Thursday, August 31, 2006

Thursday, August 31: An Amazing Experiment

In the Feldenkrais Method, we can make amazing progress in
our thinking
and in our moving
and in our physical sense of well being
and in our connection to ourselves
by returning to a more exploratory and playful approach.

In the earlier lesson, Feldie Fun #1 we move our eyes one way and our heads the other. This is “hard” and also, if we slow down and don’t try for large movement, or instant perfection, “do-able.” We raise a challenge, which is to say, give ourselves a little stress. We slow down and don’t force and get interested, and by Jove, we can rise to the occasion.

Slight "stress" + awareness + going slower + going less forceful+ going smaller = a chance to change.

This change is called learning.

We learn.

We create new neurons in our brain.

We get the idea that we don’t always have to do things the same old way.

And to top it off: our necks and eyes and whole selves feel better.

And now here’s the amazing experiment I just thought of early this morning in that warm in bed, follow the breathing, let the new and creative emerge time of day.

Have a happy face and feel happy.

Have a worried face and feel worried.

Now try more the differentiation: have a happy face and feel worried and have a worried face and feel happy.

That’s “hard,” too, isn’t it?

Then, of course, go back to happy with happy and worried with worried and see if there is a difference.

This is hella interesting, wouldn’t you say?

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