Monday, April 29, 2013

from good to great

from good to great
was a popular business book

and like many
of that ilk,
had a lot of wisdom
and it's mainly in this awful
masculine prison
of getting the ball down the court


to go from good to great
you have to go more feminine
have to have more connection
have to pay attention to the process
have to slow down to get more done
have to take time to refresh

you don't have to be

and that,
is the flaw

since an unmindful life
is really a lost one

oh, well

they can still love their kids
and their dogs
and the occasional good sex,
all of which,
by the by
are moments in the present

and I can type about it
in a mindless fluff
sense my feet
and pelvis
and breathing
and neck and eyes
and spine
and arms
and legs
and tongue

how about you?
care to go from good to great
by waking up
remembering your deep and glorious desires
and then
making some happy
and perhaps not yet brilliant
moves in that direction??

I hope so

let's frolic toward our bliss

no: frolic blissfully
toward our better

good to better
to better

never getting it right
as in "right"

never getting it right
along the way


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