Saturday, April 19, 2008

vitality, chi, sex, variation, love , life, fun

when googling
(new verb, eh?)
vitality, chi, sex
among other things came up

i liked

maybe you will, 2
(my making it more poemy)

"Any single repetitive pattern tends
to distort
the open-ended flexibility of the entire system.
Let us be on our guard against
adopting any particular posture,
mode of
or repetitive discipline
as being perfect,
or ideal, or best.

Only constant
calls the
full alertness of the system
into being.

It is, after all, constant
that we are called upon to cope
with throughout our lives,
a condition from
which we can only partially insulate ourselves
no matter how hard we many try to
to models,
and no matter how "right"
those models appear to be from a
particular theoretical point of view.

Any set pattern,
no matter how good it looks on paper,
is a fixation that threatens
to be crushed by its own existence
to the onrush of things and events.

The goal
of bodywork should not be to impose
universalized standards of posture and
upon an individual,
but rather to help the individual
to cultivate the
mental awareness
and flexibility
to continually adapt
to the changing needs of
the moment."

- Dean Juhan, Job's Body: The Handbook for Bodywork, 1987, p. 142

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

following the movement of life

a little longer essay
that includes this:

is one of many brilliant quotes
that could be "shared" from ,
Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky's
New Translation of War and Peace

it's from a dream
Pierre, a central character,
who starts the book as a befudled
and "absent minded and ridiculous man,"
and ends the book, still a bit absent minded and
ridiculous, but full of wisdom

in the dream
a voice speaks to him
and says:

" ' Life is everything.
Life is God.
Everything shifts and moves, and this movement is God.
And while there is life, there is delight
in the self-awareness of the divinity.
To love life is to love God.
The hardest and most blessed thing is to love this life
in one's suffering, in the guiltlessness of suffering.' "

Page 1064.
you've been through a lot
by the time you get there.
Pierre is suffering
and growing hugely
when he has this dream.

Hint, for Pierre,
though not for everyone,
the book has a "happy ending."

Monday, April 07, 2008

gurdjieff meditation, four of five lines

like this
get up in morning
sit at edge of bed
sense right toes, right foot, right heel, etc up to right hip
keep whole right leg in sensing awareness
add on right arm, like this:
start with fingertips, and up to shoulder, each part of arm (and leg earlier, bones, muscles, blood, whole thing)
keep both in awareness
on left arm, shoulder to fingertips
now we are three
add on
left leg, hip to toes
sense all four limbs, as long as want
add on outer world
sounds coming in ears,
plus four limbs in awareness
light coming in eyes
(good idea to open eyes to do this)

get up
go about day keeping four limbs
light coming in eyes
in "continuous" awareness

very sparky
and amazing
and hard
and good for doing with anything