Friday, January 06, 2012

love is this moment caressing itself

Love is important
and it goes like this:

you are amazing,
and I cherish you just as you are

that's the honeymoon
and why not have it always be the honeymoon

like this:
the Other does something that irriates
we see that as our problem
we got irritated

and we see it as a chance to play:
"Hey, I tweeked myself when you
so and so

is that weird, that I tweeked myself
or is that some insane notion
that you are supposed to always
do things just the way

I want you to do them?"

the quote means
you say it.
you speak to the other person
about the bother in you
you do NOT
blame them for the bother

you both get curious:

them about whether they wanted to tweek you

you get curious about: whether you have program
that the Other "should" do
what you wish the other to do

i know
i know
it sounds too simple

aren't we supposed to get in
conflict when we
"don't get our way?"

if we want to be unhappy
we can get into conflict

if we want to be happy
then curiosity
and good old fashioned
letting the other person be
who they are

goes a long way

and la

here's the deal:
until we wake up
there is no real happiness

what does that mean?

it means
in the present
love is always possible

out of the present
it's just our robot and theirs
either meshing
or not

hard reality
so fucking amazing:
we can come free any
is always right now,

no waiting wanting or coniving
it's right here

this one , too, of course

and such
to one
and all,

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