Saturday, November 24, 2007

what to do about our sleep

on feldy forum
a long discussion
on the "difficulties" of getting people excited
to come to Feldenkrais lessons

" Re: resistance to the Method"
this chain
is an old familiar one:

we have something amazing
and unique and the
world is not beating down our doors

oh, well:

a few other things
seem to have
"resistance" to:

(when they don't get what
they want, from the person
they "love" when they get what they want)

awareness of the present moment
minor exceptions:
first kiss,
first bite of new meal,

self realization
of the
oh, yeah, I lie, scold, hide,
blah, blah, whatever i criticize,

to listen to another
to hang in there with "bad" feelngs
to hang in there with "not knowing"
to be here and not at the next

harder than outer,
neither of much use to many

back to Monseur Gurdjieff
and the whole
question of humanity asleep

a big question

bigger even than the Feldenkrais Method
if you can believe anything so vast

and joking aside
the Method
is vast

and the title of this posting:
what to do about our sleep;


look at the s and the p
of the word sleep
notice the difference

notice the breath
coming in
and out
and don't even notice that difference
the difference
that noticing
our breathing makes

sit calmly
and if
you know
the Feldenkrais
do six or so
in pelvis, neck, ribs, eyes,
belly back
and be
so happy
at the gift
of knowing
how amazng
this brain body thing is

and then
holy fuck
go try to talk to another person
about this
from a noticing
and awake place
knowing they are asleep
and loving
them anyway
or maybe even
they have such an amazing chance
and probably won't take
and we
and the
can remember again


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Learning by Copying, or Learning by Learning

william at play

Life is meant to be enjoyed
and we are meant
as human beings
in a complex environment
and with brains
designed to learn...
we are meant to learn

The boy above is playing

Playing means he is not copying
what someone else showed him
he is
trying out some idea or possibility
that occured out of the play
that led up to that moment

one thing
led to another
and he's discovering
as he
what he's going to do next

in a good Feldenkrais® lesson,
whether the group lessons called
Awareness Through Movment®
or the
individual lessons
called Functional Integration®
the big kick
for the lesson giver
and the
lesson taker
is following one
thing that leads to another
and another
and neither giver
nor getter is
sure just what is going to happen

since we are dealng with real skeletons
and real awareness
and easy movements,
not in the sense of uncomplicated,
but in the sense of not strained and pushing,
that kind of ease,
easy movements
and awareness
and the possibilities
of the human brain body set up
are huge

the explorations are the joy
and if we are lucky
we get hooked on this
and go home
and keep exploring
and learning
and expanding our
understanding of ourselves
and the world
and this miracle

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Pleasure, Ease, Awareness and Learning

to be at ease
is a sweetness
that we can access

and yet
often we are in "too much of a hurry,"
or are "in our habit,"
or are "doing what we always do."

if we always feel
comfortable in our body
and thrilled with the new learning
in our life,

come join me
for classes
on Mondays
and Wednesday
at noon, and 5:30 PM

this is Brain Work,
and ReVitalization Work,
pretending to be about our body

Go slowly
work easily
on a mat, usually,
on the floor
slow and profound
and being present:

side effects might include:
breathe better
better posture
walk and sit and run and dance better
creativity up
mood up
pleasure in ordinary activity up

and more,
at Benefits of Feldenkrais®,
rhymes with Paradise

Monday, November 12, 2007

Triangle in Fedlie Land

this boy
is not afraid
to be himself

and so in yoga
the whole fun
is to
just make a mess
of whatever
it is
"they" think
we should be doing
whatever we think
we SHOULD be going
whatever we THINK
WE SHOULD be doing

and just fool around

triangle, Trikonasa
is kind of a pain in the ass pose

like this,
again the words are
harder than monkey see,
monkey do,
too bad
live with it:

1. stand with feet apart and point one foot a direction
you'll call forward
to make life simple we'll say R, right foot, is forward
face that way.
L, left foot, is behind and in a line with R heel.
R heel bisects middle of L foot

2. raise arms up to shoulder height,
facing forward,
rotate arms to face the direction your belly is facing
and rotate your arms to face the other direction
(around the the right)
have fun with this.

4. rest.

5. arms up again, rotate arms so R arm forward, L arm back, keep spine
straight, and tilt at the waist your whole torso forward
R arm will go down by R leg
L arm will come up in air
pointed to Up, up, up

look up at the up hand

6. Have some fun
look up at the up hand
and have eyes goes down,
and look down at feet with nose
and have eyes come up.
then eyes and nose toward up hand

notice other stuff: pelvis, ribs, feet
bend knees
unbend knees, explore

are you breathing???

7. rest

8. the same position, R foot forward, L back,
heel of R in line with mid of L,
rotate arms so L arm is foward direction same as R foot,
L arm back
tilt down at waist
R arm up
L arm down
spine straightish
head looking up at up hand

play with eyes and head
as above

9., play with triangle and reverse triagnle:
once arms one way,
once the other
sometimes head and eyes follow up hand
sometimes they go opposite



have fun

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Life is Real, only when I am

taos church

So spake Gurdjieff

and he
what he was
talking about

and so

little amazing puzzles
to help us

brain improve
movement improve
attention improve:


circles of pevlis
on the chair

feels good

follow breathing



and now


and now
circles of pevlis
be now

head right
and left
and pelvis
be now

and breathe
the head
your head

where is your attention
pelvis circle the other way
head right and left

life is only real
when we know sense
i am

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Juicy from Deborah Elizabeth Lotus, via Feldyforum

A story Moshe told us in S.F., (yes, Eva, gossip!)is that when he was
at the Sorbonne, living nearby on the 'left bank' in a 5th floor
walk-up; on nights preceding lectures, he would read and study until
1:00 or 2:00 in the morning. Then, he would descend the back stairs
and under cover of darkness, he would mount his bicycle, pedal
furiously to his first 'assignation' which had been pre-arranged with
one of many lovely young ladies; most of his assignations involved
climbing up the back fire escape through the bedroom window,(nosy
landladies prevailed, and no doubt added to the illicit thrill!), have
sex for an hour or so, stealthily climb back down, pedal furiously to
the next 'assignation', and so on until first light, anywhere from 3
to 5 back stair or fire-ladder-climbing 'assignations'--a regular
pre-fixed route! until pre-dawn; then pedal home, maybe not so
furiously by then. He would sleep a few hours until late morning when
he would again mount his trusty bike and go for his cafe and
croissants at 'Deux Magots' and then pedal off to his afternoon round
of lectures and lab-work. In between lectures, he would go to the
'Bohemian' Cafe's: Café de la Paix, Les Deux Magots, Café de Flore,
for strong Turkish coffee and sundry sweets.

Then Moshe would go play soccer and/or practice Judo at his nearby
left bank Judokan he helped establish and then pedal home to perhaps
grab a 'cat nap', wake up and study and start the whole 'cycle' all
over again.

So, Silani, I am imagining those thunder thighs came from not only
soccer, but all of the above! What a man! These days it is rare that
a man has a physique to match his intellect and vice-versa!

I hasten to add that Moshe told this story of 'performing sex 4-5
times per day' on himself a bit shamefacedly, using himself as an
example of (then) male immaturity, admitting his "Don Juan" Complex,
and allowed that he was not proud of 'using women' in this
way--although still tinged with pride at his male sexual prowess. So
on the one hand, he talked about this as an example of 'mature
behaviour' NOT, positing that most men get 'just good enough' in their
sexual maturation, by copying their closest model, whether big
brother, father, uncle or adolescent peer, and are 'stuck' in their
adolescence vis-a-vis immature sexual behaviour. He made the point
that of all the animals, only humans have, for the most part,
neglected the developmental process of 'sexual apprenticeship'-- so
the act of sex is all trial and error rather than the high art it can
be of, say, Tantra.

On the other hand, he posited that men of power, John F,Kennedy,
great artists, Einstein, warriors, etc.--all are 'highly sexed' and
this 'comes with the territory' of male leadership--as we see with
Bill Clinton, and even so-called celibate Swami's and Guru's. He was
making the point that we should not be so shocked and scandalized at
such behaviour--it is part of male high personal achievement, and we
can't have one without the other!

In this day and age of PC, I don't know how this idea would go over in
a Feldenkrais training, but I still find it relevant and accurate,
whatever one makes of it, and helped me forgive Bill. And it still
epitomizes Moshe with all his personal paradoxes!

As a possibly redeeming foot note to my above gossip, here is another

Cafe de la Paix is where it is (rumored!) that Moshe the student first
overheard and eavesdropped on Gurdjieff holding forth to his students
over said Turkish coffee and pastries.

Such Cafe's allowed for such
pursuits; I can't quite imagine this level of conversation in a
Starbucks! It is probable that Gurdjeiff did not acknowledge MF's
keen attention, but spoke in a way that he could be 'overheard' from
his nearby table, where ostensibly he was reading his University

It is (rumored!) that Moshe missed a few Sorbonne
lectures in favor of listening to Gurdjieff and learning about what
came to be called "The Fourth Way"-- this intriguing "new" psychology
of mind which was a melange of Sufism, other Eastern mysticism,
philosophy, psychology as then understood and being created by
Gurdjieff as different from Freud's "analysis" --which Moshe thought
got nobody anywhere except wallowing in past insults and injuries to
the psyche. He thought the most useful thing Freud discovered was "lie
on your back"!

Gurdjieff's philosophy was that man is asleep, and
needs to wake up!
A philosophy of action, not analysis! Such thinking
to which every Feldy owes homage, imho. For a good article on the
Fourth Way, where you may see some similar concepts as espoused by
Moshe please see:


I vouch not for the total veracity of my posting; yes, it is 'gossip',
but gossip Moshe told on himself, so at least has historical interest!
Of course he wrote at more length and more 'scientifically' on his
ideas about sexual maturation in Body and Mature Behaviour and the
Potent Self, which are as revelatory today about human nature as when
he wrote them.

All of the Zest,

Deborah Elizabeth Lotus

Monday, November 05, 2007

Feldie Feet, Monday Yoga, Brain time again, Friends


this is a no picture (of the movement,
pic above is
the pic above)
monkey see monkey do
is a lower level
than hearing
or reading
and figuring that to the real world:

we go:




1. Stand somewhere beautiful.
Look ahead, sense down, listen to feet and eyes and head.
Shift weight to the right foot, right heel.
Notice what happens in breathing as go to right,
and come back to middle.

2. Do the above and bring weight to right heel.
Again, watch, listen to breathing. Going and coming back.

3. Do these two to the left.

4. Rest between all. Walk around, sit, lie down.

5. Cross Right foot over left, i.e.
in front of and a bit to the left of left foot.
Now, shift weight right and left,
with the feet on the opposite than usual side.
watch breathing.

6. Do this and keep weight mainly on the heels.

7. Do this and keep your head in the middle, so pelvis/ butt
goes side to side
and weight shifts,
and your head stays in the middle.

8. Now, like this:
as you shift weight to your right foot, which is over to your left,
let your head flop to the right,
as in right ear toward right shoulder,
not rotating neck,
tilting, easy does it
slow and follow breathing

9. As you shift weight to the left foot, which is on your right,
let your left ear tilt down easily and
toward your left shoulder.
Notice breathing.
Weight mainly on heels.

10. Do this other feet around,
if you are so inclined.

11. Go back to beginning,
shift weight left and right,
now keeping head more or less in the middle
and weight more or less on your heels
and noticing
and being calm in
your breathing.