Thursday, September 19, 2013


love is a big world...
a small word...

a magic land of confusion...

what does love mean?

it means that you want the best for another
it means you want to be with the other
it means you can tell the person you love that you hate them
it means you don't know what you are doing
they just drive you so fucking crazy
that's okay

it's just love

love is
letting the other person be right
love is
nailing the other person for their bullshit
love is
seeing how that is often, let's say, ninety four percent
of the time
your bullshit, too

love is laughing at
your small petty demands for their love

love is letting
of fear

yeah, yeah, a book title

and fear is a world
and a small word

and a cage
a good cage,
because we came from jungles and ice ages
and such
but fear has gotten
snarly in civilization
and often gets immeshed in this petty prison:
do others approve of me
will this meet disapproval

and what's the power, the powder, the dynamite
to blast
of living a living prisoned by others opinions

and love

and how are they the same
and how are they different?

these two:
and love?

ah, that's mainly for another day,
but let's start by saying:
desire sets you toward another,
toward connection and pleasure

and love lets you let them breathe
so you don't sufrocate them
which is spelled suffocate
I'll be damned

don't you just love

the not knowing
also is another day
"I don't know"
can often be the fuel





Wednesday, September 18, 2013

what if you miss a day?

what if you miss a day????

the world won't end....

get back on your horse

get back to the clit
and stroke

get back to the talk
and listen

get back to the now

awareness out
awareness in

that's a full life

if you miss a day of remembering you are alive


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

when there's nothing to say...

when there's nothing to say...
say nothing
or say, "I love you?"
or say, "What's good in your life?
or say, "I don't know what to say, but I like you."

say, the truth, as you feel it,
in that moment

and then listen,
just as happy to get nothing,
as you were to speak
or speak from 

and it here isn't fancy,

it's just emptiness coming out to do the

not even the next right 

just the next
felt thing

as we go
living and becoming more
or who 
we always were
before the
extra got caked on

by others
our own suckered into it


say the next thing
say nothing

the world will keep spinning

your life will still be rich and full of meaning

you will still be present
or not

and one is free
and one isn't

and that's okay,

Monday, September 16, 2013

asking every day, a little beyond our comfort zone, or a lot

if we are living right, we should be getting
at least one "No" a day
to some request we are making for something that
pushes some edge

"Would you like to OM?"
"Would you like to make out?"
"Would you like to make out for X minutes?"
"Would you like to have sex?"
"Would you like to spend the night together?"
"Would you give me your phone number?"
"Would you go to ..... with me?"

This kind of thing in the relationship world, and this:

"I offer ..... for $.......Would you like to buy?"

That's a good one, too.

That keeps things high sensation. And if we don't know yet how to ask and get turned on by our asking and let the yes / no chips fall where they may, we con't quite know how to live yet, don't you think?

Don;t you feel that that's true?
For you?

Sunday, September 15, 2013

men should know: for a woman, everything is connected

her sex, her hair, her tummy, her food, her smile, the lightness of her glance,

the way you smell, the way she smells
what she thinks you think about her,
what she thinks her friends think about you
the way her mother thinks about her

how you touch her

the quality of your attention

it's all connected

and one thing can bring the trance of all things being equal
and what they always were:

you're attention

give it to her

say the truth,
about you
about her

be free
and watch
ask questions
shut up and listen
then ask another one
and shut up
and you don't have to understand, nor does she
but she has to be listened to

and you have to listen

it'll cut through anything


Saturday, September 14, 2013

falling in love

We like falling in love
because that let's loose in us
the part that loves to be in our bodies

we touch
they touch
we feel sensations
usually pleasurable
they get happy
we get happy

it's good
life is mud luscious again

we are free
we can ask what we want to ask
and say what we want to say


we can do it all
do a lot and be free and happy

we fall for the right people
we fall for the wrong people

doesn't matter
it's the falling that counts

it's the craziness
and the wanting them
and wanting to love them

wait: this part isn't falling in love:
the wanting them to love you a whole big bunch

that's neediness

and isn't falling

you can fall in love with someone who doesn't care
at all

that usually cools most people out
they don't want to put out
without getting something back

but some
just love and let all the silliness
come as it may

your choice

or you
wait awhile
fall in love later


the blaze is n
no matter how frozen
it will come out

yes it will

Friday, September 13, 2013

What women should know about men: Say it like the first time

Every time you, woman, talk to a man ....
Say it like the first time...

(From Nicole Daedone's book:
Slow Sex)


 He is not as subtle as you..
Nor does he operate on many channels at once

If you expect him to remember the emotional overtones
of the last five times you brought up the idea of going
to a certain place

he might
he probably won't

he might have a schedule in his head
and he'll have to be asked,
do you remember how nice it felt last time we went to Barton Creek?

otherwise he hears a request/ (he might even hear a demand)
to change his schedule in his head around

and if he shifts one thing,
he'll have to shift these other three

and meanwhile,
you, woman, want the sunshine and the friends and his warm touch
on your thigh and his hug in the water

you want to connect
you want him to want to connect

you can never lose
saying what you want:

I want to connect
I want to spend some play time with you
I want to touch more
I want you to put down your iPhone and talk to me

and you can never lose
saying how you feel:

I feel like you are abandoning me
I feel like I'm horny and you're not
I feel like grabbing you, and I'm afraid to
I feel like slamming a door and having a tantrum to get some attention

Make it simple
He loves you
He wants to know what's going on

But he doesn't want to be confused

Say it to him like the first time

You'll be happier
He'll be happier


Thursday, September 12, 2013

the way of remembering

today is September 12
in 40 days it will be some other day

this blog is going to go once again into daily mode for the next 40 days

the aim will be fun, and a bit of learning along the way
and maybe the purpose of life
or some such hooey

so let's start with now:
I sit, you sit
I notice this about gravity: my hands on the desk in front of the keyboard, my bottom on the chair, one foot flat on the floor, one foot more toe ish

what do you notice about gravity?

I notice this about air and me
I'm breathing, mostly at the top of my chest,
though with noticing, I feel the air coming to the bottom of my belly
which it really doesn't do

how is breath for you?

I notice my arms start in my shoulder blades and are reaching out via my fingers to the keyboard.

my legs run along the chair and then out into the air, and down to the floor

your arms?
your legs?

Light of the computer, and off the walls and some of my paintings bounces into my eyes
What reflected light comes to you?

And the sound:
of the neighbor walking upstairs,
of the keys clicking,
of a car going by
of the refrigerator in the background

what sounds is scaping for you?

two arms

ten fingers

two legs
ten toes



that's a lot
yes, horray , it's a lot
a wonderfully lot

to be

to be 



it could be fun


Sunday, September 08, 2013

Strange = Grown Up

I had what I call a "bad boy"Gurdjieff teacher, who swore and smoked and refused to dress up, and talked a lot about sex and psychology and ethnic tendencies ( French vs. German Jews, say, or Northern and Southern Italians).

He said many times, "strange equals grown up," because it's what our programming didn't get as children, and we find it "uncomfortable."

Now, if you think about it, when we first heard about sex, most of us not raised on farms, thought the whole penis in Mom thing pretty strange, scary and outlandish.

We come to accept that as not strange, once we participate, but then when adults hear about OMing, this can either be: "Oh God, where has this been all my life?" to "this is weird, creepy, strange."

It's certainly nothing we were raised with, either paying attention, nor stroking a clitoris, nor women being naked while the man doesn't get his goodies as part of the deal. And the man getting a lot, without getting his goodies, stranger still.

People either treat the novel as new and exciting, and a chance to expand, or scary and threatening to the status quo, and something to be dismissed. And most of us can be at different parts of this spectrum at different times.

And then this weird paradox, as a raw foods eater, in the OM world, how many people treat my smoothies that have fermentation as strange and scary and something to be mocked.

Ah, humans. We are a strange, bunch, eh?

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

staying awake by staying at least a little uncomfortable

we came from the jungle
ADD, the jumping of attention from one thing to another
would seem useful in a wild environment, when any direction
including up and down, could yield danger,
could yield food

life was intense
awareness was high
you died

and then life
got safer
and safer
and safer

and so when someone says:
what was the flavor of your last kiss?
we finally feel something,
the lights go on,
the charge comes back
the jungle

walk barefoot on uneven ground,
find a place where you have to look up and down,
spin daily, or more,
touch the ground and keep your eyes up
touch the sky and let your eyes watch the ground

play around

with the habits
with the right way to do things,
where "right" means "comfortable" means "rocking no one's boat"
low sensation

so, what's the cure?
do something not right today.

but kindly
other people count too

fucking with people is not the game
not really
though it might,
in small doses,
be a stage

but we've got to get more uncomfortable,
which means saying what we really really want to
which is different than using our umpf to blast
other people because they dare be different than we want

give up control
talk about uncomfortable
talk about not knowing what going to happen next
talk about living in freedom
which can be defined as
"I don't know."

this is a ridiculous little ramble
and what's the point?

Don't be too careful
don't be too good
make yourself uncomfortable
hang in there with the sensation

it's just you in the present moment
which is

which is just