Monday, April 22, 2013

Now we begin

It's time to stop
waiting for permission
to be of use

to the world

there are people who need a smile

there are people who need a hundred dollars

there are rainforests that need.....

and we,
you and I,
need to wake up

to this glorious gift

and something like LIFE force
is surging through us

and one way that comes through is

and another is silence
where all the stories drop away

and another is the ocean

and another is
the blue sky

or a child's laughter,

or our own

or our friends

the dance
just now
up from the computer,
let's do it,
up from the page,
up from the black and white world
comeon let's do it.

i got up
and was tempted to make a blueberry chocolate smoothie
and didn't

walked down the street
beautiful afternoon,
feet on the ground, air all around

realized on the way back I don't really like dancing
without a partner

I like body feeling and knowing another body

this is the dance of life

this is why I love OMing

what is OMing?

tune in later
Chris on a bright Monday

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