Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Backs, Shoulders, Necks, Brains and Sex

Backs, necks and shoulders. We've all got these, eh? And if you are wasting/ spending much time on the computer, they are probably in pain at least some, if not all the time.

What to do about that?
Break your computer into little bits.

Okay, just joking, but look out a window.
Really. Now.

Feel the difference in your spine and neck and eyes, if you softly allow yourself to observe some tree leaves, or clouds, or any far away details out the window.
Don't hurry.

Notice gravity.
Recall yesterday: the ground.
Where is it, no matter how high your office or apartment, where is the ground?
Pretend you can feel in through any layers of floor.
Keep looking out the window ( off and on, reading this) and see if you can feel connected out there, to something farther away than the room or office ( best nature, of course, but we don't all have that) and sensing the down there of earth and gravity.

and breathe.
The air indoors, the air outdoors, and it's a reminder.
Of what?
When we stop breathing we are dead.
Now, breath, light, gravity, changing what we look at and what we aware about, we seem to be alive.

What is your experience of you, right now?

And sex,
What does sex have to do with necks.
It rhymes.
Without it, life is slim and unhappy.
It is not always the same.
It can get better and better and better.

By slowing down.
If you are a woman, how slowly can you let yourself kiss a man? How slowly can you barely move, so the surrender rises in and carries you to an unknown shore.
And man, or male partner in the female/ female game: how slowly can you stroke her clitoris. With how much attention. And how little wish to make it fast, to "get somewhere," to "make something happen."

Will I lose Feldie and Anat people writing this? Sure.
And the sex people don't want to wake up to the body beyond genitals, some of them.
And so be it.
This is the body brain, sex brain, heart brain, thinking brain, intuitive brain, awakened brain blog.

Or, hey, let's get real: it makes some tender stabs in that direction.

Necks and sex.
There is necking, of course, and even that: how slowly can you both kiss and pay attention to the neck and it's so many, so many different positions and possibilities.

Sex involves the bottom of the spine and the top.
Good movement involves both, too, including the eyes.
It's a different game and then again, the unity of top and bottom, or the connection anyway is the fun and beauty of it.

I left shoulders out.
Get the pelvis to hold up the ribs and the shoulders will take care of themselves.
And not really.
There are amazing ways to move them to facilitate their idea of slow and real and connected and smart and free.

Slow and real and smart and connected and free:
Let's go there in relationship
and Sex
and in our own Body.

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