Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Delusions that keep people in suffering

The past determines the present.

Forgiveness is a sucker's racket.

Life is bearable without a great love at the center.

Happiness is for later, or other people, or both.

Waking up is impossible.

Life outside the present is real life.

Fun and challenges are not compatible.

Fun and work are incompatible.

Fear is what life is all about.

Bitterness gets you somewhere.

Complaining shifts the past around and other people jump to and act the way you want them to.

Stillness is not next to Godliness.

Silliness is not next to Godliness.

Godliness is hooey. And not fun, if it isn't hooey.

If you are feeling badly now, you need to be feeling badly five minutes from now.

You have no choice.

Love is for other people, or later.

If love isn't happening, it's the other person's fault.

You don't deserve a wonderful and amazing life.

If you are in the "I don't know," the world will fall apart

Solutions come from "trying harder" and "grit"

There is no God

There is no ongoing source of grace/ love/ energy/ delight

Life is rough, no fun, and you have a right to be stuck

Challenges mean that life sucks

If life sucked last week, it's going to suck this week

Laughing is bad for you

Movement with joy is for fools

Love is a myth

There is no way out of suffering

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