Thursday, January 08, 2009

"tucking the pelvis under"

rain stuff
"tucking the tailbone under"

in Tai Chi

in Yoga

in whatever

lots of people
recommend this

I don't

unless you are coiling into
to expand/ punch/ push
outward afterward

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onebodymind said...

Hi Chris,

Ruthy, in Bones for Life, specifically never asks students to 'tuck' neither tail (pelvis) nor chin(head) under, but rather she teaches how to align the lumbar spine, bringing it 'backwards' into the back of the hand which is placed there as a kind of 'marker'...and same with aligning the neck spine backwards towards the palm side of fingers which are there as a 'marker' and support. Tucking the chin under 'looks like' lengthening the back of the neck--but feels nothing like obeying the suggestion of 'lengthening the back of the neck spine'---it is more like learning an involuntary movement of what life could be like with a lengthened neck; similarly, as you implied, tucking the pelvis might 'look like' lengthening the back of the lumbar spine (Moshe used to say "Get your back back"), but feels infinitely different, not forced, as then the pelvis/tail just spontaneously drop, the sacrum curves under a tad, the tail coils more directly under the pelvis, one takes a sigh of relief it feels so good, and one is more oriented towards weighting onto the back of the heels, where one can really appreciate the lengthening of the back side of the spine--nothing forced, the tensor muscles just 'de-tense'

2 cents, love your site!

All of the Zest for the New Year! and the New Regime! (So far I like those Obama moves!)

Deborah Elizabeth Lotus