Thursday, March 07, 2013


In nature there are forest soils and prairie soils. In both its full of full fill organic, the former all plants, the later all mulch and a few plants. Only in deserts or man/human planted gardens and farms are there big spaces of bare empty dirt between plants.

somehow, life without the connection, the wall to wall plants or mulch is the ego's life of separation, the non connection that makes so much misery, and robs us from the joyful reality of life

This has something to do with connecting to and raising up and being raised up by and loving/fighting/enjoying/ learning from/etcing with our peers, perhaps?

Who knows. I know that in any conversation I can be aware of and feeding the 3rd or into me/me/ me land, or worried/ scheming about their part>

This gets really ironic and fun when I'm not in connection and bugging someone to get more in connection< usually with me< aka me/me/ me

then the shift, that instant of remembering, that it's not about me, not about us--- that's what it's all about

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