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The wages of sin are death. Sin = missing the mark. Food to heal, vs food to die

The Wages of Sin are Death
“Sin” = Missing the Mark
What mark/ goal / aim are we missing if we are sick or dying?

You can eat anything you want. No laws against filling yourself with food that will clearly lead to ill health.
Sin is missing the mark, which means we need to be very clear about what our mark/ aim/ goal is.

In terms of health, we could have the aim/ mark/ goal of treating our body as a temple.
We could have the aim/ mark/ goal of living to a hundred in a healthy and totally mentally and physically capable state.

In terms of that aim/ mark/ goal these foods are “sin”
Modern wheat ( the bread of the Bible was far, far different wheat. See the book, Wheat Belly. Modern wheat has been mutated beyond recognition by our cells and has disastrous results.)
All pasteurized dairy except grass fed butter.
The bad oils. See Fats that Heal and Fats that Kill.
White carbs like potatoes and almost all flour products.

(Why is this so important to me?
Food and health are super important to me. My father died of brutal cancer. My Mother’s brilliant mind rotted away. I was sickly as a child. Very sickly. Read the essay on my childhood terror with almost daily asthma if you wish the fuller story:

Back to the road to death via missing the mark foods.
Canned foods.
The whole list of the “Dirty Dozen”, the foods most contaminated by pesticides. Cides = kill, = poison. If you’ve ever lived near grapes or tomatoes and watched the poisons being sprayed from air or tractor, you’d realize how grime it is. What are the dirty dozen. See my food page,_Health,_Transformation.html
And maybe almost as bad as wheat and sugar: industrial meat, cows and chickens and worst of all pork, raised in stuffed conditions and fed corn to fat and poison them, so we can have poisoned meat. 

Don’t believe me? 
That’s good. If you want great health you’ve got to do the work. But only if your goal is to honor your temple and live healthy until at least 100.

If that’s a goal, or a possible goal you might want to watch the DVD Fresh, or the  DVD Food, Inc. 
I haven’t seen Farmaggedon yet, but I suspect it has the same message: industrial food is a straight line to heart attack, cancer, diabetes and obesity.

Ah, but this is a lot of trouble to avoid all that.
Well, it’s all about sin as missing the mark/ aim/ goal.

What if your  mark/ aim/ goal is one of these:
To have food that “tastes good” in your mouth
To eat what you are used to/ makes you comfortable.
To eat like everyone else.
To stuff yourself with something to have familiar sensations that drown out the rest of the day.
To “reward” yourself for putting up with a life you don’t like.

If these are your  mark/ aim/ goal, then eat all the pizza you want. Or almost all food at restaurants that don’t serve farm to table meat. Or the quick fast food that seems to “do it” right away.
The wages of that might be death or dying, but that is “sin” only if you don’t want a death before your rightful time.

Life is tragic and glorious. We can chose. If we don’t, there are consequences.
We die young.
We get sick. (And not all sickness is bad eating. But almost all.)

This isn’t God’s fault. It’s our conscious or unconscious choice of goals. He didn’t invent industrial farming or pesticides or pasteurized milk. Sugar in Biblical days was almost always from honey, and wasn’t much. Wheat as I’ve mentioned was a non-mutated and very different food.
We can ignore this.
We can “go to the trouble” to make clear what our real goals are.

What a drag.

Or: what an immense opportunity!

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