Friday, March 22, 2013

saying Yes to crazy, down, f...ed up... ie, Life

there are days,
or parts of days
when it is all a mess

and "it" is the wild crazy life
that swirls without sense this way
and that

except there is sense
if we sense it
but it doesn't usually make sense to the mind

which minds this
but we don't

the muddy one
the messy one
the real one, delighted to experience
the crazy wonder of every f...ed up

this is it, babe, one moment
after another

and if they muck and muddy and seem almost to
choke us

so be it....
that's the swamp
that's the storm
that's the hail storm
or the tinkerbell sweet easy rain

doesn't matter
life is full on
in us and
out there,
which when we connect

is more in here
which is out there
which doesn't make sense
except we are one
with what we thought we'd lost

and when we stop grabbing on
it's ours again,

the way it always


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