Thursday, September 30, 2010

the importance of love

what does love have to do with this work?

well: love takes people where
they are

see the magnificence they can become

that's what our work
is about

and the way there:

we are present
and we feel what we feel right now
and we know various routes to "better"

many of these routes can be understood in Anat's
9 essentials

many can be felt in our memory of how
we moved when we move

some can be sensed in the person,
as we feel what better
and easier
and clearer
and "new"
might be for them


Wednesday, September 01, 2010

why what we do is "easy" once you get it

one: evolution took 4 million years to wire in intelligence of a spine that works well when it talks to the feet and the ribs and the head and the pelvis. we just help people re-find that.

two: if anyone slows down and senses themselves they will come closer to who they really are

three: in movement we are linking up to life. we are alive. moving is fun.

four: learning is fun. we are working with learning

five: we don't have to "do it right." we just have to open up people to "easy," or "better," or "interesting"

you pick