Thursday, September 12, 2013

the way of remembering

today is September 12
in 40 days it will be some other day

this blog is going to go once again into daily mode for the next 40 days

the aim will be fun, and a bit of learning along the way
and maybe the purpose of life
or some such hooey

so let's start with now:
I sit, you sit
I notice this about gravity: my hands on the desk in front of the keyboard, my bottom on the chair, one foot flat on the floor, one foot more toe ish

what do you notice about gravity?

I notice this about air and me
I'm breathing, mostly at the top of my chest,
though with noticing, I feel the air coming to the bottom of my belly
which it really doesn't do

how is breath for you?

I notice my arms start in my shoulder blades and are reaching out via my fingers to the keyboard.

my legs run along the chair and then out into the air, and down to the floor

your arms?
your legs?

Light of the computer, and off the walls and some of my paintings bounces into my eyes
What reflected light comes to you?

And the sound:
of the neighbor walking upstairs,
of the keys clicking,
of a car going by
of the refrigerator in the background

what sounds is scaping for you?

two arms

ten fingers

two legs
ten toes



that's a lot
yes, horray , it's a lot
a wonderfully lot

to be

to be 



it could be fun


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