Sunday, September 08, 2013

Strange = Grown Up

I had what I call a "bad boy"Gurdjieff teacher, who swore and smoked and refused to dress up, and talked a lot about sex and psychology and ethnic tendencies ( French vs. German Jews, say, or Northern and Southern Italians).

He said many times, "strange equals grown up," because it's what our programming didn't get as children, and we find it "uncomfortable."

Now, if you think about it, when we first heard about sex, most of us not raised on farms, thought the whole penis in Mom thing pretty strange, scary and outlandish.

We come to accept that as not strange, once we participate, but then when adults hear about OMing, this can either be: "Oh God, where has this been all my life?" to "this is weird, creepy, strange."

It's certainly nothing we were raised with, either paying attention, nor stroking a clitoris, nor women being naked while the man doesn't get his goodies as part of the deal. And the man getting a lot, without getting his goodies, stranger still.

People either treat the novel as new and exciting, and a chance to expand, or scary and threatening to the status quo, and something to be dismissed. And most of us can be at different parts of this spectrum at different times.

And then this weird paradox, as a raw foods eater, in the OM world, how many people treat my smoothies that have fermentation as strange and scary and something to be mocked.

Ah, humans. We are a strange, bunch, eh?

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