Saturday, September 16, 2006

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  • My Original Blog-site: Slowing Down, Waking Up, Health, Happiness & Transformation

  • The Byron Katie Work

  • 4 questions to turn your life around. And end emotional suffering.

  • Plus a blog
    even cooler than this, if you can imagine such a thing.


  • If we are going to wake up and change our useless and harmful habits, a

    Department of Peace

    is a very good idea, indeed.

    Not yet on the radar:

    A Department of Ecology


    a Department of Now


    a Department of Happiness!

  • Desk Trainer

  • Mini-lessons, 7-11 minutes, to help us at the computer, with sore necks,
    backs, wrists, and all that.

  • The Feldenkrais Center of Houston

  • Good questions, good answers, good vibes.

    Several Online Lessons.

    Sweet Overview>

    Good fun and learning all around.

  • Anat Baniel Method

  • One of the foremost Feldenkrais teachers.
    Information on Children with specical needs ,
    what the work is all about, Pain Relief ,
    improvement for high performers.
    Her Back DVD and Neck CD
    are both highly recommended

    In addition to the "normal" 160 days of training to become a certified Feldenkrais Practitioner,
    I have completed 109 extra days of training, including 34 with Anat.

    And what about
    NOW ?
    Yes, this
    Are we in some
    of rush?

    What if,
    we slowed down,
    came "home,"
    our breathing
    and sensing

    We might enjoy that,


  • Semiophysics

  • Site of my 160 day trainer, Dennis Leri, another foremost teacher in the field. Of note is an article on
    Moshe Feldenkrais and G.I.Gurdjieff,
    a Russian mystic/philosopher/psychological genius, who posited humanity's greatest weakness:
    going through our lives in a state of "sleep."

    Dennis has studied intensively in the martial arts. This link shows one of those fun
    video thingees of
    2004 Master Zhang Xue-xin - First 5 moves of HunYuan 83 Form.

  • Feldenkrais Guild

  • Find a Practitioner in your area. Frequently asked questions.

  • Feldenkrais Resources

  • Books, tapes, CD's, articles, classes.

  • Feldenkrais Thoughforms

  • Great thoughts, insightful articles.

  • Wellness In Motion

  • Maureen McHugh's Feldie site. The CASE STUDIES
    give examples from imroving posture and avoiding surgery, to transformation of balance and music.

    And what about
    NOW ?

  • Feldenkrais Buzz

  • Holly Bonasera's site with contributions from many.

  • Desiree Rumbaugh

  • A yoga teacher who plays enough that she's doing
    Feldenkrais at times without knowing it.

    Also, locally, the wonderful Marlie Wesner teaches in Sonoma, on Tues, Thurs and Sunday
    mornings at the

    Yoga Community


    Her classes, too, are about joy and learning, not forcing.

  • Feldenkrais For You

  • Holly again, with some audio lessons.

  • Thomas Chavez's book,

    Body Electronics

  • This goes to book reviews at The book is fine,
    a way to take total responsibility for our own health,

    as Byron Katie
    has us take total responsibility for our feelings,

    and Feldenkrais,
    for the possibility of coming to learning and improvement in body/mind.

  • Of course, far better to buy the book at an Independent Bookstore,
    such as locally

    Readers' Books

  • And what about
    NOW ?
    Yes, this

  • Body Talk

  • Intuitive inner healing for the Whole Self

  • Permaculture Activist Magazine

  • Whole systems approach to the Whole Earth

  • Green String Institute

  • Permaculture in action. Farming with Nature. Bob Cannard got me excited to
    move to Sonoma and go into the farming that led to the Community Garden, now
    called the Sonoma Garden Park. Treating "weeds" as they are: part of nature to
    nourish, not destroy.

  • Brendan Elms Photo

  • My son's website. Do you need a photographer?

  • Synergy

  • The only "supplement" Marlie and I can both completely recommend.
    A food really, devised by Mitchell May,
    after he cured himself of an incurable accident and found all the foods
    at the health food stores not really the caliber he wanted.

  • Not a pyramid,
    but we get 25% off our next purchase if you mention my name.

  • Raw Family, Raw Foods

  • Two teenagers, two adults, amazing changes in health by going raw
    (including one person losing 120 pounds, and
    others getting over asthma, diabetes and arthritis).

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