Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Happiness Now

When's a good time to be happy?

Well, right now, that's a great time.

And if we are honest with ourselves, we'll see that we often are not so kind in when we allow ourselves to jump into that golden place.

No, first we have to do the dishes, or get the work done, or make the bed, or avoid making the bed, or make "enough" money, or "finish" whatever important "thing" we need to finish so we can stop worrying about getting done whatever it is we need to finish.

Does that sound like circular thinking?

Well, it is. Thinking about the "to do" list in the future is a great way to postpone happiness until some later time, which, not so surprisingly, like some rainbow toward which we are walking, always seems to recede into the distance.

Somewhere, over the rainbow, then we could be happy.

What a story? And is that a useful story, or a story to keep us stuck in a life of toiling away?

And what if we are happily engaged in our careers, and our pursuits, and our afterwork meetings. Well, if we are really "happily" engaged, then we aren't putting off happiness. If the career and the pursuits and the meetings are all with the price tag of … Happiness Later, Sorry 'Bout that, then we get to ask:

Is that price tag one we want to pay?

Is that a price tag we need to pay.

Pay. Pay. What do we owe. I've written before about happiness

( Happiness as a Choice),

and happiness now ( Happiness now),

talking about that sneaky feeling as if happiness now was some kind of sin, as if that was too easy, as if we really didn't deserve this.

But that's all a story, this set of words about happienss later and the pursuit of happiness and all that hoey.As the Work of Byron Katie part of Wake Up Feldenkrais behoves us to ask: Is that true?

Because these essays aren't about Feldenkrais per se. They are about Wake Up Feldenkrais. You can cure your back or shoulder or stroke or cerebral palsy, or vastly improve tennis, golf, skiing or yoga. And the deeper goal is to wake up to the moment. This moment, all moments.

And when we are really in the moments, though we don’t' talk about happiness, because chatter about abstract states takes us out of immediate experience, but because we are present, and aren't doing all the habitual things that keep us unhappy, we are back to the amazing default of real life on earth: happiness.

Believe me?

No. Don't.

Find out for yourself.

Experiment. Find the habits and thoughts that make you unhappy, and create variety and options and alternatives. Use the Work of Byron Katie to undermine and find the truth behind our stories. See what's left.

It may well be Happiness Now.


Sensitive Strength


Waking up to now.
Embracing Change.
Learning to learn.
Loving to move, improve and transform.

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