Thursday, October 30, 2014

The truth is free, and yet...

how is your breathing
right now?

what are you seeing,
besides this
right now?

where are your arms and legs and

what are you hearing?

that's truth:
our experience right now

freely available

and then the cost:

awareness of when we put a story
on our experience and demand that it be different
than it is

that's a cost

the cost of waking up
is a dilly:

realizing when we have
fallen back asleep

not beating ourselves up about it
then getting back
into the glide




all this inspired by someone texting me this:

"I know the truth will set me free,
how much will it set me back?

the truth is free

most change has a price

seeing that as being
"set back"

is like putting a price on your
child's smile

not really a way to live