Saturday, December 30, 2017

Last Chapter: Principle 8--Save the world , in a happy, sexy, awake way

Principle #8: Save the World
Make a Huge Difference
While staying happy and sexy and learning and growing and delighting in every moment of the way.

The world is a mess.
Turn on the TV. Look at the papers.
Notice all the recent natural disasters brought about by climate change.
Witness the government officials ignorant of this.
Witness the poverty and racism and wars raging. 
Witness all the latest messes.
People are having a hard time being kind and fair and loving to each other.
The world is having a hard time being kind and fair to all its humans.
We as a species might as well be considered at war with Nature, which seems a bit crazy, since we ultimately spring from nature.

A mess.
A mess.

And what are we going to do?

Save the World Game #1
Think of one area you’d like to make a difference
Do any small step toward that today.

This is silly, and we often just plain believe the story we tell ourselves: “No time.”
And we can trust our email to bring us, almost instantly, an opportunity.
I rarely look at my email, and needed a break from a couple hours of writing.
So I opened it.
Move.On had an inspiring and wonderful video about the successes of progressive and good hearted people this year, and the work still to be done. They had a box to click to donate.
So I did.

Not much, and as it was part of hundreds of thousands of others, I do hope and believe that will be part of the world I’m trying to be a happy revolutionary in.

And, it’s time to bid you adieu.

We’ll play three more games and then you are off on the adventure of a lifetime.
Have more sex.
Be awake in the present.
Get healthier. (next book, raw plus smart eating plus love lust and enlightenment)
Stay horny.
Be happy.

Save the world.

Love and Save the World Game #1:
What do you love?
How can you help more people experience that?
Talk, in four minute turns, about this
With your mate, with a friend, with a stranger.

This is about connecting.
And exploring.
The world is a mess.
Those who have “the answers” often make things worse. 
Those willing to listen and explore, often make things better.

Have fun.

Lust and Save the World Game #1
Have the clitoris stroking sex at least once a day.
Have some other kind of sex at least once a day, preferably in the early am.
When you rest, or fall back to sleep after this, feel:
and wonder:
What can I/ we do to create a more wonderful world for everyone.
See what happens if you explore from the state of connection and bliss.

This seems ridiculous in a way.
Silliness is next to godliness.
And this isn’t even silly.
It’s honoring the miracle of sexual pleasure with which God/ Nature/ the Universe made humans.
Go ahead.
You can expand this way.

Enlightenment and Saving the World Game #1
Meditate every day.
For 10-30 minutes.
Go into the awareness that is aware.
AWARE your thinking but doesn’t believe your thinking (or disbelieve, but just is aware of) 
AWARE of your feelings, but doesn’t believe your feelings (or disbelief, but just is aware of)
AWARE of your sensations, but doesn’t think they are a big deal, nor believe they are nothing. They are your body, right now.
No body = nobody. 
If you aren’t home to your body, you aren’t home to you.
And the key is
Smile and be AWARE

From here, either come out with an idea of how to create more good in the world.
Or come out refreshed
Or come out frustrated from having spent the time believing instead of awaring.
This is life.

Write for five minutes after meditation.
Don’t think about what you are going to write in meditation.

See what comes to you.


That’s it.
Time to do one or two or any of the games.
I’m going to go meditate for ten minutes and write for five.
Then take a walk and sense my arms and legs and love nature.

What are you going to do?

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