Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Pleasure, Ease, Awareness and Learning

to be at ease
is a sweetness
that we can access

and yet
often we are in "too much of a hurry,"
or are "in our habit,"
or are "doing what we always do."

if we always feel
comfortable in our body
and thrilled with the new learning
in our life,

come join me
for classes
on Mondays
and Wednesday
at noon, and 5:30 PM

this is Brain Work,
and ReVitalization Work,
pretending to be about our body

Go slowly
work easily
on a mat, usually,
on the floor
slow and profound
and being present:

side effects might include:
breathe better
better posture
walk and sit and run and dance better
creativity up
mood up
pleasure in ordinary activity up

and more,
at Benefits of Feldenkrais®,
rhymes with Paradise

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