Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Something like a resumé

Neurological Upgrading Lessons ,

by Chris Elms, M.A.


• EASE in your own body

• BALANCE and coordination

•OVERCOMING LIMITATIONS, Special Needs children, Stroke, Accident recovery

• IMPROVING SKILLS AND ABILITIES such as yoga, sports, problem solving, delight in learning, enjoyment of life, patience, self love

• INCREASE PLEASURE in being Who you Are

• ENHANCE YOUR LIFE and your pleasure of being in the Present

Training and background:

M.A. Psychology, Lone Mountain College

B.A., Humanities, Stanford

Trainings in Gestalt therapy, Ericksonian hypnosis, Permaculture Design, The Work of Byron Katie, The Feldenkrais Method®, and the Anat Baniel Method.

Trainings in Gestalt therapy, Ericksonian hypnosis, family therapy, Permaculture Design, The Work of Byron Katie, Ananda Yoga, The Feldenkrais Method®, and the Anat Baniel Method.

15 years as Designer/ Builder, and Designer/ Landscaper.
Designed and spearheaded the creation of the 5 acre: Sonoma Garden Park, in Sonoma, California.

12 year student of Tai Chi. Developer of Essential/ 4 Brain Tai Chi.

8 year student of yoga (started in my fifties). Certified Yoga Instructor. Developer of Essential/ 4 Brain Yoga.

Designed and spearheaded the creation of the 5 acre: Sonoma Garden Park, in Sonoma, California.

Feldenkrais Method: Completed four year training in 2005, and am now a certified practitioner.

Anat Baniel: Completed Mastery Training for working with

Special Needs Children in 2006

Completed Mastery Training for working with Vitality and Anti-Aging, 2008

Completed Mastery Training, High Performers, 2008

Completed 10 of 10 segments of the Basic Training, 2009.

30 minute lessons.

Single lesson: $60-120.

12 lessons in one month
money back guarantee


Email Me

or call


Availability in Tucson, Arizona: Feb 10-25

Availability in Atlanta, Georgia: February 26- March 26

Availability in Arcata, California (north in Humbolt county): April 15- May 14

Availability in Orcas Island, Washington: May 15- June 15

Hours: 11 AM, 11:45 AM, 12:30 PM

3 PM, 3:45 PM, 4:30 PM, 5;15 PM

Highly beneficial to have lessons on two, three, four or five consecutive days.

Website possibilities:

Almost Enlightenment An 108 page, 108 activity E-book to improve moving, emotional well being, thinking and “soul” poems and thoughts on living an awakened, happy and useful life

Wake Up Feldenkrais

(Especially: Neurological Upgrading Lessons )

Travel Heal Do this Work Blog

19262 Carriger Road, Sonoma, Ca. 95476
after Feb. 9:
2749 E. 4th ST., Tucson, AZ 85716
after FEb. 26:
3088 Marne Dr., Atlanta, GA 30305

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Why I became a Feldie

when i was in my mid thirties
i was happily engaged in a career that allowed
me to use my body and my brain
and my creativity
and be outside
and add super bonus,
if I was really ON that day,
meditate in the present
as I worked.

I did landscape,
and installation.

It was fun,
it was challenging,
I loved being outside
and working real work
and see real results and beauty.

And sometimes I'd do too much.
And since I was in the Bay Area,
I already knew about these classes where
you rolled around on the floor,
well, not always rolling,
but always moving in a bunch of easy
and engaging and interesting ways.

And after these classes,
I'd always feel a huge amount better.

They were called Feldenkrais classes,
for the man, Moshe Feldenkrais,
who invented them.

And sometimes, in my thirties and
I'd go to these classes, not from being wrecked
and in pain and wanting to get out,
but from the pure joy and
and happiness at being a live
in an aware body.

I felt good after these classes.

I remember being in awe of the teacher
after one class and thinking:
one group of people gets worm out and tight
as they work
and another group
gets paid to help these people out of that.

But, it wasn't for me.
Or so it seemed.

I always told other people: go see a Feldenkrais person,
go to a Feldenkrais class
when they'd complain about back pain
or shoulder pain.
I knew how easy it could be dissolved.

Then in my fifties,
I took up yoga,
almost on a whim
(someone asked if I wanted to go to a class.
I said yes.).
And wasn't very good at it.
But feel in love
with a yoga teacher and
had a sweet eight years
from that.

One day, the yoga teacher and
I heard about an invitation to do
a weekend of this "Feldenkrais" stuff.

What the heck.
I'd been telling so many other people
to "try" it, maybe time for me
to give it another fling.

So we went.
Three movement adventures,
called Awareness Through Movement
each day.
Three lessons a day instead of
one a week.
For two days.

I felt like I was ten years old again.
I couldn't believe the waking up
and shift
and ease
and plain old fashioned giddy happiness
I felt in my body.


And the leader
"just happened"
for have a training program
coming up in a couple of months.
(a four year training,
seeming always like "too much"
until I'd had this
ten year old feeling).

I couldn't wait to join.
Now I could become one of the ones
who helped
the others out of the tension and pain
and tightness of working too hard,
too fast, too.....

I didn't know what.

I just knew,
I wanted to feel this good all the time.

I wanted to be part of the solution.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

travel, heal, learn, love, contribute


i've got a new
mini blog
that tells of my adventure;

on the road
month at a time in
various sweet spots of the world

living with family of:
special needs child
stroke or accident or surgery recovered
someone wishing to way upgrade an already high performance


living with other Feldenkrais
Anat Baniel people

mutually upgrading
getting more clients
have sweet learning fun
upgrading love
and being

and gardens,

here's the other blog:

Travel Learn Love Heal

contact me
if this could be great for you

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

why move with awaeness and learning?

suk party
Why move with awareness and learning?

I started to write: why the Feldenkrais work
why the Anat Baniel.

Decided instead to write: why move with awareness
and learning?

Because to be present
is to be happy
or to be very close to the possibility of ongoing happiness.

Because to move with attention requires us to be preesent.

Because to move with learning requires us to do
something besides what we always do.

Because life is a lot of fun when we learn.

Because there is a lot of suffering in the world,
some from greed and structural injustices,
and lots in the have too much world
comes from being stuck in a life
that seems like life,
but is really a lot closer to being a robot.

Say it again:
to move with attention and awareness and learning:

wakes us up to being alive
gives us a grand chance at ongoing happiness
will create conditions under which we can be

to ourselves
the Earth
and each other

and here's an anat baniel class
where one can
systematically do
this kind of delightful
anat baniel class


An online ebook
is now finished.
First 12 pages =
12 activities/ meditations/ learning games
is free if you email
and ask.

Check out
Almost Enlightenment

if you wish.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

"tucking the pelvis under"

rain stuff
"tucking the tailbone under"

in Tai Chi

in Yoga

in whatever

lots of people
recommend this

I don't

unless you are coiling into
to expand/ punch/ push
outward afterward