing you or know who I am?

734. May 19, Monday afternoon, special needs Monday blog, Essential 4: Subtlety 

733. May 19, Monday again:  Americanah, an amazing book, do read it and thrive

732. May 19: Monday, Love, sex, waking up and all that hooey

731. May 17: Love, Loss and Magic on a Saturday, all before sundown

730, May 5: Slow, Essential to Learning and Love, from Special Needs Kids Blog 

729. May 4: Meditation, the impermanent and the permanent

728/ May 3: Love Hate and Anger, having fun with all of that 

727. May 1: Autism and Love, from the Mindful Parenting of an Autistic child perspective

APRIL 2014

726: April 29, Tuesday: Autism and Love, Connecting and Playing, and Going Easy

725, April 25, Friday, Autism and Meditation, part one

724. April 24, Thursday, Waking Up, even when we are busy. Why?

723. April 22, Tuesday: Treating Your Child, Your Mate, Yourself in Poor and Better Ways

722. April 21: Monday, From Special Needs Blog:  Your Child's Brain on Learning

721. April 17, Thursday:  Loving Your enemy. What Easter is really about

720. April 16, Wednesday: The Love Game. The Wake up Game. Are they the same? 

719. April 14, Monday: Chapter 2, CONNECTING not Fixing

718. April 7, Monday: Let's reRead Anat Baniel's book: Kids Beyond Limits

717. April 4, 2014: Backs, Necks and Shoulder Pain... What the heck... Rewire the Brain


716, March 16, Sunday:  Fear and Change, Fear of Change, the Strange Plight of Being Human, and, The Strange as Freedom

715. March 11: Movement Lesson: Eyes, Neck and Back

714. MARCH 11: Freedom and Love


713. Thursday, February 27:  Love in Waking = Love, Love in mindlessness = Mom + Pop

712. Monday, Feb 24: Loving the Other after Divorce, freedom

711. Tuesday, Feb 18: 10 steps to Happiness

710. Monday, Feb 17: Divorce + Love = Freedom

709. Tuesday, Feb 11: Is there Sex after Marriage?

708. Tuesday, Feb 11: Balance Two, for you, and you and you

707,  Monday, February 10: Balance and movement: a movement lesson for all


706. Thursday: Jan 30:  Movement Lesson--- Cat and Cow several ways, in both sitting and the normal yoga way of hands and knees

705. Tuesday, Jan 28: The Heart Knows what the Mind done Forgot, Love is and Ain't, part 8

704. Friday, Jan 24: Love is, Love Ain't 7

703. Friday, Jan 24: On your back, pushing down a standing foot to release back and  brighten your brain

702. Wednesday, Jan 22: Side lying, flexion extension hips shoulder brain, fun

701. Wednesday, Jan 22: Love is, Love Ain't 6

700. Tuesday, Jan 21, More moving on your side: Hips, shoulder, brain

699 Monday, Jan 20, Love is , Love Ain't, Kahlil Gibran, and the Prophet

698 Tuesday, Jan 20, Movement Lesson, Shoulder and Hip

697/ Monday, Jan 20, Love is, Love Ain't 4, Paul in Corinthians 13

696. Saturday, Jan 18: Love is, Love Ain't 3

695. Friday, Jan 17, Love is, Love Ain't, 2

694. Thursday, Jan 16: Love Is, Love Ain't, 1

693. Wednesday, January 15,  Life is Yes, Yes

692. Tuesday, January 14: Austin on a warm January night-- the bright glory of other people

691. Monday, January 13: Happiness is our choice.... why not choose it, eh?

690. Thursday, January 9: Forgetting what's not important... other people's dumb ass opinions of us

689. Monday January 6: Making Out with the wake up

688. Saturday, January 4: Mindfulness and Love

687 . Thursday, January 2: anger that stays happy--- why not, it's our life, anyway

686. Wednesday, January 1, 2014:  An ongoing meditation for those who wish to wake up this year


685/ Tuesday: December 31: Freedom #7{ Sufi teaching story:The King's Son and the Queen's Daughter

684. Monday, December 30: Movement #6: leaning and learning on a chair

683. Monday, December 30: Movement #5: Ease in our back by slow movement in a chair

682. Sunday, December 29: The Rules of Play, my modification of a one taste layout

681. Thursday: December 26: Waking up to this precious moment

680.  Sunday, December 22, Sunday: Sad and going deeper to the real Who are we Anyway?

679. December 20: Friday: I need your love/ you should love me.... Is that true?

678. December 19, Thursday: Wake up, Lean Down, Makes Changes, Wake up better, Lean down better, a Movement Lesson

677. December 14, Saturday: Loving Someone Who Leaves you,, Love = Freedom

676. December 13: Friday the 13th: Gratitude and Never be Anxious

675/ December 7. Saturday, Relationship #3:  " When someone leaves: what St Catherine of Siena has to say ( and me, too, at the end)

674 December 3: Freedom 3, Poem Primary Wonder, Denise Levertov:  life is yes, and yes
and you are there, too..... wow

673. December One: Movement #3: Rotation in the easy mode, lying on your left side. Pleasant. Anti-insomnia. Back heaven.


672. November 30: Relationship 2< Believing the story, or Not believing the story: the two chair approach

671. November 30: Movement 2: rotation to the left in a chair

670/ November 29: Freedom, 2: Don't shop, just BE-- subversive happiness and the freedom of easy living

669, November 25: Freedom One: Is it true?

668, November 24: Relationship One: Hugs to move deeper into Love. Go slow. Listen.

667. November 23: Movement One: Toes and Noses and Eyes: Easy to start the day, easy to start 108 experiments in Movement, Relationship and Freedom

666. November 18: Why have lessons for a child... From the special needs children blog

665, November 12: Tuesday: Liking first ( not the usual "love") before sex. Kin. Kind. Slowing down. Way down 

664, November 6, Wednesday: Namaste/  Loving the Haters  

663. November 4, Monday: Revised Rules of Play


662. October 30: Wednesday: When Other People Lash out at you

661. October 28, Monday: Cat and Cow and Brain( Yours)

660. October 2:  Hugs not Drugs

659, October 1: Hafix, in love with God: three ways


658 sept 19 thursday" Love, a first dash splash, rash undertaking, why not?

657 sept 18 wednesday: What if I miss a day?

656 Sept 16, Monday:  Asking for what you want, beyond the edge, each day: sex and money

655/ Sept 15, Sunday: What Men Should Know: For a Woman, everything is connected

654/ Sept 14: Saturday: Falling in Love

653/ Sept 13, Friday: What women should know about men: Every time, say it like the first time

652 Sept 12 Thursday: Day one of forty:  the way of remembering
651. September 8: Sunday: Strange = Grown Up


650 August 29: Thursday: Talk every day, sex every day: connection no matter what

649. August 27:  Tuesday, Happiness and Freedom: You sure you want them?

648, August 17, Saturday,  Relaxation

647. August 16, Friday: Tenderness

646. August 1, Thursday: Love, Sex, OM, meditate;  yes yes yes yes

JULY 2013

645. July 31, Wednesday: at the end of the day: wake up, or go to bed

644. July 30, Tuesday: slow talk, wake up.... really

643, July 29 : Monday, slow sex, slow talk, .... really?

642. July 28: Sunday, again:  Waking UP

641. July 28, make up, Sunday:  Love and Lust

640. July 26: Friday: The taste of liberation.....truth

639. July 25, Thursday: Sex Every Day: OM

638. July 24: Wednesday:  Find your soulmate, yourself

637. July 23, Tuesday: Snakes, Boobs, Mangos

636. July 22: Monday, Forgiving for the giving yourself a break, it's not about them, really

635. July 21, Sunday: Sex can be not present, it just sucks then; Love without present, can't exist

634. July 20: Saturday:  The importance of OM

633. July 19: Friday: Sex Every Day---yuk

632. July 18: Thursday: Love dies---good

631. July 17: WEdnesday,  The Rules of Play

630/ July 16: Tuesday, When someone leaves you, you've been spared

629. July 15, Monday: The importance of death

628. July 14: Sunday, Love is in no hurry, so why should we be?

627. July 13: Saturday: where Kabir, 15th century mystic found God

626. july 12: Friday, Mira, touch as the cure for sadness

625. July 12:, Friday:   Vulnerable

624, July 11  Thursday, Sensation, Sex, sensing, making sense of life: be present

623. July 10, Wednesday, Slow Sex, Slow Food, Slowing down to Wake up in Now

622. July 9, Tuesday, Forgiveness, 3: Other people are shits/ so are we

621. July 8, Monday: Forgiveness, Part 2

620. July 7, Sunday:  Forgiveness, Part 1

619. July 6, Saturday : What does Love have to Do with It?

618. July 5: Friday: Would you like to Make Out for 10 minutes?

617, July 4, Thursday: Why not just "do it yourself," why OMing?

616. July 3, Wednesday: Sex Every Day: that's not spontaneous, eeek!

615: July 2, Tuesday: Practice makes Awake, or moves toward more Awake

614, July 1, Monday: Sex Every Day

 JUNE 2013

613. June 27, Thursday: Jealousy Sucks, and there is a way out

612 June 24 Monday:  What I wish for you, what I wish for us...

611  June 17, Monday: Dynamic vs Fixed ( fear based) Relationship: gooooood stuff, from Nicole Daedone, with some Chris additions

610. June 14, Friday: 10 things women should know about men

609. June 13, Thursday, 10 things men should know about women

608. June 12, Wed, When you want to coast...don't

607. June 11, Tuesday... Next dream...please

606. June 10: After 9 months: Orgasmic Birth (???)

605. June 5: Life on it's own terms
MAY 2013

604. May 21: Tuesday: What if connection where what mattered

603. May 20, Monday: Fear is the story, listened to and believed

602. May 9, Thursday: Where does the window open to

APRIL 2103

601. April 29: Monday: Good to Great, happy hooey and you

600. April 27, Saturday: the joy of going beneath, "why bother?"

599. April 26, Friday : Happy no matter what

598. /aprl 25, Thursday:  Love is beyond categories, astrology, eneagram, sexual types, and all that hooey

597. April 245, Wednesday : Backs, Necks, Shoulders, Brains, Sex

596. April 23, Tuesday: Grounded

595. April 22: Now we begin, Monday

594. April 18, Wednesday: there is always too much to do

MARCH 7 2013

593. March 31: Sunday: Jesus died so you could live in the present/ know love

592/ March 29: Friday: if you think it can't get any better or worse....

591. march 28: thursday: go ahead and die, it might be the nicest thing you did today

590. march 27: wednesday: Connection is only for the Perfect;::: Is that true?

 589, march 25, monday: Free fall

588, March 24, Sunday/glory bee, two birthdays

587. March 23, Saturday: Do it with yes and do it with fun (even, especially, if you don't want to do it)

586. March 22, Friday: the mess and the muck is the yuck, and the glory, the yes, the yes, the yes

585. March 21, Thurs, God's idea of a good fall

584. March 20: Wednes   God is around

583/ March 19, Tuesday: A gift/ the gift

582. March 13: Wednesday: Masculine and Feminine

581. March 7 : Wednesday: Connection


580, January 3: Thursday: the full yes

579. January 2, : Wednesday: stop it already, this feeling bad about feeling bad


578. Wednesday, Dec 12: Wild child filthy animal and other joys

577/ Monday, Dec 10{ the hot yes at the center, the oceans, the trees, nature and OMing

576. Saturday, late, December 1, after the Living Room: Life is yes, even in/ with death


575. Friday, nov 30: Fatigue as just another experience to experience as we wake up

574. Nov. 28, Wednesday:  Crazy Love, and not "getting what you want"... just yet

573. Nov 27 Tuesday: Wake UP, Turn ON. Now, Orgasm, Love

572. Nov 25: Sunday: Waking up in Bikram, fun and prophet

571. Nov. 24, Saturday: What is da meaning of Life? and is that a fair question?

570. Nov 22: Thurs, groovy quotes on art, the unconscious and choosing

569. Nove22: Thursday: Mary Oliver poem, Mindful

568. Nov 15, Thurs; WHAT'S good about Bikram

567. Nov 15, Thurs: The glory of what is, part 22: shutting quieter the inner chatter mind

566. Nov. 14, Wednesday: The Laws of Real Sex, vs the Laws of Production. mini intro to OMing.

565. NOvember 12: Monday wake up call: Surfing the new and now to heal and expand and delight in relationship

564. November 11: Sunday wake up call: Remember to Remember

563. November 8, Bipolar undo without drugs, a six step protocol

562. November 7: Great Relationship, Four Parts: Sex, Communication, Unconditional Love, a Big Job--- a great little essay

OCTOBER 2012  

561.Wednesday, October 31: Hollow wee the unseen food that is in no hurry to be eaten

560. SAturday, Oct 27: The joy of being wrong, about Bikram yoga

559. Friday, October 19: Side lying on the floor, exploring arm and knee and spine, movement lesson

558. Tuesday, October 16: I'm so wonderful, you're so wonderful, life is good/ great without the story

557/ October 14: Blind Deficit Disorder: Seeing in a Blind World

556. Tuesday , October 9: Grounded in Reality, grounded in Gravity


555. Thursday, September 27 What does "no" mean when we give it; when we get it; a mini dip into a huge discussion, actually one of the most important in life

554. Monday, September 24: Kids, Tantrums, So What: Can we be awake and help their mindfulness and differentiation increase?  (Answer: Yes)

553. Saturday, Sept 22: "Resistance" as red herring? Who knows, an exploration

552. Thursday, Sept 20, The game is a hiding place: the appearance/ attractiveness thing

551. Monday, sept 17: The five lines: sensing our moving self, and then the limbic can float in a solid place

550. Sun , sept 16:  Truth of waking vs going to higher grade bullshit

549. Sept 15, Saturday: The Key to a Good Life

548. Sept 14: Friday, Relationships are supposed to be messy/ Buddha and the heart and you

547, September 13: Thurs, Relationship: You've got it right, it things aren't right 

546. Sept 5, Wednesday: Building and wearing oneself out with a grown son: good

545. September 4, Tuesday: Six step protocol for working with mental stuff, or deep transformation, including depression and bipolar, and life crisis points

544. September 3, Monday:  Loving the all of it, Happiness is the real, unhappiness is the opportunity to get more real


543. August 30, Thursday:  Wasting time, breaking rules, God's preferred la la

542. Aug 28, Tues,  Meditation as food for self image, and hey, no need, you're feeding a ghost

541. August 27, Monday: Life is Real when I let go of Moment rating, and more

540. August 23: Thursday: another article: special needs children, outside force vs using the miracle of brain plasticity, with a heel that "wont touch the ground"

539, August 20, Monday: Is Anger Bad, an article

538. August 13, Monday: Life can have yuk moments, and that's just the time to be present

537. August 10: Friday:  If someone rejects you, you've been spared, Byron Katie to the rescue

536. August 8, Wednesday, Sneaky Marriage, Sullen Divorce, what happens to the grass is greener then?

535. August 4, Saturday:   Life is beautiful and so what?

534. August 1: joy and learning

JULY 2012

533. July 31: Tuesday, end of month, supposedly: Love and Meditation

532. July 30, Monday: From special needs kids blog, but more: An Anat story on the power of mindful mistakes

531. July 30: Monday: The joy of now, and our habit of not joy as "energy" shifts

530/ July 29: Sunday, Laziness is next to Godliness

529/ July 28, Day 28: Who or what would we be without the story?, Q #4

528. July 27: The attachment game, and Question #3 from the Work of Byron Katie

527. July 26, Day 26: Legs and arms, plus Adyashanti gift

526. July 25: Ask again: Is it absolutely true?

525. July 24: The work starts:  Is it true?

524    July 23: A Moshe arm wrestling story, from special needs children blog

523. July 23: Twenty Three: Mindfulness #23: Belly, Eyes, Ears, Nose, etc. ... it kind a rhymes on the post

522. July 22: Twenty Two: What's the Difference?

521. July 21: Twenty One: Suffering as the ego's job: it demands to be in conflict

520. July 20: Twenty: Sending self love

519. July 19: Nineteen: Full Package, all of us mindfulness meditation

518. July 18: Eighteen: Earth, Air, Sky: a happy trio to wake into
517. July 17: Seventeen: Mindful walking, (and sitting, too)

516. July 16: Sixteen: Breath and Gravity: life on Earth, in the Now

515. July 15: Fifteen: "Thinking" as voices in the head. To whom we talking, and how?

514. July 14: Fourteen: Sensing five toes and the opposite finger fingers

513. July 13: Thirteen: Sounds in our head, sounds in our and others' talking

512. July 12: Twelve: "Just" Remember Yourself

511/ July 11: Eleven: Spontaneity and Compulsion

510. July 10: Ten: Feelings and feeling

509. July 9: Moving to Sonoma and some nature in our mindfulness today

508. July 8: Day 8: Laziness is Next to Godliness

507. July 7: Day 7: What about heaven?

506. July 6, second: Day Six of the Mindfulness Fest: Light and Sound and the prior awaring,  a fullness of  inward attention and a rich outward attention: this is us, alive

505. July 6, first: Life is Yes, and even 'unhappiness" can stepping stone to awareness

504. July 5: Round sounds vs "Auditory hallucinations" which are called "thinking
JUNE 2012

499. June 29, Friday, Byron Katie, 101

498 June 28, Thursday: Internet at Whole Foods, too much of the good stuff?

497. June 27, Wednesday: Sensing arms and legs and spine, and adding on the world: light, sound,  the fun of practicing awake life

496. June 25, Monday: Special Needs Children and Parents: learning as touch and variation and connection; no mistakes, just learning, or the possibility of that

495. June 24, Sunday: The being alive thing: Sensing, breathing, light sound, all ways available, the wake up joy, delight game

494. June 21-2: Coming to Love and Happiness by the door of understanding and awareness, not efforting

493. June 21: (pedantic) Love letter to an X, on being perfect and change from there

492.June 19: Each day offers

491. June 12: 7 steps for parents with children "on the spectrum"

490. June 6: Happiness is a sweet guide, and not necessary 

489. June 4, Monday: Loving What is: you get a call, what are your manners about calling back, or: loving everyone or you can't love anyone

MAY 2012 

488. May 31, Thursday: Waiting and Wanting vs Just Being, with your partner: Relationship and Enlightenment visited again

487. May 29: Tuesday: Movement lesson for neck, back, brains and happiness, and learning fun

486. May 23, Wednesday: Loving What is, even the ugh

485. May 21, Monday: Day 5, of "40 Days from Heartbreak to 'Almost Enlightenment'"

484. May 18, Friday: Love and Money and America

483. May 14: Monday: Life is Yes, and can get better and better, how 'bout that?

482. May 12: Saturday: Buddha's 4 noble truths and Relationship Enlightenment, c/a Susan Piver 

481. May 5, Saturday: What is Now, why not love it? Or: Loving What is. Or: the past is over, Rover

480. May 3: Thursday, From Stuck to Unstuck, one of life's great joys

479. May 1, Tuesday: Love, Money, Movement: A workshop and some ideas to mull

APRIL 2012

478. Monday:April 30, Special Needs Children: If they could, they would: Don't try to "make" the children do what they can't do

477. Saturday, April 28: Now, Nature and Love

476. Thursday; April 26: Heartbreak and Enlightenment: Give yourself 40 days

475. Wednesday, April 25: Loving what is and transformation "bad" communication

474. Tuesday, April 24: Relationship and Enlightenment

473. Tuesday, April 24: Appreciation, food for the soul and others: Special needs children posting, but useful to all

472.  Thursday, April 19: Slowing down the communication, see what happens, discovery

471. Monday, April 16: Brains love to learn, children, adults, special needs children, all of us

470. Tuesday, April 10: Gospel of Thomas: Seek until you find

469. Monday, April 9: special needs children, everyone's brain and variation

468/ Saturday, April 7: The past is gone, hmmmm, is that freedom, or what?

467. Thursday, April 5: Time is for beginners, breath is for finishers

466/ Wednesday, April 4: The importance of slowing into love,33

465. Tuesday< April 3; Love is losing, but nothing that is really ours

464. Tuesday, April 3: You Are What You Eat Ate

MARCH 2012

463. Wednesday, March 28: To feel sad is not bad, it's just...

462. Tuesday, March 27: Want a great relationship: Tell the truth, all of it..

461. Sunday< march 25: I am alive, you are alive, I am going to die, you are going to die. deepening the reality, improving any relationship. speaking truth.

460. Friday, March 23: Divorce and Enlightenment, the learning zone is always the way out up and in

459. March 21: x\za game of enlightenment, relax and lose, you are already her/here/ there now

458. March 20: Day Seven in Relationship Enlightenment: Now vs then in feelings. Exploring and not blaming.

457. March 19: Fund raising for Special Needs children, some concepts from the Money Miracle training.

456. March 16, Friday again, alas: Anti-aging the the love of learning, old vs new life styles, as in really old

456. March 14: The importance of forgiving ourselves

455. March 9, Friday: Love is always here, the "i love you" you are waiting for IS you, is the song of the universe, la, la

454. March 5: Day Four of Relationship Enlightenment: Important to me, Gratitude, Present in and Present Out

453. Saturday, March 2: Relationship Enlightenment, Day One: I am alive/ you are alive


452. Wed, Feb 29: Feldenkrais and Love: Light upon Light

451. Wednesday Feb 29: More relationship vows

450. Monday, Feb 27: It's already here, love , enlightenment, whatcha want

449. Sunday, Feb 26: Vows for Relationship Enlightenment

448. Saturday, FEb 25: Other people love you, and forget/ or can't, oh well, love 'em

447. Friday, Februar 24, If you are Single and Want an amazing Next Relationship

446. Thursday, Feb 23: Enlightenment in Communication: Slow, listen

445. Thursday, February 23: Loneliness is a Blessing in Disguise

444. Wednesday, February 22: What to do when your Lover isn't Perfect?

443. Saturday, Feb 17: Geothe quote on decision:

442. Thursday, Feb 16: What to do when angry with your Lover?

441 Tuesday again, 2 for Valentine's Feb 14: What about love after loss: always there

440/ Tuesday, Feb ruary, 14: Where does Love Live?

439. Monday , feb 13: squoze hearts suffer, always, but only always

438. Friday Feb 10: if God is love, is Valentine's day Holy?

437. Tuesday, Feb 7: V day a week away

436. Monday, February 6 : Love free or love with a cost, which way?

435. Sunday, FEbruary 5: Super Bowl, winners and loserz

434. Saturday, February 4: Today is the last day of the end of your life

433. Friday, February 3: Love is important, yes, yes

433. Thursday: February 2: Love and Fear

432. Wednesday, Feb 1 : Valentine's inside and out


422. Saturday , December 31, la la, so long 2011, you've been grand:
A love poem to the world, of sorts, kind a

421. Tuesday, Dec 27: Loving the X, for your sake and any kids

420. Saturday, Dec 24: Christmas cometh, the star shines and moves, and a birth

419. Tuesday, dec 20: The importance of humor as Mom or anyone "falls apart"

418, Thursday, December 15: The importance of love

417. Wednesday, Dec 14: Special Needs Children, Perhaps compression, certainly learning differences

416. Monday, Dec 12: Love vs entrapment, via Course of Miracles

415. Friday:, Dec 9: You do not have to be good

414. Tuesday cold in Austin, down to 30's, Dec 6: If love is our subject to day

413. Monday Dec 5: piggybacking on evolution

412. Sunday, December 4: It's Sunday night and you've got the chance to feed your soul, hmmmm, will you take it, take a chance on the food of nothingness?

411. December 1: the nature of now surfing along in body and awareness


410. November 28: What does love have to do with it?

409. November 27: If posture is slumpy, can mood be far behind?

408. Novem 25: Loving wha tis

407. November 24: Thanks for the ever loving Now

406. November 22: Awake or not awake in computer land?

405. November 21: Life out of the arguing lane, what are we to do when we want to ruin our relationship by "winning" the argument?

404. November 18: Awakened Friendship, hey, let's talk without falling to "sleep"

403. November 17: Life is now, new is the website at, weather we like it or not, veering into a poem after all

402. November 16: Movement lesson for brain, neck, back and sex (the later not obvious,
and it will help)

401. November 16: It's so simple

400. November 15: Remembrance

399. Now is wow, easy Monday, train in the distance, life is...

398. Nov 11, yeah yeah 11/11 blah blah: True story: not awake while talking

397/ Nov 8: Nature, Now, Love

396. Nov 7: What has Yes done for you today?

395. Nov 7: From today's special needs children blog

394. Nov. 4: What would your / my Mom say if she was dead and you were grieving?

393. Nov. 4: Feeling bad is good for you, if there is another You to watch

392. November 3, Marlie's birthday: Love is catching you by your big toe while you are giggling about something else; or, you are not lost, God is you, and you have you all along


391. October 31, happy hallow tween life and death is just one breath:
death and life is a chance to remember. remember what? You are alive

390. Oct 28. friday's for love, yes: Now Nature & Love

389. October 26 Prayer to ecological and enlightened abundance

388. October 25: time and the children and the computer bandit

387. October 22: Saturday night and the newness of you

386. Octo 21: Falling in love with the gift: we are alive, wow!

385 october 19: when is enough enough?

384. October 17: Wrists and ankles and learning and waking up, ha he ho hi

383. October 16: Mindful Suffering is Finite; Mindless can be forever

382. October 14: If love is  za ansa, what is zee question?

381. October 12: Getting bigger than fear, by coming the Reality

380. October 10: Feeling bad in the context of "hey, I'm alive, wow!"

379. October 7: Love poems from Now: Dancing is good 4

378. October 6, Love Poems from Now: Anger and Sad, not so bad with the Now now juice

377. October 5: Love Poems from Now, the Daily feast begins: What is Today?

376. October 3: Learning as natural vs being forced to do what can't do; mainly special needs children; really, all of us

375. October 1: Commit and move forward, Goethe quote, good


374. Sept 28: learning as transformation not just "better automatic robot"

373. Sept 26: Parents and the lessons, for special needs kids, it's the chance of a lifetime for the parents

372. Sept 23: Relationship and the crunch time: mindful = options, not mindful...suffering usually

371. Sept 21: The Joy of Divorce, the Novel, first scene

370 Sept 19: The Joy of Learning, helping a baby with speaking, via sound play

369. Sept 16: Happiness isn't being good, it's stopping the illusion of control

368. Sept 14 (well past midnight, but still Wed, sort of): Anger with variation

367/ September 12: short and sweet, get enthusiastic the child, about you

366. September 11, oh big deal day:  The Joy of 9/11

361. Sept 10: Slowing down to speed up the Joy of Divorce

360. September 7: Out of the Soup, into the Brain, transforming Emotional Pain

359. September 6, Subtlety: the power of less effort, the joy of noticing smaller differences

358. Sept 4, Carlos Casteneda, fun after 30 years

357. September 2: What are Brains For?


356 August 31: Why Paint?

355. August 29: Patience as a key to joy, love and learning

354. August 28: What to do about Heat, Death, taxes and People who aren't nice to you

353. August 26: Awakened Christianity, bathwater vs baby 

352. August 24: Four Ways to Do Anything, or: The transformation always starts Now

351. Aug 22: Transformation is a big deal, in special needs children, and ourselves

350. Aug 19: More love, poems and whatnot

349/ Aug 18: Rumi and the fainting of how beautiful we are

348. August 17: New Website: the joy of divorce dot info, crisis = opportunity,

347. August 15: Fingers to play, fingers to learn, special needs children, or YOU, or both

346. August 14: Love poems, of sorts

345. August 13: Unified unSuffering = freedom = options = mindful = La la yes

344. August 10, again: the pain of judging, the hell of Mindless when the Sh.. hits the f..

343. August 10: More mystical poems, do you hunger to remember how sweet and easy
it is meant to be: read slowly and feed yourself, your real Self

342. August 9: Toes for adults, toes for children

341. August 6: The Way of Love, one roadblock, the idea of "original sin"

340. August 5: Who is the real You underneath the Meanie and the Victim?

339. August 3: Three love poems to God

338. August 1 Cancer and Love, and Love Making: SEx and touch = good for you

337. August 1:  What if the OT/ PT's help hinders the child's learning and transformation?

JULY 2011

336. July 28: The Joy of Wising up/ joy of divorce, 3

335. July 27: Moshe, Osho, Katie, Gurdjieff and the Landmark thing

334. July 27: Anat's second Essential: Turn on the Learning Switch

333. July 20: Moshe and Osho and Gurdjieff and me:, and Katie: Living in the unknown
and the joy of being yourself

332. July 18: Shoulders with a brain and a purpose vs. "Range of Motion," a cool movement lesson in a chair

331. July 18: Rescue Remedy, for special needs children, possibly other "touchy" clients,
or : ourselves

330. July 15: first approximation, my new process, The Joy of Divorce

329. July 13: what to say instead of "how are you?"

328/ July 12: More thoughts on Movement with Attention, thought and feeling as part of it

327. July 11: Essential One from Anat's book: Movement with Attention

326/ July 9: The joy of life, one part: overcoming difficulties, another: sex

313, June 1:  Happy vs unhappy as tool for enlightenment now

302. May 2: Chapter 61 from the book A Movement Lesson Treat for those work at computers

296. April 6, Wednesday: "Swiss Army" knife movement for back: arch, twist, side bend and round: and increase clarity in ankles, hips, ribs, backs, necks, knees, feet, breathing, sleep better and MORE

288. March 2, Wed: Moshe's Contribution to Humanity: Wake up to Now, Life, Options


287. Feb 27, Sunday: Movement Lesson for F, F, F and F

286. Feb 24, Thursday: Qigong part two, balance is not falling over, lengthening is reaching to heavens above and Earth below

285. Feb 23, Wednesday: Feeing,, Fighting and Feldenkrais, a beginning exploration

284. FEb 22, Tues:  A little made of qigong/ movement lesson, plus utube of Cheng man Ching tai chi beautiful form

283. Feb 16, Wed:  Eating and Waking, Hints from the Feldie "work"

282. FEb 14: Valentine's Day is about loving ourselves, mindfulness in the "tired zone."

281, Feb 12: Valentine's Extra:  Waking Up While Talking, or Toward Love with Listening, or the non-habitual is what we need if we are going to wake up

280. Feb 9: Cheng Man Ching doing Tai Chi, thoughts on this

279. Feb 2: Side bending lesson, section 41 from Tao of Now, for sale via internet silliness


278. Jan 27: Transformation, not "fixing"

277. Jan 20: Organizing the Shoulders/ plus bonus: Grumpiness as one more Habit

276. Jan. 13: To "mess" around is to be human

275. January 7: The joy of learning: emotions as actions, too. E book for sale

274. Jan 6: First four games/ exercises/ meditations/ activities of 108 "Ways" Book


273. Dec 31  round and arch, a first lesson  at

272. Dec 24: the computer, even here we can wake and learn, or learn and wake

271. Dec, 22: tai chi and potency

270. Dec 21: the gift of learning in the now

269. Dec. 20: Rest and Life Potency, contradiction or living life for real?

268. Dec 16: The Mask of "Fitting in"  Why the work is necessary.

267. Dec 14: Ponderings on Anat Baniel

266. Dec 9: pain is...

265. Dec 5: EARing and Hearing and Memory and Attention

264. Dec 3: Warm wet and alive: Do not be good, via Mary Oliver poem

263. December 2: beyond the abs: what a real brain wants: a pelvis that goes all ways (think sex, think bringing an axe up and down, think throwing a baseball, serving a tennis serve)

262. December 2: a hearing, learning and enlightenment lesson


261. Nov 25: thanks on the day of which

260. Nov 24: the power of "I don't know" (and a lesson still needs to tie to action,
that'll be another post, and has been past ones, look around, look around)

259. Nov 18: Cure vs Improvement, from the Case of Nora

258. Nov 9: Side to side, head, pelvis and ribs as a sweet happy team

257. Nov 5: Turning and learning again in a chair, sure, why not?

256. Nov. 1The importance of now, the scary thrill of transformation


255. Oct 16: Crazy, happy, wonderful: moving to Austin for the winter


254. sept 30: the love as we move in the now

253. September 1: How we learn is how we live, or why what we do is so easy


252. Aug 20,  How to win or lose an argument, and the feet need to touch the ground to be grounded, duh? And we need to lose arguments with people we love, not so obvious, but elusively WAY true

251. Aug 17: Rolling to sit, some amazing possibilties in using our head (and rear ends)

250. August 17: The Feldenkrais Method, intro via the elusive obvious: learning, whole self, going slowly, "farting around"

249 Aug 16;  heading down, pelvising up

248. August 12: Head down in its spiral, butt up in its, and they are all one with our Us, and our spine 

247. August 10: Not knowing the next thing

246. August 9: To awake even though yapping, talking, writing

JULY 2010

245. July 29: Babies as our learning teachers. Learning means to learn

244. July 18: Freedom is the other side

243. July 17: Up and down with a slight twist

242. July 10: New Wine in New Skins: or what to do after the surgery

242. July 9: Thinking, walking: the power of variation and awakening

241. July 6, Be not good, there's more variety in doing "it" "wrong"

240. July 3: head and pelvis, two ends of an amazing stick

JUNE 2010

939. June 30Doing it right vs doing it better

938. June 29: "thinking" without words

237. June 25, Awaring our spine: a game for the day

236. JUne 22; Music and Feldie/ Anatie

235. June 14: mini lesson for shoulder and brain

234. June 13: What is the Feldenkrais Method, some variations on a theme

233. June 7: Tango as learning not "Doing it Right"

MAY 2010

232. May 19: anti aging, via improving folding, chair lesson

231. May 15: Easy standing lesson, hop hop on heels

230. May 12: Turning in sitting, some fun and learning

APRIL 2010

229. April 21: Learning and Spine joy

228. April 18: Toes and heels, a start, and meditate all day is a possibility

227. April 9: Loving the learning: toes and back and brain and yes

226. April 1: Anti-Aging and the Discovery gene rediscovered (not really about genes)

MARCH 2010

225. March 30: Rotation to the left in sitting, enjoy

224. March 9: acture, the reality of life = movement, good life = good movement = good acture

223. March 8: round and arch in standing

222. March 4: five lines, the God of learning, forward bend, actually hard/ simple


221. feb 22: up and down and five lines

220. feb 20 sitting and side bending

219. Feb 3: twist while rising up from sitting with an arch and a nice meditation to boot


218. Jan 22: head and back, arching and rounding in sitting

217. Jan 18: hopping in a couple of ways

216. jan 14: arch and rounding in a simple way

215, jan 10, belly out , belly in, 2 ways to breathe out


214: dec 27: down to up

213, dec 26, up to down, 4 points intro

212. dec 23: arch, round, breathing variations, in sitting

211. dec 14: lying on our side, using awareness, pelvis, hip, knee

210. December 1: Indications of activity at the sister/ mother blog, including movement lessons, all in the service of "waking up" to now


209. October 23: Benefits, of Anat Baniel/ Feldenkrais Method. good.


208. August 15: Moti Nativ interview: Feldenkrais as awareness, real modern martial arts as spiritual and life learning

207. August 13. This is my life

206. August 7: Breathing, sensing, 5 lines

JULY 2009

205. July 15: the call of the heart, listened to, or not

204. july 2 the awakened life

203. july 1, how to get smarter: perceive differences

JUNE 2009

202. June 30: balancing the latest Feldyforum tempest in a teapot

201, June 23 what's the difference?

APRIL 2009

200. April 15, 2009: taxes and death

MARCH 2009

199. March 26 Thursday, How it Works, my take, part one: teamwork, hip bone connected to thigh bone and so on. Beginning lesson for parents of special needs children.

198. March 21: Spring into life, fitness in the world, not just the gym

197. March 18: Flexible Hearts

196. March 16, Mon, 2009: Update, Special Needs Children

195.March 13, Friday the: gravity and dance and sticks

194. March 3, wed, 2009: the Feldenkrais Method


193. feb 18: Dancers, Musicians, Actors: get better no matter what level you're at

192. feb 14 sat valie day: Why Not be Happy?

191. feb 11 wed 2009: leaarning is fun, spelling is harder

190. Feb 4 WEd, 2009: new is now is learning if we let it


189. Jan 28 Wednesday, Something like a resume

188. Jan 27 tues: Why came I to this work????

187, Jan 21, wed, 2009: travel learn heal love

186. Jan 15, 2009, wed, why move with awareness and learning?

185. Wednesday January 8, 2009: "Tucking the pelvis....hmmm"


184.Friday, dec 19: Who am I? Who are we all, really?

183, Wed dec 17, 2008: Sitting and butt elbow moving, fun

182.Dec 10: standing, learning, eyes, brain, feet, breathing easy

181. Dec. 6: What are feelings? What is thinking? The prison of our conditioning.


180. Nov. 29 Saturday: Beginnings of an answer for Lynette

179. Nov. 28, friday; letter to Feldie forum, mysticism and whatnot, the Sufis,
Idries Shah, amazing books

178. November 26, Wednesday, 2008, Thanks g tomorrow: Sitting to Standing, a Learning Game, go slow, really discover

177. November 24, Monday: On back, arch, twist, send bend, flex, learn

176.November 22, Saturday: tuck, round then arch and extend and press forward into power and life

175. Nov. 19, Wed, 2008: arch and round, using back to move soil, using attention to build soul

174. November 13: five lines of our us, six shapes for our spines

173. November 7: Awakened Movement

172. skeleton, hallow ween, five lines


171. Oct 29: discovering movement lessons and learnings

170.Oct. 25, 2008: maximum instability, and what it means to be human

169. Oct. 23, 2008: weird ideas about "stability"

168. Oct 22: what's great, what's limiting about Yoga

167. Monday, October 20, 2008: Chris Movement Lesson #1. arching and chairs and fun

166. Sund,. Oct 12: Moshe, Gurdjieff, fun and learning in the "past"

165. Thurs. Oct 2: Mini cure for depression, and pains in the neck (both kinds)


164. Wed, sept 24: Executive Clarity: a bigger vision in healing and assisting

163. Mon, sept 22: knees please, learning and so on

162. wed, sept 17, 2008: learning to learn, fun and ease and yes

161/ Thurs sept 11, 2008: Sept 11 and the "enemy game"

160. Wed. Sept 3, 2008: Yoga Tai Chi and the Brain vs. ...


159 Wed, aug 27, 2008: you are wonderful, what a wonderful thing, and...

158. Sunday, Aug. 17: stretching brains, not tight muscles

157. Wed. Aug. 13, 2008: Warriors and Poses, and Deeper Yoga possibilities

156. Wed, Aug. 6, 2008: Going Slowly, the gift of exploration

JULY 2008

155. Wed, July 23, 2008: The Seduction of Stretchng

154. Wed, July 16: Learning, Gravity and Rewiring the Brain

153. July 9: Joni Mitchell and the Possibilities of a life

152. July 4: freedom is ????

JUNE 2008

151. June 12: Brain plasticity made immediate and sex, vision, breathing all improved

MAY 2008

150. May 16: Learning and Loving and Sex and Health, a ramble, a short ramble

149. May 6: What is Good, and so on

APRIL 2008

148. April 19: vitality, chi, sex, variation, freedom, learning, and so on

147. April 15: the movement of life and God

146. April 9: Gurdjieff meditation, four of five lines

MARCH 2008

145: March 22: A Simple Start: hips and head

144. March 19: shoulders, the discovery channel

143. March 9: body and soul and neck and self hug and learning and loving ourselves

142. March 5: Shoulders, Yes


141. Feb. 23: Organic learning and the Feldenkrais Method®

140. Feb. 19: hello again,
waking up with wake up Feldenkrais, and other stuff

139. Feb.11: Nikhila Mary Ludlow, Hand Lesson and talking about the Feldenkrais Method®

138. Feb. 3: five lines, five ringed circus called: NOW


137. Jan. 8: Norman Doidge on Feldenkrais, or: Miracle, Yes, Yes!

136. Jan.5: Excerpt from Up, a book in progress


135. Dec. 31: A year of sweetness a year of...

134. Dec. 28: Meaning of Life in Three Layers: A Christmas Present to your Present

133. Dec. 18: 6 awareness days until Christmas

132. Dec. 11: Listening to Ourselves, Now, at the computer

131. Dec. 4: "Resistance" to the Feldenkrais Method (Mainly a post for practitioners) .

130. Nov. 24: What to do about our sleep?

129. Nov. 21: Learning and Becoming a Child again, sort of

128. Nov. 13: Pleasure, Ease and Learning: Group Lessons on Mondays and Wednesday

127. Nov. 12: Yoga in Feldie Land: Triangle

126. Nov. 10: Life is Real only when I am

125. Nov. 6 Moshe's high octane, body/mind/lust powered youth, via Deborah Elizabeth Lotus

124. Nov. 5 Monday Yoga, Feldie feet intro, fun

123. Oct. 31: Where are the Hip Joints???

122. Oct. 18: Stress, Learning and the Feldenkrais Method®

121. Oct. 16: Walking Again

120. Oct. 12: Walking, a miracle we usually take for granted

119. Oct. 11: Waking Up and Feldenkrais

118. Oct. 10: Weight Loss and Wake Up Feldenkrais

117. Oct. 6: Now Knowing: Food for a good life and a good Functional Integration Lesson

116. Sept. 28: Love, Remembering, Feldie Forum, parenting, whatnot

115. Sept. 19: Feldenkrais Method and therapy

114. Sept. 17: Take a Rest, Learn and Be Human

113, Sept. 12: Learning and Love

112. Sept. 11 The Real Terror

111. Sept. 5 Boring is as Boring Approaches

110. Aug 29: New Life, Choice: Learning or Robot Upgrade

109. Aug 29: Feet on Ground, Eyes glued to Computer

108. Aug. 27: mindfulness, moving, healing

107. Aug. 22: Variety and Learning

106. Aug. 20: Health Backs, and the old choice:
Discovery vs. "Doing it Right"

105. Aug. 18: Happier Backs

104. Aug. 14: What Yoga and "yoga therapy" always misses...

103. Aug. 13 Yoga as if we had a
Brain, Heart and Spirit. 

102. Aug. 8: This Moment.
Or: Waking up,
in as well as through Feldenkrais

101. August 7: The Glories of Living and the Feldenkrais so called "Method"
JULY 2007

100. July 27: The Power of Feldenkrais Plus Ananda Yoga

99. July 14: yoga training, more learning, la la

98. July 4: Freedom
JUNE 2007

97. June 28: Letter to a Wonderful Parent of a Special Needs Child

96. June 18: One 11 minute "cure" for depression.

95. June 1: What is Possible? A life full of learning, change and transformation. And happiness.
MAY 2007

94. May 22: Human Beings: Designed to Learn

93. May 16: Learning, Play and Love

92. May 16: Nature, Big and Small, always amazing

91. May 2: Improve Your Brain, Get more Neurons, and Move Better: all in one process
APRIL 2007

90. April 25: Awareness and Attention 

89. April 18: Happiness Now? Heresy or Sanity? 

88. April 5: A Morning's Feast, an Introduction to Awareness Through Movement®

87. April 3: Rolfing and Feldenkrais

MARCH 2007

86. March 26: An Experiment in Learning and Fun, one rolling to sit lesson.

85. March 16: Slow Down

84. March 11: What is the Feldenkrais Method? And Wake Up Feldenkrais? New Version.

83. March 6: Going from -1 to +3 in ten minutes or less

82. March 2: The Glory of Being Human: Bones, Brains, Learning and Gravity: and, We can Change

81. February 26: Learning to Turn, Learning to Learn

80. February 26: Watch the Baby 

79. February 25: Waking our Pelvis, Waking our Lives

78. February 21: Thinking and Non-Thinking, and : What Makes a Good Life???

77. Feb. 18: The Enemy Game

76. Feb. 15: The Joy of Improvement

75. February 12: To be Small or to Expand

74. February 9: Life and Love and the Really Good Lessons

73. February 7: The Waking up in Feldenkrais and in the Byron Katie Work, always from within

72. February 5: Porpoise of Life, 2: to Live

71. February 2: A Big Dream: Now and Nature and Love and Learning and Transformation, on the Earth

70. Jan. 30: Lifting Rocks and Having a Good Time

69. Jan. 27: Change and The Anat Baniel Way

68. Jan. 24: Gurdjieff and Feldenkrais

67. Jan. 21: Jesus and Judo

66. Jan. 18: Feldenkrais and Love

65. Jan. 15: Martin Luther King, Racism, Corporatism, some Personal History

64. Jan. 12: Yoga and Feldenkrais 

63. Jan. 9: The Feldenkrais Method®, a winter presentation. 

62. Jan. 6: Cat and Cow, Yoga 3, Happiness, Mind and Body

61. Jan. 3: Doing "something" (for pelvis, spine, whole self and brain

60. Jan. 2: Doing "Nothing" is more than we might suspect

December 2006

59. Dec. 30: Life is Good. Now is Grand. We are...

58. Dec. 28: Posture and Acture. (Say What?)

57. Dec. 24: Christ-mas, Now Mass

56. Dec. 21: Nature's Flexibility and the Joys of Variation

55. Dec. 21 Sostice, Rain, December, Love...Ah

54. Dec. 18: Yoga as if We Had a Brain, Lesson 2, More Fun Forward Fold.

53. Dec. 15: The Delight of Life

52. Dec. 12: Yoga as if We Had A Brain, Lesson 1, Forward Fold

51. Dec. 9: Moving and Learning, the Miracle Continues

50. Dec. 8: When You Can't Do Any Old Lesson in Life, Options Useful and Less So

49. Dec. 6: Math as a Chance to Use our Brain in a New Way, the way it likes to work

48. Dec. 1: Feet, 2

Novemeber 2006

47. Nov. 22: Feet

46. Nov. 20: Feldie Fun, #5 Eyes and Tongue

45. Nov. 18: Raw Foods and Waking up

44. Nov. 16: Is it Right Yet?

43. Nov.13: Back and Shoulder and Neck Pain

42. Nov. 4: Undo Deficits, Enhance Excellence, Wake Up to the Present

October 2006
41. Oct. 31. Feldenkrais and Breathing and Grape Arbors

40.Oct. 30: Opening Two Habits: Side of Bed, Reading a Novel

39. Oct 25: Tai Chi And Feldenkrais:Two Goods make a Better.

38. Oct 24: Healing by Learning

37. Oct 22: Habits, Compulsions, Addictions

36. Oct 20: Oh shit, I'm alive

35. Oct 18. Feldenkrais and the Big Self in us All

34. Oct 17. Special Needs Children and the Joys of Transformation

33. Oct 14: Slave or Free??

32. Oct 12: Marlie, Yoga Teacher, Wonderful Person and so on

31. Oct 11: Awareness and Saving our Souls and the Earth (Is that all?)

30. Oct 9: Awareness and Unawareness

29. Oct 6: Awareness 3; Thich Nhat Hahn Meditation

28. Oct 5: The Morning Gurdjieff Meditation, Awareness, 2

27. Oct 4: Awareness, Part 1 (and Gurdjieff's "fantastic" idea)

26. Oct 3: The Big Picture, Pain and Beyond

25. Oct. 2: What is the Feldenkrais Method?

September 2006
24. Sept 30: Who's In Charge Here, (20 breaths: can we be aware that long?)

23. Sept 29: Byron Katie, WakeUp Feldenkrais and Happiness.

22. Sept 28: What is WakeUp Feldenkrais?

21. Sept 26: Presence is the End, Presence is the Means

20. Sept 21: Happiness, Slow and Fast

19. Sept 20: Slow Down, Lie Down and Learn

18. Sept 18: Feldenkrais and Happiness

17. Sept 16: Sitting to Standing, Again

16. Sept 14: Sitting to Standing and the Obvious, the Elusive

15. Sept 14: Feldie #3, a hard lesson, sort of

14. Sept 12: Waking Up

13. Sept 11: WakeUp Feldie Thts on 9-11

12. Sept 9: Let's Talk about Babies

11. Sept 8: Feldie Fun #2

10. Sept. 7: Change's Weird Requirement: We Have to Change (OhmyGod)

9. Sept 6: Awareness, Feldenkrais® and WakeUp Feldenkrais

8.5. Oldie but Goodie: Movement, Children, Living a Full Life.

8. Sept 4: Options and Habits

7.5. Another Oldie: Between the Ears, is where the "Problem" is.

7. Sept 1: Little Miss Sunshine and How We Learn from Crisis (sometimes)

August 2006
6. Aug 31: An Amazing Experiment: Happy Face, Happy Thoughts

5. Aug 30: Feldenkrais to Enhance and Deepen Yoga and Pilates

4. Aug. 29: Feldie Fun #1 

3. Aug 29: Who was Moshe Feldenkrais?

2. Aug 28: Feldenkrais and Learning

1. Aug 27: The Joy of Feldenkrais

60-135, INDEX OF POSTINGS 2007