Wednesday, July 04, 2007


We have habits.

We put one shoe on first.
We put one leg into our pants first.

We hold our breath when trying something

We have certain habits of how
we move
and what parts of our pelvis
and ribs
we bring to the party
and whta parts we leave out

we have habits of straining
and stressing and forgetting
about learning,

habits of getting lost
in "how does it look"
to others,

habits of being too much in
a hurry
to slow down enough
to sense and be aware of ourselves
in this wonderful

WakeUp Feldenkrais is about coming beyond
these habits,
to learning,

learning not only to move
with more ease
and variety

but learning how
to go about learning
to re-invent
and transform ourselves
by one easy and elegant
creation of options
beyond the confines
of old habits of moving
thinking and feeling.

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