Sunday, March 31, 2013

Jesus died so you could have beginner's mind

 Jesus died so you could have beginners mind
Which sounds like some improper mix

and who knows?

the straight line is that He died to redeem our sins

what are sins?

failure to love others
failure to love ourselves
failure to love God/ nature/ the big picture/ Life

and with beginner's mind can you be
angry at so and so,
without a prior story about how they should have been different?

And with the beginner's mind :
you can be curious about their behavior
or attentive
but basically not at all stuck in any idea they should be
any differnet

it takes an fixed and gathered mind
a sure of itself and its opinion mind
to judge and not love another

and ourselves:
same deal

like I could judge this poem
as not enough leaves
and sunsets
and wild geese,
but the beginner's mind doesn't know
how a poem is supposed to be

and judging ourselves,
only can be
with some pre judgements, so prior pattern of

from the beginner's mind again,
about ourselves,

a nice way to live
a nice way to love God/ nature/ Life,

and from beginner's mind
we are trapped,
not able not to love

and what's left?

find out,
it's Easter

have a resurrection of your
beginner's mind 

(even about this poem,

Friday, March 29, 2013

don't think, realize

if you think it can't get any better,
it can

if yu think it can't get any worse,
it can

if you think it's never going to change,
it will

if you think it can't get better and worse
at the same time
it can

oh, well

Thursday, March 28, 2013

go ahead and die, just don't forget to go to the funeral

dying is under-rated

life on its own
is perfect

and we almost never take it

which means we are dead

why not be there for the death
of seeing that
of tasting that
false grabbing to what's not really there
what's not really yours
what's not really true

the death of the story

what's left

go ahead and die,
and see,
be there to see
be there to taste
be there to gnash and smash and bash
until you are all the way

don't go to heaven
don't transcend

come back for the funeral
stick around

what's next?

what's next now?

and now?

and now?


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Connection only for the Perfect::::: Is that true?

here is a lie, that we (I)
like to suffer with:

Connection is only for the happy

And sublie: If you (I) are (am) NOT
financial solvent
a bastion of support
playing the game

then they, the famous THEY, won't
have time for you
be interested in you,
have a place for you in their lives

"They won't have time for you."
Is it true?

And the turn around hints loudly:
Do I have a place
for me
when I"m in the Down.

Ah, that's the good news.
I can notice when I don't
and Change

or I can ask someone (anyone) else
to help me
accept me
in the down

Byron Katie, in her early wake up days,
would wander in a lite up daze, not believing
her name,
any identity
that she was a woman
it was all Just What It Was

And she'd have an urge for a hug,
and she'd go up to the nearest person,
often a stranger,
and ask for a hug.
They always said yes.

the world is waiting to hug you (me)
Go ahead and ask

Monday, March 25, 2013

free fall

free fall
seem free


Sunday, March 24, 2013

glory be

it's my mother's birthday
my son's

so, the world goes on
it appears
and I have a place in the scheme
of things

this is simple
and means a lot
or means nothing

but it's nice having a mother,
grumpy as she is,
she is exactly right to be the one she is

and it's great to have a daughter and a son,
but at least one of them has a birthday that's
not on March 24

and today was cool in Austin
and the young lad who came around,
for the Anat Baniel lessons was hilariously
active and smart and over amped and adorable

and then the OM crowd,
the men and women part

the men and men

this poem
is pretty dull

oh, well

a day is a day

hope yours was as exhausting
and fulfilling as was mine


Saturday, March 23, 2013


Sometimes you just
really don't

want to do

like write something each
the blog

on the blog

and then,
you decide

to do it

and then,
if you are lucky
and coach people that the
"Doing" is just the masculine half
of moving forward in life
and the big

game is to
go for the whole tamale,
 figure a way to
enjoy/ connect/ play/
with the project as you doing

do do
fun fun

and a smile
can be had
at even the paltriest efforts
and the most unimpressive results

we aren't all Mozart
and the Universe gets along
just fine

Friday, March 22, 2013

saying Yes to crazy, down, f...ed up... ie, Life

there are days,
or parts of days
when it is all a mess

and "it" is the wild crazy life
that swirls without sense this way
and that

except there is sense
if we sense it
but it doesn't usually make sense to the mind

which minds this
but we don't

the muddy one
the messy one
the real one, delighted to experience
the crazy wonder of every f...ed up

this is it, babe, one moment
after another

and if they muck and muddy and seem almost to
choke us

so be it....
that's the swamp
that's the storm
that's the hail storm
or the tinkerbell sweet easy rain

doesn't matter
life is full on
in us and
out there,
which when we connect

is more in here
which is out there
which doesn't make sense
except we are one
with what we thought we'd lost

and when we stop grabbing on
it's ours again,

the way it always


Thursday, March 21, 2013

God's idea of a good fall

God made us to suffer
not long
not forever

just long enough

to know the bottom
is always there

your heart
God's heart

not matter how sad
how empty
there is that one

the falling is always held
the bottom is always in a palm
always just under you

and what you thought was free fall

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

God is around

God is around
every corner

around every teardrop

around every eyeball

around every wish and desire
and around
all despair

God is there

for you

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Gift

a gift

a gift

a gift

a gift

This poem...
a gift


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

the masculine and the feminine

The masculine is testosterone:
The house in burning down, kick down the door, run up the stairs, smash anything in the way, save the baby, save the damsel in distress, bloody up arm and knee on elbow, doesn't matter, get the job done, mission accoplished
Save the day.
Then collapse

(Male orgasm a bit like that)

The feminine is oxytocyn
Someone is in some emotional pain, find some friends, the more the better, all talk about five or six things, and underneath it the one thing may or may not be talked about: in connection there is safety, and comfort and a sense that this is what life is for.
The meandering is the journey is the joy, if in connection.

Female orgasm is like that. The real orgasm, not the climax that is sold in the magazine, and that climax is just fine and dandy, but the taking forever and that's just fine, taking forever in pleasure and rising and falling.
And connection.

The we building as the game goes up and down and all around.

And this is how I see my coaching evolving:

People want to get stuff done.
Old coaching is lists and action steps and accountable and that's all fine.

But the feminine wants quality and connection, and will gladly sacrifice getting things done for the interest and the mess and the connection and the discovery along the way.

How to do both?
Ask for the raise and be connected to yourself and your boss as you do it.

Ask for for love making time, and in connection as you ask, not complaining, not demanding, but listening enough to figure out a way to make the "we" of this new set of behaviors work.

Go about talking to new people about your vision, and not just selling the vision and showing the big picture, but connecting to them, as they are now, and to how the "we" of that connection is happening and not happening as you present the vision.

There is more to this,
and that's a good start for today.

Thursday, March 07, 2013


In nature there are forest soils and prairie soils. In both its full of full fill organic, the former all plants, the later all mulch and a few plants. Only in deserts or man/human planted gardens and farms are there big spaces of bare empty dirt between plants.

somehow, life without the connection, the wall to wall plants or mulch is the ego's life of separation, the non connection that makes so much misery, and robs us from the joyful reality of life

This has something to do with connecting to and raising up and being raised up by and loving/fighting/enjoying/ learning from/etcing with our peers, perhaps?

Who knows. I know that in any conversation I can be aware of and feeding the 3rd or into me/me/ me land, or worried/ scheming about their part>

This gets really ironic and fun when I'm not in connection and bugging someone to get more in connection< usually with me< aka me/me/ me

then the shift, that instant of remembering, that it's not about me, not about us--- that's what it's all about