Saturday, December 30, 2017

Last Chapter: Principle 8--Save the world , in a happy, sexy, awake way

Principle #8: Save the World
Make a Huge Difference
While staying happy and sexy and learning and growing and delighting in every moment of the way.

The world is a mess.
Turn on the TV. Look at the papers.
Notice all the recent natural disasters brought about by climate change.
Witness the government officials ignorant of this.
Witness the poverty and racism and wars raging. 
Witness all the latest messes.
People are having a hard time being kind and fair and loving to each other.
The world is having a hard time being kind and fair to all its humans.
We as a species might as well be considered at war with Nature, which seems a bit crazy, since we ultimately spring from nature.

A mess.
A mess.

And what are we going to do?

Save the World Game #1
Think of one area you’d like to make a difference
Do any small step toward that today.

This is silly, and we often just plain believe the story we tell ourselves: “No time.”
And we can trust our email to bring us, almost instantly, an opportunity.
I rarely look at my email, and needed a break from a couple hours of writing.
So I opened it.
Move.On had an inspiring and wonderful video about the successes of progressive and good hearted people this year, and the work still to be done. They had a box to click to donate.
So I did.

Not much, and as it was part of hundreds of thousands of others, I do hope and believe that will be part of the world I’m trying to be a happy revolutionary in.

And, it’s time to bid you adieu.

We’ll play three more games and then you are off on the adventure of a lifetime.
Have more sex.
Be awake in the present.
Get healthier. (next book, raw plus smart eating plus love lust and enlightenment)
Stay horny.
Be happy.

Save the world.

Love and Save the World Game #1:
What do you love?
How can you help more people experience that?
Talk, in four minute turns, about this
With your mate, with a friend, with a stranger.

This is about connecting.
And exploring.
The world is a mess.
Those who have “the answers” often make things worse. 
Those willing to listen and explore, often make things better.

Have fun.

Lust and Save the World Game #1
Have the clitoris stroking sex at least once a day.
Have some other kind of sex at least once a day, preferably in the early am.
When you rest, or fall back to sleep after this, feel:
and wonder:
What can I/ we do to create a more wonderful world for everyone.
See what happens if you explore from the state of connection and bliss.

This seems ridiculous in a way.
Silliness is next to godliness.
And this isn’t even silly.
It’s honoring the miracle of sexual pleasure with which God/ Nature/ the Universe made humans.
Go ahead.
You can expand this way.

Enlightenment and Saving the World Game #1
Meditate every day.
For 10-30 minutes.
Go into the awareness that is aware.
AWARE your thinking but doesn’t believe your thinking (or disbelieve, but just is aware of) 
AWARE of your feelings, but doesn’t believe your feelings (or disbelief, but just is aware of)
AWARE of your sensations, but doesn’t think they are a big deal, nor believe they are nothing. They are your body, right now.
No body = nobody. 
If you aren’t home to your body, you aren’t home to you.
And the key is
Smile and be AWARE

From here, either come out with an idea of how to create more good in the world.
Or come out refreshed
Or come out frustrated from having spent the time believing instead of awaring.
This is life.

Write for five minutes after meditation.
Don’t think about what you are going to write in meditation.

See what comes to you.


That’s it.
Time to do one or two or any of the games.
I’m going to go meditate for ten minutes and write for five.
Then take a walk and sense my arms and legs and love nature.

What are you going to do?

Thursday, December 28, 2017

More Love, More Lust, More Enlightenment.. Principle #6

Principle Six: More Love
Love More. 
Sex More. 
Awaken More. 
Expand into your real and more amazing Self.

You could easily expand and fill out your life now with almost any of the prior principles.
This one is to remind us that life is limitless.
And that any day we don’t improve in a few ways, is not the life as big and joyful and wonderful as we want.

Carol and I were recently at a retreat led by Adyashanti, an American born Zen teacher in his early fifties. The spot was beautiful, Asilomar, on the Monterry coast of California. The month was December and the theme was the Jesus story as guiding myth to discover what heart centered enlightenment might look like.
One of the breakthrough moments was the mentioning of how Anthony DeMello, whom Adyashanti calls an enlightened Jesuit priest, would start all his seminars and weekend retreats by letting the audience know: “I’m an ass and you’re an ass. If we can start from there, we can get somewhere.”
That’s a great place to go for humor, clarity and truth any time you and your loved one start to spat.
Another high point of the retreat was when during the dialogue period one woman stood up and said she’d deeply enjoyed a recent course he’d given online about Love.
In particular, she thanked him for the exercise of saying, silently to ourselves, before we talk to anyone, “I love you.”

This sounded pretty great to me.
Combined with a recent blog by the Chinese master known as Dr. B (from “the energy”, see ) on inclusion, this gives you, me and anyone a hugely more open and wonderful chance of connecting with and relating to people.
The inclusion blog states that you don’t have to believe old tired programming that says others don’t want to connect with and/or talk to you.
Assume the goal and vibration of inclusion and move forward. See what happens.

Let’s combine the two:

More Love Game for Talking to People #1: Inclusion
When you are around people, notice any tendencies to think they are different or somehow don’t want to talk with you.
Assume instead that you might enjoy each other.
Encourage in yourself the vibration of “inclusion.”
Feel something like “the energy” in your heart.
Take a breath down to your belly.
Go talk to them.
See what happens.

This is written during the Christmas season.
This worked with all sorts of people the programming (which dr B calls “the matrix”) said wouldn’t be open to conversation.
Many wonderful conversations and connections happened.

And now let’s add the suggestion of Adyashanti:

Love More and Others, Game #2:
When around others
As you either “just” see them around you
Or, are about to talking to them,
Say to yourself, “I love you”
And then see what happens

What will happen for you?
Find out.
This is putting your heart first. Go ahead and love everyone. The creeps, the saints, the normal, and the exceptional, the dull and the exciting.
“I love you.”
Say it to yourself.
Go up to them. Add in the inclusion vibration.
How will that work?
Find out.

Love More and Your Partner, Game #3 : Dread >>Willing>>Looking Forward to
This is “hard”
So what?
Think of something you are “dreading” that your partner do again.
Do the “work of Byron Katie” on how they “shouldn’t” do that
Shift to saying: I am willing for them to do that.
Do the work of Byron Katie again. Really feel the difference: when you believe that they shouldn’t. And who you are without believing that story.
Now shift to saying: I am looking forward to ……., whatever it was that you dreaded

This is weird
This is magnificently liberating.
Try it and see what happens.

These three games , inclusion, and “I love you,” and “I am looking forward to….”(whatever used to scare you/ that you dread), can send your life into an ease and delight 
There are surely more.
That will be another book. Or two.

And now Lust.
This is going to be a bit raunchy.
Skip if you want your spiritual development and joy to be less than blissful.

Let’s have some fun.
Lust and Opening to More Life Game #1: 
Stroking the Clitoris for 15 minutes
This is for a couple that involves a woman.
The receiver is a woman.
Who takes off her panties. And leaves on the rest of her clothes.
The stroker is a man or a woman, who straddles this receiver in a certain way.
See the illustration.
The stroker looks toward the clitoris.
The receiver has her legs butterflied out.
The stroker gently rubs the thighs of the receiver for two minutes.
The stroker puts coconut oil on their right thumb and one of their left fingers.
The thumb goes in the outer edge of the lower part of the vagina.
The left hand finger, very slowly and very gently strokes the clitoris for 13 minutes.
Mindful of the point of contact.
Mindful of the pleasure you feel through the stroking finger.
The receiver stays mindful of the spot being stroked.
Feeling the pleasure.
Moment by moment.
No goal for either person.
Just the pleasure and sensation of now.
Then, after 13 minutes, two minutes of slowing down.
Then, clothes on and hugging.
Or clothes on and cuddle and take a nap.
Or clothes on and take a walk.
Clothes on and anything besides “normal sex.”  

Do this every day.

This is complicated, and easy.
Just pay attention, in the moment, without a goal of climax. Pay attention to the spot on the human body with the most pleasure receptors.
The stroker, stroking gently the clitoris, will feel warmth and electricity and more.
The strokee, feeling this, will feel…… A lot.

Let’s say a few non-proven by studies possibilities:
Easier menopause.
Radical increase in oxytocin and well being.
Re-opening to sexuality
Re-orienting of how to go about sexuality
Realization that sex can be a meditation
Realization that life is a pleasurable meditation

As always, don’t believe me.
Try it out.
And see.

How often?

Every day.


Every day.
Whether you have “normal” sex or not.
Have this sex, the sex that concentrate of female orgasm as pleasure in the real moment, and not as climax.
Every day.
Practice stroking softly.
Practice being present in intimate touch.
Practice NOT having a climax goal.
Practice the small and real point of real connection in the real moment.
Learn, feel, realize the connection at a deep and non-verbal level that comes from this.


Another lust game: 

More Lust Game #2
Listening to Your Heart
Have a goals journal
Get silent and still
Write gratitudes first in the gratitude journal
From the present and gratitude, do a few “source energy” exercises 
From the energy and gratitude and being present, ask you heart
“Heart, what are your great wishes”
Write them down. On the left side of the page. Or on the left page with the right page left open.
Or the right side, or right page, write one small action step that could take you closer to achieving this goal.

This could be seen as using “the energy” in one of the ways its meant to be used. ( Another is simple reverence for the glory of Life. Another is bliss and gratitude at the miracle of being alive.)
This is giving the “energy” somewhere to go.
Giving your vitality somewhere to point.
Giving your optimism a place to play and work and move toward.
Reminding you that life is a game and a treat and all challenges are a change to change and grow and expand and evolve.


And with the evolve vibration, let’s slip up and over to “enlightenment” games.
More enlightenment is more or less a nonsense idea.
And so what…. it points the way to a feeling of the generosity of life being echoed by the generosity of your participation.

More Enlightenment Game #1:
Love What “It” Doesn’t Like
As you go about your day, pay attention to your AVERSIONS
Use the work of Byron Katie,
or becoming present
or ongoing joy of life to
make the shift:
Love that thing, person, news, whatever the “it,” the conditioned and programmed and “matrix” part of you dislikes

This is very much like the looking forward to what you dread action.
Except that it gives you something moment by moment to use as a “wake up.”
The part of us that dislikes, unless it is a very pure dislike, for example, hatred of a child being mistreated, is usually very narrow and selfish and programmed and stupid.
To wake up to the painful feeling of dislike is the start.
To “turn it around” in this full and radical way causes us to wake up.

Wake up to what?
Wake up to this definition of enlightenment

More enlightenment game # one million:
Love What Is.

That’s all.
You’ve got an upset stomach: love it.
You’ve got cancer: love it.
You don’t know how to cure it: love that.
You are willing to look in spite of the IDK (I don’t know): love that.
You get contradictory and even bad advice: love that.
Some people avoid you: love that.
Some people over advise you: love that.

And so on.
I don’t know what to write next.
Love that.
You don’t know how to do this:
Love that.

The nice thing about What Is, is
One: It’s always changing
Two: It’s always here, right now
Three: You always have the choice:
Love it
Fight it
Ignore it
Pretend to be “okay” with it

And so on.

This is your life.
Always now.
Always changing.
Always chuck full of your own variation of the What Is of life.
Your life.
Your life as a novel, movie, play, TV show.
Love it.

And if you don’t.

Try the two spot or two chair method:
One spot or chair: Don’t love/ resist/ complain about your life
The other spot or chair: Love your life

More enlightenment #3:
If things aren’t the way you want them, write a goal.
Problem solve.
Get in the energy.
Go for some creative and new way to solve/ change / shift the problem.
See it all as learning.
Learning is noticing differences:
What can you do , feel, think, breathe, be aware of differently.
So that new learning can be happening.
In your brain, heart and soul
and Body
Right now.

This is a bit far out.
So is Love, Lust and Enlightenment.
If you want the normal self help crap, go find it.
This is all of you, having great sex and great relationship and great success and great fun.
If you want it, be amazing.
That’s who you are meant to be.

Play this or ANY game in the book.


Wednesday, December 27, 2017

eight Principles for Love, Lust & Enlightenment

One: Be Grateful
Be grateful in Heart (Love) and Body (Lust)  and Soul/ Spirit (Enlightenment)

Two: Be Present.
The life we have is only now.
To miss the present is to miss the miracle : we are alive, right now.
And: if we are not mindful (as in awareness, not thinking mind) we are mindless (as if we are robots following programming)
Mindless = stuck in the level of our programming.
If we had perfect parents, following our unconscious programming will work: otherwise, we’d better “wake up”

Three: Connect to real Learning
Learning is noticing a difference that makes a difference
Brain plasticity is real, and open to all
Almost all other uses of “thinking” are a diversion from real life

Four:  Be peaceful / “Don’t Believe your Thinking” 
The truth will set us free to return to Peace
Our thoughts/ beliefs/ opinions are usually not true
I’m imperfect / you’re imperfect/ that’s perfect/

Five: Connect to the (Divine) Life (Source) Energy
When in “the flow” we are at ease and make decisions without “thinking” about them, as if guided by “magical” “energy”
Transform Complaints into Goals.
Listen for the Heart’s Desire: Write Goals.
The juice is there
Every moment
Let’s reach for, grab, connect, use and expand in it

Six: Love More
More Love — love everyone
More Sex — every day (or more)
More Fun
More Awareness 
More Juice of Life

Seven: Be Happy
No matter what— love it when things don’t go your way
Happiness is our birthright
We make ourselves unhappy (believing our thoughts)
Undo “unhappiness” and what is left? Happiness 
Forgive yourself/ forgive your enemy/ forgive God / be present

We are naturally happy
Return to our natural state

Eight: “ Save the Earth” and help Heal Humanity
Have a Huge/ Big Purpose to your Life
That is done from joy and freedom
No fear, guilt or anger
Joyous revolutionaries, with great sex every day

Continuous happiness