Monday, May 20, 2013

fear is just a story

Mark Twain said:
"I had a lot of trouble in my life,
most of which never happened."

We have a story of what could go wrong.
We are afraid that others won't like us.

Others don't like us.
Others disapprove.

We believe them.
We are afraid of them because they are giving us an excuse
to beat ourselves up.

This isn't necessary.

It doesn't feel good.

Why don't we stop?

We are crazy, that's why.
We believe a story we have about ourselves.
We believe the stories others have about us.

And this is our life.
What is stopping us
from just being ourselves
from just loving ourselves
from being free?

The story.

Ah, fuck.
All we got to do is stop that story.
Seems so hard
until you realize we all have the ultimate crowbar

the now:
no story in the now

come home
listen to no words
in your head

just the sounds of the world

and if someone outside your head
is saying things you don't want to hear:

they don't mean anything is wrong with you.

They just mean this other person wants
and is frustrated

Find out

Love is the other cure for the stories

and that's another poem


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