Tuesday, May 21, 2013

what if connection were what mattered

what if connection mattered
and fighting didn't
and approval or disapproval didn't
and wanting to withdraw or pout didn't

and wishing to punish was just a wish,
so what

and wanting to complain was a mask

for what

for desire

what if connection
were primary

would you be?

how would
your life be?

Monday, May 20, 2013

fear is just a story

Mark Twain said:
"I had a lot of trouble in my life,
most of which never happened."

We have a story of what could go wrong.
We are afraid that others won't like us.

Others don't like us.
Others disapprove.

We believe them.
We are afraid of them because they are giving us an excuse
to beat ourselves up.

This isn't necessary.

It doesn't feel good.

Why don't we stop?

We are crazy, that's why.
We believe a story we have about ourselves.
We believe the stories others have about us.

And this is our life.
What is stopping us
from just being ourselves
from just loving ourselves
from being free?

The story.

Ah, fuck.
All we got to do is stop that story.
Seems so hard
until you realize we all have the ultimate crowbar

the now:
no story in the now

come home
listen to no words
in your head

just the sounds of the world

and if someone outside your head
is saying things you don't want to hear:

they don't mean anything is wrong with you.

They just mean this other person wants
and is frustrated

Find out

Love is the other cure for the stories

and that's another poem


Thursday, May 09, 2013

where does the windwo open to

cock pussy gravity breath
ten toes
ten finger

cock pussy breath
gravity armslegs spine toes

and there's a smile in there,
in the heart

and a turn on
in there
in the genitals

and a bright flash of knowing
beyond words,
in the "mind" wherever that is,

and the brain, can be untrained to let
us be free
of all the rules and boundaries and walls and lies
is has adopted
for our own good
over the years

and what's left
in the bright now of now?

connect with another
and another
light up the world with our discovery

I was always inside of you
You were always inside of me
we were just waiting to uncover discover rediscover
un veil the beauty

orgasm helps

and the beauty is beyond

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

if you can't love everyone, you can't love anyone

she was good and loving and so was I

if you can't
can't love

wait, wait, that can't be right,
it's so clear that A is worthy of our marvelous picky love,
but B, C and D

and here's the rub,
since we have the right to find "what's wrong"
with B,C and D
( which is what's wrong with us that we don't want to see)

then after the glow rubs off with A,
and we've given ourselves the "what's wrong with them
is reality" lie
we are going to fire our cannons on A,

it happens over and over

watch the rejecting sorts, find Mr or Ms Right, and watch it implode down
the road

ah, they think they just "chose the wrong one again."