Friday, February 24, 2017

Eight Questions for Those who might want Love, Lust and (Raw) Enlightenment Coaching

Are you Ready
Coaching, Depth Coach, Transformational Coaching in
Love, Lust & (Raw) Enlightenment 
and “Saving the World” ???

Coaching is not “giving advice.”
Not the way Carol and I do it.
Coaching is not “coming up with solutions/ new ways” for you to do something.
Coaching is not my opinion/ insight/ mentoring about the ways you wish to change.

Coaching is a depth charge of questions, that allow YOU to find the answers, and understanding, and resistances, and paths beyond resistances, and bigger and bigger goals, that YOU really want.

Love, Lust and (Raw) Enlightenment and “Saving the World” coach, may or may not be for you.

The following questions will 
One: Help you move forward in your life, whether you want to take advantage of the coaching or not
Two: Help you decide, if you want to, whether this is something you want, and are willing, to invest your time and energy and money in
Three: Offer you a way of “waking up” in your responses to help with any problems/ issue/ stuck place/ deep goal in your life.

Here are some eight questions for you:

1. What is your idea of the Fabulous Love part of Love, Lust and Enlightenment? And what difference could that make?
If the Love part of your life were twice as good in a year, what would that look like, feel like?
What difference would that make in who you are, day to day, and in your deepest soul?

2: What is your idea of the Fabulous Lust part of Love, Lust and Enlightenment?
If the Lust/ Sex part of your life were twice as good in a year, what would that look and feel like?
What fears/ resistances/ excitements come up in you to contemplate this?
Where do you feel this in your body?

3: What is your idea of practical Enlightenment as an everyday mode of very high level living?
Take some time to imagine this.
What difference would / could this make over the next two years?
What difference would/ could this make over the next thirty years?
What difference would/ could this make at your deathbed?

  1. If one level of “Enlightenment” is being happy (with no sugar, movies, or usual numbing out) at least 90 % of the time, what would your life be like in this state? What would this be worth to you?
  2. If another level of “Enlightenment” is being aware, in the moment of breath as you are breathing, and your arms and legs and pelvis and spine in gravity and in their shape. Right now. AT least 70% of the time.   What difference would this make for you?
  3. If a third level of “Enlightenment” were the forgiveness of ALL resentments and “wounds” in your life, what difference would that make for you?

  1. What is a situation in your life that you have not forgiven? This can be small: someone didn’t return your call. This can be medium: someone said/ did something that “got to you.” This can be big: your parents beat or humiliated you. Or, your spouse went to bed with someone else. This can be gigantic: you were molested as a child. You spend time in a concentration camp.
  2. What do you know about yourself from your attempts to forgive this?
  3. What do you know about yourself, and the stickiness in your life, from your failure to forgive this?

Are you willing to wait until month two or three to deeply forgive EVERYTHING IN YOUR LIFE

  1. Are you willing to “mediate” at least once a day, preferably twice, in a way that focuses on gratitude and presence
  2. Are you willing to try this right now, and as a daily part of your life with various exercises in being in your body and in the present?   Stand. Point your feet out to the sides. Hold your arms out to the sides with your palms up. 
Begin to bring your arms back as you rotate your palms up. Then move your arms back forward and rotate your palms down. Then back and forth. With ease and delight.
As you are doing this
Squat just slightly, never to pain, always in ease, as  rotate your arms back and forth.
Do this to a count of twelve squats.
Later, add on: count one, sensing your right leg, count two, sensing your right arm. And, with help from me, a six counting moving of attention.

This is three things:
Counting, with sensing difference parts of your body

  1. If you were to pay, $50,000 a year for coaching, what results would you want to achieve?
  2. What responses go on in: your body, your emotions, your thinking as you notice this?

  1. To have the fun and challenge of everything in coaching be up for coaching: missing sessions, forgetting homework, setbacks, huge successes.
  2. To entertain a delightfully challenging high bar for everyday enlightenment
  3. To have the scary thrill of radical improvement in Love, Lust and Enlightenment

  1. Raw: this is optional. The way we eat can make a big difference in how our health and anti-aging and moods are progressing. Would you like this as part of your coaching, knowing that changing food habits is a real pain in the ass? (With, of course, the “pain in the ass” being more “food”/ fun for coaching/ learning/ transformation.
  2. “Saving the World”: Where do you want to change the mess/ wonder of our world? Are you willing to devote the juice and happiness of fabulous love and fabulous sex and everyday (fabulous) enlightenment toward making a huge difference in some area like poverty, disease, war, “Trump-ism?”

That’s a lot.
And it’s just the start.
All coaching is specific to your deepest goals.
I look forward to your transformation via some or all of these questions, and possibly our working together.

The first hour sample session is always free, and in person if possible, if you live in Austin, or would like to come visit.

Look up this address : 1100 Maufrais St, Austin, 78703. We live in a magic neighborhood, peaceful and treelined and within walking distance of Whole Foods/ Waterloo Records/ REI/ Book People, and much more.



Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Happy Healthy Amazing RAW-- Avocado and (Pasture-Raised) Egg Yolk

Day Four
Love, Lust and (RAW) Enlightenment
The easiest kind of non-vegan raw:
Organic avocado and pasture-raised egg yolk

This is easy.
This is almost instant.
This is like your own version of hollandaise sauce.
Add some Himalayan salt.
Scarf it down.
Two hours of brain and body and happiness food.
And real fat/ good fat, if you want to loose weight.


Friday, February 17, 2017

Starting Even Easier: Better Sex, Health, Breathing and Dancing with a Simple Movement

Day One
Getting Sexier
(and Healthier
and More Enlightened
and Able to Love)
Right Now

Please stand for a minute.
Feel how big your head is. Put out your hands to make an image of how tall it is and how wide.
Then check with your real head, and put out the tall and wide dimensions in front of your face to see and realize.

Now, feel (as sensing) how big your MIDDLE layer is. This is from where your neck meets your skull down to your navel.
Before you look or measure with your hands, GUESS how tall and wide that is.
Put our your hands to see your “guess-timate.”
Now, actually measure with your hands and put the visuals out in front. How tall and how wide is your MIDDLE layer?

Now, smile, and wiggle a bit.
Enjoy standing on your feet, the bottom layer.
Before we check the bottom layer, put your hands out to visualize the head size, vs the middle size.

Fun.  Now, measure your bottom layer. From navel to toes.
How big is it?

Now, do all three one after another:
How big is your head?
How big is your MIDDLE, from skull bottom to your navel?
How big is your BOTTOM layer, from navel to toe tips?

Noticing their relative size, ask yourself: how much time you spend in your head, how much in the middle (and not in ache and pain, but feeling your heart, or your breathing, or your hands and fingers and arms)
And how much time below the navel?

The navel and below….
What’s the center of all that?

THIS IS HOW TO START WAKING UP TO YOUR REAL BODY, YOUR REAL SELF, YOUR SEXUAL SELF, and the self that moves easily, breaths easily, dances easily, walks easily.
And more.


Can you feel it right now?
Sit if you aren’t. Preferably on a firm chair or log or bench.
Do not lean back.
Why? So you can feel the weight of your body pushing through your pelvis into the chair or whatever is below.

Is with us full time once we leave the womb, if we are not in outer space.
The chair pushes up, and our pelvis pushes down.
The Earth wants you, is attracted to you.
You want the Earth, are attracted to it.

Feel the connection.

Please sit and let's start the fun/ improvement/ joy/ sexual upgrading.


This is simple.
This gets “down there” moving.
This is a vacation from being in your head.
This will heal and improve your back and your breathing.
This will improve your sex life.
If you don’t have a partner, when one comes along, you will be ready to a much more full connection.
(Brief note: great sex is necessary to fabulous love. And it’s not sufficient by a long shot. Even with a partner, I recommend holding off on any small or large sex improvement for a couple of months. Get the communication and the simple touch improved first. Learn deep forgiveness first. Learn real listening without interruption first.
And learn movement with touch first.
Holding hands touch.
This may seem little.
And… it’s huge)


Sit on the chair bench log.
Breathe in easily and a little more fully.
Allow your breathing to fill out your belly just a little (or more) as you breathe in.

Put your hands in two places: one hand on your belly. One hand on your breast bone/ sternum.

Do these two movements:

Breathe in, feeling your belly push out one hand
Rock forward on your pelvis
Feel the shift in your weight and relationship to the chair
Allow your ribs and sternum to lift a little. Feel that in your other hand.
Allow your head and nose to tilt slightly up toward the sky/ ceiling.

Stay there, pointed to the ceiling for a bit.
Feel the shape of your back.
Feel where your weight is on your pelvis.
Feel the one hand pushed forward and the one hand raised a bit.

Now, smile some more and go the other way

Breathing out, as if releasing, push your belly in, and feel that.
Rock backward on your pelvis, more toward as if your spine is on the chair.
Feel your weight shifting on your pelvis.
Allow your ribs and sternum to lower and even “slump” a little. Down toward your belly button.
Allow your head and nose to point down toward the chair, or even toward your pelvis.

When you get to the lowest position, pause again and
Feel your shape.
Your spine shape.
The belly in shape.
The sternum / ribs down shape.
The head and nose circling back in shape.

Enjoy that.

And then, breathe is and rise on up.

For purposes of this book, we’ll call the belly forward and head up shape, back “arching.”
And the belly in and head rounded over toward the crotch, we’ll call that shape, “rounding” your back.

So, after pausing, do this pelvis rocking movement including with all the above, a feeling of the differences of your back when it is arching and when it is rounding.

This is a huge part of staying young: having a flexible spine.
This is a sly part of living through boring meetings: doing little versions of this.
This is a slow and easy part of having a great sex life: do this four or five times every day.

For your own enjoyment and a future of fabulous sex.

And more.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Games for those with a partner and those without

Valentine’s Day Feast
in the land of
Lust &
(With a couple of “wild” options for single folks)

Love likes connection.
Love loves connection.
Love likes presence.
Love loves present.

And so, this Valentine’s “Game” will involve three kinds of connection:

You will arrange to spend 10-20 minutes with your partner with no distractions, with smart phones off, with land lines off, with whatever else you need to do to have 10-20 minutes time together.
Sit near and facing each other. Begin to breathe a little more deeply so you can follow and match each other’s breathing.
Smile, a little.
Look each other in the eye.

That’s Valentine’s game #1:
Sit close.
Match breathing.
Smile, a little.
Look each other in the eye.

Do this for awhile. Watch your mind if it wants to wander. Come back to the present and to your breathing and to your partner and to looking in their eyes. You may well want to switch which eye you are looking into. 
Don’t make a big deal of that.
Just go with it and enjoy.

Then “rest” by folding forward, as if to touch the floor. You may bump into each other. Oh, well.

Then sit up and try this, which is almost the same, and it has a huge difference.
As we’ve revealed in the first chapter: learning is a deep part of the flow state, and learning is picking up and noticing differences.
This is different.
This will help you learn a tool that is available to all couples and is rarely used with the frequency that human beings really need and enjoy.

Valentine’s Game #2:
Sit near.
Hold each other’s hands.
Follow each other’s breathing.
Look each other in the eye.

Do this for “awhile.”
Do it a little longer than the you who wants to “get things over” wants to do this.
Do this with a slowing down, that can almost feel your breathing together in each other’s hands.
Can you feel your pulse? Or is it theirs?
What else can you feel through your hands?

Now. smile, nod and let go.

Stand up and take a brief walk and then come back to your chairs.


Lust is all sorts of things, including going with deep and primal sexual desires. It’s almost finding deep within you what your life lusts for, which is about the heart as well as the body. And sexual lust, if we want our lives to be truly happy and enlightened, includes and is a subset of heart love.
Somewhere the mind and head are in there, and we don’t have to worry about that now.
Let’s just say that their is a part of us that is aware, that is not in the head, but may be no place at all, is central to love, and to lust and to enlightenment.

And back to lust, this in Valentine’s Day.
Let’s rock and roll.
In a very gentle and sexy way.

Valentine’s Game #3: Pelvic Rocking, Together
Sit near each other again.
Begin this movement together.
It starts in the pelvis.
The pelvis is the center of graceful walking and dancing and skiing and running and skating, and …
It is also the center of ease and power.
It’s a good place to start.

One: Rock forward on your pelvis. This means you feel your weight shifting more toward your thighs.
Two: Push out your belly.
Three: Breathe into your expanded belly.
Four: Arch your back, which means the middle of your back is going forward and the top is tilting back a little.
If someone were to look at you from your left side, arching would look slightly like the letter C.
Five: Allow and perhaps encourage slightly, your sternum (breastbone) to lift.
Six: Allow your neck to lengthen in such a way that your nose raises a bit toward the sky or ceiling and your head tilts up.

Remember, you are doing this together, though it might take a few turns to get the hang of it.

And now, go the opposite way. 
Again start with your pelvis.
One: Rock back on your pelvis. Some people call this “tucking in your tailbone.” You will feel your weight on your pelvis shifting more toward where your pelvis meets your spine.
Two: Pull in your belly.
Three: Use this pulling in to breathe out. As if you are slightly pushing the air out.
Four: “Round” your back. In the yoga game of “cat and cow,” this is the cat, with the mid-back pushing back. In your back, this feels a little like “slumping,” or as if you want to get your head to your knees.
Five: Allow your sternum to sink toward your belly.
Six: Look down with your head and nose.

And rest a moment at the bottom.
See what your partner is doing and then, together, come up into the pelvis and belly forward, breath in, arching.

Do this a number of times together.
You will be looking at each other at several points in this arching and rounding.
Feel a relaxation in your body as you lengthen the spine and breathe in this simple way, usually a much deeper breathing than we do usually.

Stop. Rest. Smile.

Then, again, more connection. And the learning: “What is the difference when we touch?”

Valentine’s Game #4: Hold hands.
Follow each other’s breathing.
Allow the breathing to be part of the pelvic rocking and do the movement together again.
Do this many times.

This could be “enough.”

Or you might want to add this on.
Valentine’s Game #5:
Start up again the synchronized pelvic rocking.
Take turns saying the finished sentence that starts with these three phrases:
“I like….”
“I love…”
“I am grateful…”

Say your three sentences. Match this to the movement in any way that feels good to you.
Then rock at least once as a transition to the next person.,
Then the next person says the three sentences.

Do this a number of times.

And, you know what’s coming next:
Valentine’s Game #6: 
Do the pelvic rocking together.
And hold hands.
And take turns sharing three sentences at a time.
“I like…”
“I love…”
“I am grateful…”

That’s enlightenment. Being in your body and your heart and your awareness all at the same time, and being more or less happy.
Gratitude and love and liking all put people into a state of more or less happy. We’ll talk a lot about this as we go along, and for today, just enjoy the benefits of sharing touch, and sharing movement, and sharing like/ love/ gratitude.

What about single folks?
Or your honey isn’t available?
Here’s two wild ideas.

One: Do the sequence outdoors, near a large tree. You might need to stand, because large trees often don’t have chairs nearby.
In the touch part, touch the tree, and do the games.
What happens? 
Trees are pretty amazing beings, and you may well be surprised at the peace and even wisdom you get by doing this.

Two: Sit near a table or desk of some sort that has a graspable surface.
In the touch parts, hold onto that surface. Feel the difference merely by engaging your hands.

If you are brave and adventurous, imagine a partner is holding your hands during the hand holding part.