Thursday, May 09, 2013

where does the windwo open to

cock pussy gravity breath
ten toes
ten finger

cock pussy breath
gravity armslegs spine toes

and there's a smile in there,
in the heart

and a turn on
in there
in the genitals

and a bright flash of knowing
beyond words,
in the "mind" wherever that is,

and the brain, can be untrained to let
us be free
of all the rules and boundaries and walls and lies
is has adopted
for our own good
over the years

and what's left
in the bright now of now?

connect with another
and another
light up the world with our discovery

I was always inside of you
You were always inside of me
we were just waiting to uncover discover rediscover
un veil the beauty

orgasm helps

and the beauty is beyond

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