Thursday, January 03, 2013

the yes of up and down, rigged deal

life is yes
 and gets better and better

or worse and worse

depending on the story we tell

and also:

how  aligned we are with our desire
in a simple
and profound way

less effort
and some effort
more like attention

and some action
that's a thrill no matter
what "happens"


short this one

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

feeling bad is an experience
either physical
or emotional
or mental

it happens sometimes

then what:
experience the experience

or gripe grumble, feel badly about feeling bad

a silly way to torture ourselves

just to eliminate that in
the new year
which is probably a prime number ( just read a book
my daughter gave me for  Christmas: the Professor (math besotted
memory accidented out for the most part)

2013 divided by 4 = 503 + 1

which does it:
all primes are 4n+1, or 4n-1,
and the first category are the sum of two squares

that i can't figure, but hey,
why feel bad about that,
maybe in a day or two it will  come

and what am I feeling now:
sheepish to have put this math in,
and pleased,
I like that stuff in small doses

stuff like converting farhenheit to celsius,
in my head,
that one always cheers me up

and watching thee string of this poem
makes me happy:
if we don't know what's next, life is so interesting

happy new year