Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Delusions that keep people in suffering

The past determines the present.

Forgiveness is a sucker's racket.

Life is bearable without a great love at the center.

Happiness is for later, or other people, or both.

Waking up is impossible.

Life outside the present is real life.

Fun and challenges are not compatible.

Fun and work are incompatible.

Fear is what life is all about.

Bitterness gets you somewhere.

Complaining shifts the past around and other people jump to and act the way you want them to.

Stillness is not next to Godliness.

Silliness is not next to Godliness.

Godliness is hooey. And not fun, if it isn't hooey.

If you are feeling badly now, you need to be feeling badly five minutes from now.

You have no choice.

Love is for other people, or later.

If love isn't happening, it's the other person's fault.

You don't deserve a wonderful and amazing life.

If you are in the "I don't know," the world will fall apart

Solutions come from "trying harder" and "grit"

There is no God

There is no ongoing source of grace/ love/ energy/ delight

Life is rough, no fun, and you have a right to be stuck

Challenges mean that life sucks

If life sucked last week, it's going to suck this week

Laughing is bad for you

Movement with joy is for fools

Love is a myth

There is no way out of suffering

To live in love and happiness all the days of your life

How many times am I going to rewrite, Love, Lust and Enlightenment?

As many as if takes to write it from awake and happy and in love.

Which these new, first two chapters are written in.


Why wait?
This is your life, NOW!

Please think of two things you love about life. Imagine writing them down. Breathe a little more deeply as you think about them, and let at least a hint of a smile come to your face.

Now please stand.
And go to the nearest window with the best view of something outside.
Look at the most pleasant thing outside and lift easily up on to your toes and come back down ten times.
Breathe with this in a way to make it pleasurable.
Stop and look around outside, and feel your connection to gravity and to breath.
Now, lift up onto your toes again, this time twenty times, with a hint of a smile and some softening and deepening of your breathing as you do this. (Extra credit, for each count from one to twenty sense a new toe or finger. That'll get you to twenty and get your mind WAY out of thinking. Notice, if you'd like, how a break from thinking tends to feel like happiness.)

Now, come back to the book
Get a pen or a pencil and a piece of paper or a journal. Write four sentences that start like this…
I love…
I love…
I love…
I love…

Then read over your list and feel whatever you feel when you read a list of four things/ people/ places/ parts of yourself/ experiences that you love.

Then stand again and go to the window, looking again for something or things pleasant to gaze at.
Then lift again to your toes and add on this: as you lift to your toes, raise your arms up and above your head.
Breathe with this in some easy way.
Do this at least 20 times. (Again, for extra fun and "awareness muscle building," sense the ten toes and ten fingers one by one as you do this. It really is fun.)
Go slowly enough to feel your body and skeleton from feet and toes to arms and finger tips.
See if you can notice something new each time you do it.

Now come back to the book, and to your pen or pencil and your paper or journal.
Please write four sentences, that start like this and that you finish,
I am grateful…
I am grateful…
I am grateful…
I am grateful…

Now read over the four “I love…” sentences and the four, “I am grateful…”
Feel how you feel.
Then stand again and go to the window again, and do at least twelve more of the movements where you lift your heels and lift your arms and smile at least a hint and let your breath be synched with the movement.

Then go outside, if you can and take a little walk.

This book is about transformation. It is a set of joyful pathways to an awakened, happy and love filled and successful life. Conscious movement, especially with pleasure and learning brings about transformation.
Gratitude brings about transformation.
Love is at the center of life, and when you recognize that this is who you really are, that brings transformation.
And even before you realize that, returning to love brings transformation.
(So does having a hint of a smile -- or more-- on your face. Just saying, in case you want to instantly upgrade your vibration.)

You have begun transformation.
As you walk, feel and sense your body and think and feel about more things you love and are grateful for. And smile at least a hint of a smile.

Do you want Awakened Love at the Center?
This is a book for those who want an awakened love at the center of their lives. And who want that awakened love to spread out to family and friends and the healing of the whole world. 

(The whole world? Yes. Starvation over, world peace, and an end to the ecological mess-- that's a few of the places awakened love can move to and begin to heal. This is not a book for selfish people, but if you've played the games in the first chapter, you are probably well out of the normal rut, and so you know, at least at some level that happiness and the narrow and selfish life just cannot be lived together.)

If you have another person in your life who could be or is your partner in waking up to AWAKENED LOVE, great.

If you have another person in your life who is driving you crazy and with whom you want that shifted to fabulous and AWAKENED LOVE, great.

If you have no one in your life, and want someone in your life, for the fun of it and the love of it and the waking up of it, great. AWAKENED LOVE beckons and you don't know where or how you'll find it, great.
It's waiting there.
I'm a fun story of that, having had God/ the energy/ grace lead me to the love of my life half a block away when I'd almost given up and then stopped that giving up nonsense and shifted to happiness and awareness and writing goals and writing lots and lots of gratitudes.
If you are looking for someone, first we'll help you find yourself, and then fall more deeply in love with life, and then another person almost has to come along, there being such a lack of really great people.
As you become more and more of the really great person that you really are, then the wonderful person who is also lonely for someone equally great is almost inevitably going to find you.
They might even be moving in half a block away, the way Carol did for me.
Even if you are discouraged and can’t seem to find anybody, this book is for you.
Even if you have had a rough divorce, this book is for you.
Or a rough and awful breakup, this book is for you
Even if you have had that really really rough road of having lost a mate to death, if you are ready to have a deep committed love again, this book is for you.


Okay, time for some action.
Get out your pen or pencil and your gratitude journal, and write five things for which you are grateful.
Now, write now.
Enough reading.
If you want AWAKENED LOVE, writing gratitudes at least three times a day is going to be a new nourishment.
Food for your soul.
And your luck.

Go on, write now, right now, write. 5 gratitudes.

And yes, now go to a window.
And instead of up and down on the toes, do this: arms out to the sides, and slowly, counting on the toes and the fingers, rotate left and right side to side twenty times.
With a smile.
And awareness of breathing.
And awareness of pleasure.
And awareness of gravity.
And awareness of that minor detail: you are alive.

Back to reading. 
About? About who this book is for, which is you if you want joy, awakening and love, as well as successful and delight work/career/creation, at the center of your life.


If you have no one in your life, and want to keep it that way, but you do want something else to be the center of your life, a center you love and cherish, that’s great too. This could be your art, your God, Nature. It might even be your work, though many people who claim to be in love with their work, are really addicted to getting things done as an escape from realizing who and what they are in the present moment.
And their are those who love their jobs.

This book , Love, Lust and Enlightenment is for you if you wish to shift so that you love EVERYTHING,  including your job and your mate or your health and your friends and your family. 
If you want everything to be love.
If you want everything to be a turn on.
If you want everything to be enlightenment!

Then this book is for you.

Now, go to the window again, look out smile and go up on the toes with the arms up and every time your arms go up say, "Yes!" 
Twenty times, all the toes and all the fingers.
Smile easily.
Breathe easily.

Be happy.