Saturday, September 05, 2015

Why People hate Christians

Why do people hate Christians?

Because they aren't Christian.

Most of the people who are so-called Christians are busy turning people off to Christianity by being exactly as Jesus preached against:
Rule bound hypocrites, much more interesting in telling other people where they are wrong and what rule they are breaking than helping people achieve what everyone wants to achieve: happiness, love, content, fun and harmony.
And usefulness.

They have the "my way or the highway" rule, which blasts people for not believing that Jesus is the only way to heaven, or God, or even happiness.

Minor detail: Jesus said I am the way. And Follow me.
He didn't say He was the only way.

And never said to worship him.

What did He say.
Love your God with all your heart,
and love your neighbor as thyself.

Which is sadly true, except most people's god is either money or status, or their ego, or their image of themselves, and this is what they are in love with.

And most people love themselves hardly a whit, and so a busy not loving others.

Which comes to the core of why people hate Christians.

Jesus said to love your enemy.
The so-called Christians don't love unless you buy into their way of thinking.

These so-called Christians set up conditions, which is the opposite of love: follow these rules, jump through this creed, sign on to hating gays and maybe even working class, and you, too, can get my approval.

And what did Thomas Aquinas say, or St Thomas Aquinas as he is called:

One may have never heard the
sacred word "Christ"
and be closer to God
than a nun
a priest.

And what was Jesus' mission?

To wake up people to their ability to find, right now, the kingdom of heaven within, and to love God ( call it Life) and to love other people and to love yourself.

This is big work.

Scary work.

And frightened people always like rules more than freedom, liberation, real love, happiness.

Rules seem to protect.

Except they make to so-called Christians content only in their heads with their righteous bubble, and they turn off people to what could be ONE of the many beautiful paths of liberation on this earth,

An earth where suffering is the main path of most lives.

What causes that suffering?

Ask and ye shall receive an answer.

But not in your head.


Friday, September 04, 2015

what is your life for?

What  is the meaning of your life?

What is most important to you?

Where are you happy?

Where are you least happy ?

 These are the questions that people have asked for ever and ever. So we might as well ask them now!

 Good place to start is always… Now. What is your  sensation  of your self as a living being ,  right now?

 And from that sensation of being present in your body right now, can you answer the questions about the meaning and importance and happiness and unhappiness ?