Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Connection only for the Perfect::::: Is that true?

here is a lie, that we (I)
like to suffer with:

Connection is only for the happy

And sublie: If you (I) are (am) NOT
financial solvent
a bastion of support
playing the game

then they, the famous THEY, won't
have time for you
be interested in you,
have a place for you in their lives

"They won't have time for you."
Is it true?

And the turn around hints loudly:
Do I have a place
for me
when I"m in the Down.

Ah, that's the good news.
I can notice when I don't
and Change

or I can ask someone (anyone) else
to help me
accept me
in the down

Byron Katie, in her early wake up days,
would wander in a lite up daze, not believing
her name,
any identity
that she was a woman
it was all Just What It Was

And she'd have an urge for a hug,
and she'd go up to the nearest person,
often a stranger,
and ask for a hug.
They always said yes.

the world is waiting to hug you (me)
Go ahead and ask

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