Friday, June 01, 2007

What this work is, what it isn't, glories to all.

baby apples
Baby apples. Nature on the Way to becoming even more of
what it was meant to be.
Is this happening in your life?


What this isn’t.

This isn’t body work.

A massage is sweet and nice and will bring a return to ease and a contentment and relaxation. But it will not help you organize to a higher level so that you will stop doing whatever the pattern is that got you into the aches and pains in the first place.

Feldenkrais lessons will, because they focus on the core muscle, the one between the ears, called the brain, the most amazing creation in the universe, an instrument capable of going against the laws of thermodynamics, the law that things proceed toward less and less order. The brain creates order, makes sense of the random chaos of the world. The brain is how we come to crawl, and sit and stand and talk and skip and jump.

Forgotten how to skip?

Don’t feel so free and happy in the back and breathing and neck anymore? If you want to upgrade your whole nervous system, then Feldenkrais lesson, either the group lessons called Awareness Through Movement®, or the one on one lessons called Functional Integration will help. Hugely. Amazingly. Almost miraculously. Miraculously.

This holds for a host of issues. See: The Glories of Feldenkrais.

Feldenkrais is not about fixing or balancing. Your energy will be more balanced, but as a result of your functioning at a higher level. A baby on the way to crawling is not into balancing energy, she is into expanding her understanding of who she is and what she can do in the world.

This works for people who have had strokes, people with balance issues, people who have had accidents, people in pain, people who are great at something and want to get better. In sports, or yoga, or teaching of some activity. Golf. Running. Basketball.

This is a way of turning the clock back, because we are tapping into how we were, discoverers and creators and experimenters, when we were young geniuses and our pleasure and goal in life was learning, real learning, not book learning, not learning what someone else told us to learn, but what came up from inside our wish to live.

And what is Wake Up Feldenkrais?

The Work of Byron Katie teaches ways out of emotional suffering that are as effective and easy as the Feldenkrais work is at getting us out of physical suffering. And like the Feldenkrais Way, the work of Byron Katie is about coming to a wholeness, coming the a realization of how amazing we are, it is about learning and change and transformation.

I consider this work an extremely valuable adjunct to the Feldenkrais work, a way of clearing out the stories and beliefs that keep us from being all we can be.

And I find that when I am in the present and am connected to Nature, that this too helps me be a full and happy and amazing person, a possibility for each and every one of us.

This is my hope for those who get involved in Wake Up Feldenkrais. To wake up to the moment. To wake the nature. To wake to health. To wake to happiness. To wake to improvement and delight in expanding our joy and our capabilities and the depth and breadth of our lives.

Ciao for now,

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