Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Learning by Copying, or Learning by Learning

william at play

Life is meant to be enjoyed
and we are meant
as human beings
in a complex environment
and with brains
designed to learn...
we are meant to learn

The boy above is playing

Playing means he is not copying
what someone else showed him
he is
trying out some idea or possibility
that occured out of the play
that led up to that moment

one thing
led to another
and he's discovering
as he
what he's going to do next

in a good Feldenkrais® lesson,
whether the group lessons called
Awareness Through Movment®
or the
individual lessons
called Functional Integration®
the big kick
for the lesson giver
and the
lesson taker
is following one
thing that leads to another
and another
and neither giver
nor getter is
sure just what is going to happen

since we are dealng with real skeletons
and real awareness
and easy movements,
not in the sense of uncomplicated,
but in the sense of not strained and pushing,
that kind of ease,
easy movements
and awareness
and the possibilities
of the human brain body set up
are huge

the explorations are the joy
and if we are lucky
we get hooked on this
and go home
and keep exploring
and learning
and expanding our
understanding of ourselves
and the world
and this miracle

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