Sunday, March 31, 2013

Jesus died so you could have beginner's mind

 Jesus died so you could have beginners mind
Which sounds like some improper mix

and who knows?

the straight line is that He died to redeem our sins

what are sins?

failure to love others
failure to love ourselves
failure to love God/ nature/ the big picture/ Life

and with beginner's mind can you be
angry at so and so,
without a prior story about how they should have been different?

And with the beginner's mind :
you can be curious about their behavior
or attentive
but basically not at all stuck in any idea they should be
any differnet

it takes an fixed and gathered mind
a sure of itself and its opinion mind
to judge and not love another

and ourselves:
same deal

like I could judge this poem
as not enough leaves
and sunsets
and wild geese,
but the beginner's mind doesn't know
how a poem is supposed to be

and judging ourselves,
only can be
with some pre judgements, so prior pattern of

from the beginner's mind again,
about ourselves,

a nice way to live
a nice way to love God/ nature/ Life,

and from beginner's mind
we are trapped,
not able not to love

and what's left?

find out,
it's Easter

have a resurrection of your
beginner's mind 

(even about this poem,

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