Thursday, January 04, 2018

Learning and Enlightenment... Who are we?

Learning and Enlightenment
And, more learning.

Learning and Enlightenment Game #1:
We’ve already done this, in a way: what is the difference in being present and not being present.
Let’s take a very common variation of that.

  1. Feel overwhelmed. Have your mind full of the auditory hallucination / thoughts, that there is “too much to do.” Exult in the feeling that you are going to have to rush to get even part of this done.
  2. Slow down. Don’t worry about the future. Take a deep breath. Stand up and let your breath get deeper and your arms raise over your head. Smile. Feel your feet on the ground. Go outside. Feel the you-ness of you, alive, right now.
How is that?
Learn the difference between hurried and slowing down.
EXULT in the difference:
Who and how you are just now, outdoors, slow and aware.
Who and how you are as “thinking”/ auditory hallucination/ the “overwhelm” game. 

This is huge. This is a life lived from soul and a life lived from our programming.

Go slowly often, at least once an hour. See what happens to your life.

One way to look at enlightenment is to be in a state of connection with What Is. 
WHAT IS changes.
Life is impermanent.
The Now keeps shifting.
We breathe in. We breathe out.
We are born.
We die.
We go to sleep at night.
We wake up each day.

Each moment is different.
We can be seeing different, hearing different, feeling the sensations of our body in a new position, moment to moment.
As we go about our days, and try to get things done, we are in motion, and our bodies are always in a position that loves to be held in awareness.
We always have awareness.

An experiment worth trying is to play the learning game with awareness.

Learning and Enlightenment Game #2:
  1. Look out a window and find something that you enjoy to look at. Go “into” the looking and the enjoying. First, pay attention to the object you are seeing as primary.
  2. Now, make this shift: feel the awareness, the awareness that is aware of that object you enjoy.
Notice the difference.
C. LEARNING IS NOTICING THE DIFFERENCE> Go back and forth: you are what you see. “Something” is this awareness that is seeing. You are what you hear. “Something” is this awareness that is seeing. You are what your feet feel against the ground. “Something” is this awareness of your amazing body in gravity.

This seems “odd.”
We have spent our lives NOT realizing that what we are, in a certain way, awareness. You are glued to the outside show.
And yet, all along, at six months old and one hundred and six, awareness is aware. 
Who are we really?
Could be that we are this awareness.
Not, “have” this awareness. 
“Are” this awareness. 

And… as before, don’t believe me. Don’t “listen” to me.
Try it out.
Anything you are aware of: alternate between the object of your awareness and the awareness itself.
Notice that there may be no one who is “having” this awareness. We’ll get to that later.
For now, simply feel yourself as awareness. Try this out, as it were.
Learn. Learn the difference: I am what I see. Vs. I am this awareness that is seeing.
I am what I hear. Vs. I am this awareness that is hearing.
Play with this.
Remember children and how everything is play.

Play with feeling this shift in awareness of what you are, as awareness.

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