Friday, February 17, 2017

Starting Even Easier: Better Sex, Health, Breathing and Dancing with a Simple Movement

Day One
Getting Sexier
(and Healthier
and More Enlightened
and Able to Love)
Right Now

Please stand for a minute.
Feel how big your head is. Put out your hands to make an image of how tall it is and how wide.
Then check with your real head, and put out the tall and wide dimensions in front of your face to see and realize.

Now, feel (as sensing) how big your MIDDLE layer is. This is from where your neck meets your skull down to your navel.
Before you look or measure with your hands, GUESS how tall and wide that is.
Put our your hands to see your “guess-timate.”
Now, actually measure with your hands and put the visuals out in front. How tall and how wide is your MIDDLE layer?

Now, smile, and wiggle a bit.
Enjoy standing on your feet, the bottom layer.
Before we check the bottom layer, put your hands out to visualize the head size, vs the middle size.

Fun.  Now, measure your bottom layer. From navel to toes.
How big is it?

Now, do all three one after another:
How big is your head?
How big is your MIDDLE, from skull bottom to your navel?
How big is your BOTTOM layer, from navel to toe tips?

Noticing their relative size, ask yourself: how much time you spend in your head, how much in the middle (and not in ache and pain, but feeling your heart, or your breathing, or your hands and fingers and arms)
And how much time below the navel?

The navel and below….
What’s the center of all that?

THIS IS HOW TO START WAKING UP TO YOUR REAL BODY, YOUR REAL SELF, YOUR SEXUAL SELF, and the self that moves easily, breaths easily, dances easily, walks easily.
And more.


Can you feel it right now?
Sit if you aren’t. Preferably on a firm chair or log or bench.
Do not lean back.
Why? So you can feel the weight of your body pushing through your pelvis into the chair or whatever is below.

Is with us full time once we leave the womb, if we are not in outer space.
The chair pushes up, and our pelvis pushes down.
The Earth wants you, is attracted to you.
You want the Earth, are attracted to it.

Feel the connection.

Please sit and let's start the fun/ improvement/ joy/ sexual upgrading.


This is simple.
This gets “down there” moving.
This is a vacation from being in your head.
This will heal and improve your back and your breathing.
This will improve your sex life.
If you don’t have a partner, when one comes along, you will be ready to a much more full connection.
(Brief note: great sex is necessary to fabulous love. And it’s not sufficient by a long shot. Even with a partner, I recommend holding off on any small or large sex improvement for a couple of months. Get the communication and the simple touch improved first. Learn deep forgiveness first. Learn real listening without interruption first.
And learn movement with touch first.
Holding hands touch.
This may seem little.
And… it’s huge)


Sit on the chair bench log.
Breathe in easily and a little more fully.
Allow your breathing to fill out your belly just a little (or more) as you breathe in.

Put your hands in two places: one hand on your belly. One hand on your breast bone/ sternum.

Do these two movements:

Breathe in, feeling your belly push out one hand
Rock forward on your pelvis
Feel the shift in your weight and relationship to the chair
Allow your ribs and sternum to lift a little. Feel that in your other hand.
Allow your head and nose to tilt slightly up toward the sky/ ceiling.

Stay there, pointed to the ceiling for a bit.
Feel the shape of your back.
Feel where your weight is on your pelvis.
Feel the one hand pushed forward and the one hand raised a bit.

Now, smile some more and go the other way

Breathing out, as if releasing, push your belly in, and feel that.
Rock backward on your pelvis, more toward as if your spine is on the chair.
Feel your weight shifting on your pelvis.
Allow your ribs and sternum to lower and even “slump” a little. Down toward your belly button.
Allow your head and nose to point down toward the chair, or even toward your pelvis.

When you get to the lowest position, pause again and
Feel your shape.
Your spine shape.
The belly in shape.
The sternum / ribs down shape.
The head and nose circling back in shape.

Enjoy that.

And then, breathe is and rise on up.

For purposes of this book, we’ll call the belly forward and head up shape, back “arching.”
And the belly in and head rounded over toward the crotch, we’ll call that shape, “rounding” your back.

So, after pausing, do this pelvis rocking movement including with all the above, a feeling of the differences of your back when it is arching and when it is rounding.

This is a huge part of staying young: having a flexible spine.
This is a sly part of living through boring meetings: doing little versions of this.
This is a slow and easy part of having a great sex life: do this four or five times every day.

For your own enjoyment and a future of fabulous sex.

And more.

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