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beyond the abs: what a real brain wants: a pelvis that goes all ways (think sex, think bringing an axe up and down, think throwing a baseball, serving a tennis serve)

Sexy old man who is using his

Okay sweet readers. This is for all and everyone one of us,
sucked conned, lured, or just excited about doing the stomach strengthening thing
to "help" our backs.

Well, think about what a "back" is:
a collection of muscles and fibers going every which way
and twenty four vertebrae that can rotate and side bend and round forward and arch with the belly forward

In the abs world, the strange idea of "core" as only training the back to round, so that the nose comes closer to the crotch, as in sit ups, or leg lifts, tightening the stomach, tuck in your gut, all that stuff

Well: it kind of works;
tighten the stomach enough and the back is held rigid and so
you are sort of out of back trouble
with the minor price:

and the major price:
inability to move in all the other directions well and easily
and with grace and power

So, actually, lots of sit ups,
lots of leg lifts,
feels "strong" and it has the same sort of dumb strength
that you could compare,
say, the United States foreign policy

or most male response to trouble:
get strong,
do something intense
confuse effort with intelligence or ability

what else to do?

Go all ways:


Like this:

1. Lie on your back and go to the lesson before this,
and do all the scans that are mentioned

2. Really, scroll on down to the earlier lesson today and do that part,
it will change your life.

3. Put both hands on the floor above your head.

Lift the right leg at the hip joint, many times, much less than the full thing. Learn something.
learn a lot and find pleasure.


Lift the right leg again, now many times with the left arm coming up from the floor at the same time.
again, less than the "limit" with tons more awareness pleasure and learning than any "exercise" you've ever done.


Lift the right leg, now with the right arm, just 3 times and then alternate, 3 right arm with right leg, 3 left arm. NOTICE THE DIFFERENCE.


4. Do all this with the left leg.


5. Roll over on your belly, arms high above head on the floor.

Do all the above combinations on the belly.

Feel these muscles, the back muscles, the anti-gravity muscles, the muscles that hold up your head, and start the tennis serve and raise the axe or hammer or withdraw the pelvis in sex.

This is what special needs kids all need.

This is what almost all high performers need.

Almost all athletes really, really need this.

Go slow. Find the pleasure, awareness, delight and learning something new with each movement.


If you must do both legs on the back, trading off left, right and both arms,

and then, on the belly, same.


7. Don't do it yet, but realize, this can be done on your side, except just with the top arm and leg.
Imagine this on your side.

Do this one side.


Roll to the other side. Lift the leg with the arm, without the arm. Feel what the so called "back" is doing.

8. Rest
and feel what it's like to have a spine that's not only stronger, but way, way smarter than 20 or 30 minutes ago.

9. get up and walk. bring awareness of arching and rounding and side bending in your back to this most basic and amazing human function: the walk. love notice and exult in having a real back with a real "core" and that core is your awareness.

Your awareness each step of your life.

10. We haven't used the spine in rotation. Lots of movement lessons are about that. Hit the movement lesson label below and then search for rotation if you want.

11. P.S. If you want to just "do" the front muscles, try this lesson,
from last March, it's even got pictures: A folding lesson on the back

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