Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dancers, Musicians, Actors: a fine opportunity in Tucson this week

DANCERS: dance better.
MUSICIANS: play better.
ACTORS: use your voice and body more easily.
My name is Chris Elms and I am in Tuscon this week,
until the 25th of February.
This I realize is a short time
I am curious what if anything I can contribute to any of the
faculty or students in the dance, music and theater departments in that time

My work
which I call Neurological Upgrading,
is from the Feldenkrais® Method (,
of which I am a practitioner after a 4 year training,
and the
Anat Baniel Method,
in which I have taken the Mastery Training to work with
High Performers. (

This work, by using our brain,
literally creatine new neurological pathways,
can help improvement at all levels:
• injuries become irrelevant to heightened and easeful movement
• chronic stuck points become the leaping off point for expansion of
movement, awareness and thinking capabilities
• high performers, Olympic athletes, world class musicians,
gain that extra ten percent that put them to the next
level, whatever
that might be for them.

I can give demonstrations of the brain/ body/ learning
connection to groups.

The most rapid upgrading,
however is in individual lessons,
which are slow, gentle,
hands on,
with the client fully clothed, lying or
sitting on a low and firm table,
and discovering inside connections
and ease
that she/ he might not have known
since they were a child.

Or maybe never.

Please fill free to call or email.

With enough interested clients
I would be happy to schedule regular
two or three week visits to Tucson,
as the lessons are most powerful in 6 or more
per two week concentrations,
since the brain,
though it loves to learn,
also love to slip back to the way
it has always done things.

A concentrated group of lessons
allows the change to integrate and become the
new you.

Thanks for reading and considering this.

P.S. The starting picture, on my business card,
is something I learned to do recently, at 63 year old.
Not by huffing and puffing and "trying harder"
but by applying the go slow, learn faster principles
of this work.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

why not be happy?

heidi's house
a house in Tucson
my temporary abode

why not be happy?

other people
are like this:

they like us
they don't like us
they are too busy to care one way or another


why not be happy?

we are tired
we are perky
we are up
we are down


why not be happy?

without the story


looking out into the sweet world:
what else is there

but this current
of delight

in being alive?????

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

learning and the sweetness of life

learning is one thing
that can always make a life
head toward an even better life

and if it is real learning
it is always sweet

real learning comes from
our own discovery
our own exploration
our own putting together of
new ingredients
new ideas
new ways of going about the
and the ideas

that's the sweetness of
reall learning

not crammed down your throat

"learn what I (the Big One, the Teacher, the Boss)
want you to learn"

kind of learning

we've all had

of that

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

new Wednesday life is good

in a new place, Berkeley
full of bookstores
and coffee shops
and people on bicycles
new sights
and sounds

new impressions
feed the mind

new ways of moving
feed the brain

new ways of moving
when we actually know
what we are doing

as in
have our awareness right
with the two arms
and two legs
and one spine
of possibilities


you know that

if we just take anything we
do a lot
and discover two or three optional
of doing
and experiencing
and sequencing
and tempo making
and being
it differently

we begin to unshackle ourselves
from the bondage