Friday, January 27, 2012

this moment, this love, leaving behind the labels

if i want to word about it
and call this moment, enlightened,
it's not

and if i want to word about it
and call this moment, not enlightened
that's true,
but not getting me anywhere

which getting
comes from being
any where
and that's just good enough
sweet fine kind
without any wording
to tell me
or anyone,
except maybe God,
how wonderful it is

and the whisper,
the words that just slip out
uncalled for
the "i love you" words,
the more unidirectional
and unspecific
the better

(though God is in the details,
loving every little grain of sand,
or wrinkle
or irritation
or leaf
or star)

that whisper
is on the way
to the enlightened thing
the lighten up
the everything is slipping forth
the way it
and isn't that fine

and it can't be told

can be experienced

very good

this now

and sometimes that feels so good
we have to write a poem
or a song
and shout I LOVE YOU
to everyone

that's okay
it's necessary to the tides
of life

can't be helped

ask Hafiz,
drunken love maker to
in every man woman child moon
and star
and sun

ask the self in you
that has no name
and no place
and no words
and feels like it's not there

except it's the only thing
always there


who knows
let Adyashanti tell us all the details
that's his job

our job:
to smile
feel our feet on the ground

wake up to a life of love

and all the places that
take us


Relationship Heaven

Is your relationship heaven?

Is that honeymoon flavor there most of the time?

Are you excited to find out new aspects of each other
every week, if not every day?

Is touch, truth and fun continually improving?

Can you talk about anything and everything, including
the sweetness of sex with its various tangles of desire and obligation,
and money with its seemingly endless ramifications?

Are you present with each other?

Are you deeply in love?

I hope so.

If not, that's my main treat and service for the world now,
helping others to the love that could be, and maybe even "should"
be, at the center of all lives.

Real love, real work, real awakening, real connection to the Earth,
real service.

All good stuff.



Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Special Needs Children, lessons to "imitate" the daily action of "normal" children, learning is the aim

A "normal" child is pushing into the floor, into the chair, into everything, and pulling herself along,
or rolling herself over, or figuring out strategies of moving, and sitting and going up and down and crawling, and doing just about everything.

All day.

Each hour of each day is a lesson for the average child.

For a special needs child, life is full and wonderful, too, but the spasticity,  or the limited repertoire of successful motion, or the disabled attention abilities keep the learning less than full time.

This is where lessons come in.

We practitioners create the connections and the pushes and the pulls,
with variation,
to mimic
but much more effciently,
the learning all children need about how,
the hand pushing into the floor connects through to the ribs and spine and pelvis.

How the rotation of the pelvis affects the legs and spine and head.

How the chest and ribs affect the back and the pelvis and the head.

It's all the miracle of this body and this brain,
a brain that doesn't start out knowing how to roll over,
or crawl or walk or talk.

What is learning?
It's adding on an ability to perceive new differences.
This is what children's lessons are about, whether it is "normal" children
moving themselves around experimentally,
or the special needs child lucky enough to get our lessons
to simulate and encourage this learning.

Life is amazing, and lessons,
for adults and children,
at all ranges of activity,
can increase the ability of the whole person
to perceive the whole person, the self,
the "me" inside of each of us,
as an independent source of motion,
and intention and action.

Action is us living our own life.
Action is what brings the children in for lessons.
Action is the life expansion for the children,
however small, bit by bit, after each lesson.

This is the little miracles that can add up to such big ones.

Hope to see you and your child soon.


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Early, tired, awake

when reality brings these tired moments, I could complain.

They won't go away with my complaining.

Further proof that I don't run the Universe.

That's good news. Think how much responsibility that would be.

What's left to me, is that what is now,
this I can experience,
this I can treasure,
even these tired, early morning, up since 2 AM now it's 7 morning.

I'll live

A little nap will go a long way.

Life is good.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

An essay for a change: Loving God, with or without belief

GOD:Loving God for the hell of it; oh, wait, the heaven of it

God is good. We’ve heard that. But then again, we don’t have to believe that.
We don’t have to believe in God.
I don’t have to care about or think about God.
And we like to love God, sometimes and those times are in indication of the deeper callings in Life.

Remember when you were small and looked up at the stars and it seems so amazing, that they were so many and so perfect and so brilliant and you were down here and they were up there and it was all just amazing.
That’s what loving God can be like.

Or when you sat by a stream one time, or many, and rested your back against a tree or a rock, and just did “nothing.” Just watched the water flow by and delighted in the sparkling, rippling, reflecting light bouncing from the sun off the water and into your eyes and into your brain and into your heart and your breathing and you and the stream seemed as if they were one.
All is one. All is One.
Some people say things like that. What do you think?
What do you feel?
What do you experience?
What do you love?

Say you love flowers. Is that a way to love God? Sure.
Say you love sunsets and walks on the beach. What if loving that is loving God is loving yourself in your expanding form?
Say God is something like the Whole Tamale, and so anything you love is loving God.

That makes it easy to love God. Later we’ll roam around in the scary world of God is everything, even the “bad stuff,” but let’s start easy.
Loving sunsets and puppies frolicking in the mud and babies laughing and birds singing and rainbows rainbowing these are all easy.
And that’s good, you know. We tend to forget the easy, the simple. We want God to be something fancy we have to pray hard for, or go to India to join the ashram.
We think God is some strict father, and we don’t get the goodies, the love and okay to get into heaven and whatnot, if we don’t toe some line, shape up, be good.
We don’t’ have to be good.
We might want to be kind and loving and useful to others and the Earth, and when you really feel those urges they are from that complicated and simple all at once place of All is One. The being kind to you is being kind to another part of me. The helping the Earth along is being useful to another part of me.

We appear to be apart from others and from Nature. And we appear to be a part of others and a part of Nature.
We are a part of love.
Love is a part of us.

We spend our days often, way often, forgetting that we are love.
That’s okay. God is love, some say, so that God, She or He can but us some slack when we forget to love.
Cutting us slack is called mercy.
Someone once said two things are infinite: human stupidity and God’s mercy. One kind of calls forth the other, and maybe humans are less stupid that confused and cut off from their natural intelligence.
And how do we get back to God, get back to our true selves, get back to days of more and more Love.

Start now, course. We always start now.

The love we want is in us now.
When we come to the Now, everything slows down, and we have this great swoosh of peace. Why? Because all those things lined up ahead of us don’t exist in the present.
Because all those things we remember and have told ourselves about our past, they don’t exist in the Now either.
In the now, the Now, the NOW, not much is left.
Except a peace.
A happiness.
A friend.
A sense of having come home to our true selves.

Is coming home to our true selves, our True Selves, coming home to God?

You don’t have to believe in any God, or anything, to feel very peaceful, happy, free by coming back to your true self, your true Self, in the Now.

And does that make the Now another name for God?

I’m not sure. I don’t think so.

I think God might be the vastness, the beauty, the ALL OF IT, that we can see and feel and merge with from the now.

But that’s just my story.

What’s your feeling when you come to the now, really now?

Does that feel like God, or a path to God, or just a great relief from all the regular ordinary everyday suffering and hurry and worry and contention and bother?

It’s your life.
It’s your feelings.
It’s you now to love and live in or not.

Try loving God, with or without believing in God. And then just coast there, without thoughts, in the Now, and see what happens.
Feel what happens.
Love what happens.
Love yourself.
Love It ALL.


God is ??, and Loving God anyway

You don't have to be good.

You don't have to believe in God.

You don't have to love God.

And sometimes you just want to, as if
as if
as if
compelled by the very life force

to worship the
Life Force all around you

and it is as if you are worshipping
but the bigger self
the Self
as they say and it's bigger
than just a big S
it's bigger like the univerSe
that kind of big

and worshipping the univerSe
seems kind of lame,
but what if we are worshipping
the animating force behind it
the force that created you and I
and this Life on Earth thing
and this moon around the Earth around the sun thing
and the butterfly ocean sunset sweet kisses and hugs
and rivers and oceans and rainbows and peaches thing

that seems worth worshipping

the worship
and the workshop

what if this world is but
a workshop
for our souls
to deepen their leapin
into the univerSe
All is One

and what is All is One
is another name for God

just like some people say
another name for God

and other people say
Everything / Reality is another
for God

and of course
when you connect with something
too big
to have a name
it's just a game
if you are spinning words
about something beyond the words

but the being alive
and experiencing



that's God


but it feels like love
and it feels like what we are meant to do
and so
maybe that's good

maybe it's just fine to worship
and to love God
and leave out the whole "believe in God
or don't believe in God"

who knows?
try it out.
See is loving God
without believing in God

for you.

whatever "you" are


Friday, January 06, 2012

Love's possible pathways: happy new year

If you look at the world around you,
here is what you see:
some nature,
more if you are lucky,
less if the city is your place

you see a lot of buildings
and roads
and that too,
more or less

and then there are people
everywhere people

and sometimes you are lucky
and someone comes along and you share
some nights and days with
you love them
or at least want to be with them

sometimes children
come from this


and sometimes this "relationship,"
as it's called gets better and better

you are fascinated
the other person is fascinated

you are learning and growing
they are learning and growing

you are on the spot present to them
and hearing what their words say
and what the heart underneath the words
is saying

and they listen,
really listen too

and you laugh
and discover,
my oh my,
you each have quirks and eccentricities
and you find that charming

and sometimes one or the other
will be less than totally thoughtful
and that can be interesting to explore

and you get bored sometimes
and go off and read a good book
or write one
or meditate

there is no rush to be always
a great delight when you are

this happens sometimes


i hope this is happening to you
right now
this year

and in the meantime:

if no one is around who is a great listener,
get out a friendly journal
and start listening to yourself

if no one is around to laugh and indulge you
when you are less than perfect
this is a good habit to develop

and when you want to romp with others,
and don't have a special other,
find a dance group,
find a group hike,
find a sing along crowd
find a reading group

there are people everywhere
some are lonely
and just waiting for a friendly
to say hello
how was your day

the world is full
of possibilities


January 6. 2012
a very good year

love is this moment caressing itself

Love is important
and it goes like this:

you are amazing,
and I cherish you just as you are

that's the honeymoon
and why not have it always be the honeymoon

like this:
the Other does something that irriates
we see that as our problem
we got irritated

and we see it as a chance to play:
"Hey, I tweeked myself when you
so and so

is that weird, that I tweeked myself
or is that some insane notion
that you are supposed to always
do things just the way

I want you to do them?"

the quote means
you say it.
you speak to the other person
about the bother in you
you do NOT
blame them for the bother

you both get curious:

them about whether they wanted to tweek you

you get curious about: whether you have program
that the Other "should" do
what you wish the other to do

i know
i know
it sounds too simple

aren't we supposed to get in
conflict when we
"don't get our way?"

if we want to be unhappy
we can get into conflict

if we want to be happy
then curiosity
and good old fashioned
letting the other person be
who they are

goes a long way

and la

here's the deal:
until we wake up
there is no real happiness

what does that mean?

it means
in the present
love is always possible

out of the present
it's just our robot and theirs
either meshing
or not

hard reality
so fucking amazing:
we can come free any
is always right now,

no waiting wanting or coniving
it's right here

this one , too, of course

and such
to one
and all,

Today is Friday and....

image from the past
interesting our pictures and where our attention goes
when we past surf

Today is Friday and
apparently I have slagged off
my promise of posting three times
a week

and we can always tell ourselves the story:
I should have done more

trouble is:
it's never true.

we can never have
done more yesterday
from today

had we things
been different
we could have made different choices

but today
looking back:
yesterday's did dad done dead

and now
it's a beautiful day
and love is good
and sunshine is good
and easing up on the
"you should have done more
voices, the
(Well intentioned or not)

this is our life today
I'll post this poem today

this moment is mine
the only "sure' thing
and I'll love it and me
and being alive in

and tomorrow
who knows
I may  post another poem

but so far
I have spared myself any new year's resolutions

I've got some grand ideas
for the year

but a poem a day
or two pages a day
or three jogs a week

i'll just love this moment
and see what happens

hope your day is wonderful

and ps
I am mulling and designing
ways of combining this joy of the present,
love of being present,
and creating a fabulous future for ourselves