Tuesday, December 18, 2007

6 awareness days left until Christmas

water bear Reed College

to be aware while
browsing the stores

to be aware of the guilt
and fear stuff
nagging away to
buy more
give more
do more

to say no
to an invitation
or two

to say yes
to an invitation
or two

where do we want
to be present
and following our breathing

and remembering the three oceans:
calling on bones and brain and pelvis
how are we "grounded"
what is our weight doing
right now

and air
our lungs inside the rib cage
or can it be
a rib basket

and light, sound, taste, smell
the joys of a head
mobile and free at the neck
looking left
and right
even now
on the computer
keep the eyes forward and let your
go up and down
and right and left
and following your breathing
and know
about your pelvis
and be
in love
with the you
right now

what else to do?
love others
love the earth

does that have anything
to do with Christmas?
it certainly could have.

and does awareness have
anything to do
with our ability to love?


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