About Chris

Waking Up to Now


I had a childhood in Southern California, Newport Beach.
I went to Caltech and Stanford.

I helped found a commune, taught public school, designed houses and gardens, designed and got into existence the Sonoma Garden Park.

I studied for over 60 days with Byron Katie, whose work can “undo” all emotional suffering. Replace all grudges with humor. Take all resentments to zero.
All resentments.
Would you like all resentments eliminated from your heart?

I took a Master’s Degree in meditation based-therapy.

The practice of being present has been my spiritual path for most of my life.

I raised two amazing brilliant and good hearted children, now adults, while living in Berkeley, California. I lived 12 years in the town of Sonoma in the beautiful Sonoma Valley, and one year on Orcas Island, in the Puget Sound.

I am the author of the forthcoming book, LOVE, LUST & ENLIGHTENMENT: For couples who want to fall back in love, and become “almost enlightened” to boot.
Call 360-317-4773 to request a free copy of the first three chapters.

I am in a remarkable, almost miraculous relationship, and live a life of almost constant happiness. I want that for you too.

I can move my body with an ease or grace far exceeding that of 20 years ago. I want that for you, too.

I once was a therapist and no longer am.
I loved helping people, but got tired of the orientation to the past.

As mentioned above, I am an expert in the work of Byron Katie, and if you have any resentments from your past, we can clear them up pronto.

I coach now. This is about your brilliant future. You are already amazing. How can we co-create an even more amazing you as you life becomes the beauty and joy it was meant to be.
I will work with any high grade person who wants to be “almost enlightened” as they radically upgrade there life.

My specialty is RELATIONSHIP: Talk better, touch better, listen better, tell the truth, improve sex radically, and “fall back in love.”

The first hour of relationship coaching is free, and it is part of an agreed 3 hour block. I will give you tools to transform the rest of your life in home and work and family relationships. That hour is free.
If you decide to work with me, we will work another 2 hours.

The Relationship Coaching takes place in blocks of two 3 hour segments each month for the couple, and two private sessions for each person. 

If you want to feel younger and more skilled and amazing in your body, I am one of the few people in the world trained in the two body-brain systems that most take advantage of Brain Plasticity, our lifelong ability to learn, a central characteristic of human beings.

The other is the Anat Baniel Method.
These websites tell you all you need to know and more.

If you want to feel younger and more skilled in your body and brain and become “almost enlightened” along the way, give a call.

If you want to fall back in love again, improve anything of depth in your life, and become “almost enlightened” along the way, give a call.