Friday, January 06, 2012

Love's possible pathways: happy new year

If you look at the world around you,
here is what you see:
some nature,
more if you are lucky,
less if the city is your place

you see a lot of buildings
and roads
and that too,
more or less

and then there are people
everywhere people

and sometimes you are lucky
and someone comes along and you share
some nights and days with
you love them
or at least want to be with them

sometimes children
come from this


and sometimes this "relationship,"
as it's called gets better and better

you are fascinated
the other person is fascinated

you are learning and growing
they are learning and growing

you are on the spot present to them
and hearing what their words say
and what the heart underneath the words
is saying

and they listen,
really listen too

and you laugh
and discover,
my oh my,
you each have quirks and eccentricities
and you find that charming

and sometimes one or the other
will be less than totally thoughtful
and that can be interesting to explore

and you get bored sometimes
and go off and read a good book
or write one
or meditate

there is no rush to be always
a great delight when you are

this happens sometimes


i hope this is happening to you
right now
this year

and in the meantime:

if no one is around who is a great listener,
get out a friendly journal
and start listening to yourself

if no one is around to laugh and indulge you
when you are less than perfect
this is a good habit to develop

and when you want to romp with others,
and don't have a special other,
find a dance group,
find a group hike,
find a sing along crowd
find a reading group

there are people everywhere
some are lonely
and just waiting for a friendly
to say hello
how was your day

the world is full
of possibilities


January 6. 2012
a very good year

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