Monday, April 29, 2013

from good to great

from good to great
was a popular business book

and like many
of that ilk,
had a lot of wisdom
and it's mainly in this awful
masculine prison
of getting the ball down the court


to go from good to great
you have to go more feminine
have to have more connection
have to pay attention to the process
have to slow down to get more done
have to take time to refresh

you don't have to be

and that,
is the flaw

since an unmindful life
is really a lost one

oh, well

they can still love their kids
and their dogs
and the occasional good sex,
all of which,
by the by
are moments in the present

and I can type about it
in a mindless fluff
sense my feet
and pelvis
and breathing
and neck and eyes
and spine
and arms
and legs
and tongue

how about you?
care to go from good to great
by waking up
remembering your deep and glorious desires
and then
making some happy
and perhaps not yet brilliant
moves in that direction??

I hope so

let's frolic toward our bliss

no: frolic blissfully
toward our better

good to better
to better

never getting it right
as in "right"

never getting it right
along the way


Saturday, April 27, 2013

why bother?

there is a delight at the center of
we forget

orgasm is one way to remember,
and climax is often a way to forget

relief versus the rising of snesation
and then  more alive
and then
more alive

it's okay to feel a lot
it's okay to feel too much

and in feel
and in awaring
it's just fine wonderful dandy great
too much

even now
nose to the computer to the smart phone
to whatever,
how to feel more

start with sensation
and movement
and happiness
what makes you happy,
right now,
feel that
as you,
the wonder of you, alive
right now

all is right
when you are right now


and if it's not,
bother to find the aliveness
underneath whatever story you
and telling yourself
to prevent
and awarenss
and the wish to serve others


Friday, April 26, 2013

happy no matter what

just now I am tired because it is 2 am
since the bus stopped running

I had to ride a bike home from several miles

  and just now
upstairs the neighbor has come home
with a minor herd of friends or lovers
and stomp stomp
and I still have a bit of tai chi to do

and what's not to be happy about
i'm here
I'm alive
can aware on breathing or gravity or ribs or spine
the world is my playground
if awareness is my toy

so what
..... happened
that's what is

and if the noise continues
so be it

with enough tiredness we can all sleep

Thursday, April 25, 2013

love is beyond categories< no astrology, no eneagram, no sexual types

One of the best books on love is also one of the shortest and smallest. It’s by Anthony DeMello and it’s called the Way of Love, and it could fit in your back pocket.
Anathony DeMello was a Jesuit priest who deeply understood the sacredness of the present, and in this book he starts each small section with a quote from the New Testament and then proceeds to illuminate one or another facet of love.
Unfortunately, I’ve given away all my copies, but in one essay he defines love is forgetting of everything you have to say about or categorize about the other person: rich, poor, pretty, ugly, man woman, good bad.
Just see them, accept them, feel them as BEING right now, as they are.

You ask why I don’t put my astrological sign.
Because I have seen very few, almost no people, use categories to truly have deeper love and compassion for people.
Many years ago, I was in on the eneagram before it even go to Helem Palmer. It is a brilliant system, with nine “ego types,” each with three subcategories, and people actually look and act certain ways in all twenty seven slots. It was incredibly accurate in predicting people and an almost irresistible way for people to separate and judge and stay free from really seeing the present person in front of them.

I am an Aries. I have some characteristics. Others I don’t have. I read a book once telling every single day of the year, and my day, April 13, was in the week of the Pioneer and the day was that of the Iconoclast. Me and Thomas Jefferson. Kind of true. A lot true, and still, not me.

In a group I’m in there are three sexual subtypes according to how they deal with tumescence: hyper volatile , dissipated, fixed. And there are a range of stages of orgasm: turn on, climax, restoration, recovery, stillness, and so on. People here, too, seem to almost just about totally fit into one slot or another.
And then a certain sort of soul murder takes place, or at least a blindness to the parts that don’t fit.

This can be people seeing themselves, or seeing others, and then the mess of how do we really relate to a real live messy, changeable, now one thing now another human dissolved down to Aries and Scorpio. Or six and two. Or volatile and dissipated.

So, these categories sort of work, and sort of / a lot shield us from the confusing unknown of what another person is.

So, that’s a start.
Here’s the main astrology I listen to, if I were to listen to that, Rob Brevsky’s Free Will Astrology.
Here’s me for this week:
Aries: “How we react to the sound of the wind gives clues to our temperament, said philosopher Theodor W. Adorno. The unhappy person thinks of "the fragility of his house and suffers from shallow sleep and violent dreams." But for the happy person, the wind sings "the song of protectedness: its furious howling concedes that it has power over him no longer." I bring this up to illustrate a point about your life. There will be a strong and vivid influence coming your way that is like the wind as described by Adorno. It's neither bad nor good in itself, but may seem like one or the other depending on the state of mind you choose to cultivate.”

And you:
Scorpio: “Let's imagine ourselves near the snowy summit of Washington's Mount Rainier. We're in an unusual kind of cave. Volcanic steam rises from cracks in the rocky floor. Above us is a roof made of ice. As we stand between the heat and the chill, we find the temperature quite cozy. The extremes collaborate to produce a happy medium. Can you accomplish something in your life that's similar to what's going on in this cave? Metaphorically, I mean? I think you can.”

That being all said, the most tumultuous relationship of my life, screaming, thrown coffee cups, her chasing me naked out to a busy street to continue arguing, clothes out the window,
And one of the mildest, most serene, both gardening and bike riding and sleeping outdoors for weeks on end on our deck in Sonoma.
Both with a scorpio.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Backs, Shoulders, Necks, Brains and Sex

Backs, necks and shoulders. We've all got these, eh? And if you are wasting/ spending much time on the computer, they are probably in pain at least some, if not all the time.

What to do about that?
Break your computer into little bits.

Okay, just joking, but look out a window.
Really. Now.

Feel the difference in your spine and neck and eyes, if you softly allow yourself to observe some tree leaves, or clouds, or any far away details out the window.
Don't hurry.

Notice gravity.
Recall yesterday: the ground.
Where is it, no matter how high your office or apartment, where is the ground?
Pretend you can feel in through any layers of floor.
Keep looking out the window ( off and on, reading this) and see if you can feel connected out there, to something farther away than the room or office ( best nature, of course, but we don't all have that) and sensing the down there of earth and gravity.

and breathe.
The air indoors, the air outdoors, and it's a reminder.
Of what?
When we stop breathing we are dead.
Now, breath, light, gravity, changing what we look at and what we aware about, we seem to be alive.

What is your experience of you, right now?

And sex,
What does sex have to do with necks.
It rhymes.
Without it, life is slim and unhappy.
It is not always the same.
It can get better and better and better.

By slowing down.
If you are a woman, how slowly can you let yourself kiss a man? How slowly can you barely move, so the surrender rises in and carries you to an unknown shore.
And man, or male partner in the female/ female game: how slowly can you stroke her clitoris. With how much attention. And how little wish to make it fast, to "get somewhere," to "make something happen."

Will I lose Feldie and Anat people writing this? Sure.
And the sex people don't want to wake up to the body beyond genitals, some of them.
And so be it.
This is the body brain, sex brain, heart brain, thinking brain, intuitive brain, awakened brain blog.

Or, hey, let's get real: it makes some tender stabs in that direction.

Necks and sex.
There is necking, of course, and even that: how slowly can you both kiss and pay attention to the neck and it's so many, so many different positions and possibilities.

Sex involves the bottom of the spine and the top.
Good movement involves both, too, including the eyes.
It's a different game and then again, the unity of top and bottom, or the connection anyway is the fun and beauty of it.

I left shoulders out.
Get the pelvis to hold up the ribs and the shoulders will take care of themselves.
And not really.
There are amazing ways to move them to facilitate their idea of slow and real and connected and smart and free.

Slow and real and smart and connected and free:
Let's go there in relationship
and Sex
and in our own Body.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


is so easy

stand up,
shift from one foot to another
notice gravity
notice the forces through your spine
your head up top,

how do you know up is up?

this is an amazing thing.

shift from one side of your pelvis to another
feel the chair,
feel the push up thru your spine
feel gravity

our old
and always constant friend
(till we go to space, and the rich
want to go there.
let 'em)

and lying down:
the whole back becomes a foot
lots of stability
and still gravity
always there

good for you to notice

being grounded is a bullshit term usually
and the ground
is always around
and gravity


Monday, April 22, 2013

Now we begin

It's time to stop
waiting for permission
to be of use

to the world

there are people who need a smile

there are people who need a hundred dollars

there are rainforests that need.....

and we,
you and I,
need to wake up

to this glorious gift

and something like LIFE force
is surging through us

and one way that comes through is

and another is silence
where all the stories drop away

and another is the ocean

and another is
the blue sky

or a child's laughter,

or our own

or our friends

the dance
just now
up from the computer,
let's do it,
up from the page,
up from the black and white world
comeon let's do it.

i got up
and was tempted to make a blueberry chocolate smoothie
and didn't

walked down the street
beautiful afternoon,
feet on the ground, air all around

realized on the way back I don't really like dancing
without a partner

I like body feeling and knowing another body

this is the dance of life

this is why I love OMing

what is OMing?

tune in later
Chris on a bright Monday

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

there is always too much to do

there is always too much to do
and there is always time
come back home
to nothing
no thing
to the only thing,
your life,
our life,
the miracle of Life,
right now

never wrong

sounds so silly
and it makes
yourself in this moment

they won't last forever
or will they?

let's find out
at a

which time

the one that disappeared just now