Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Neurological Upgrading Lessons


Chris Elms doing this for the first time in his life, at 63:
Feel younger, more at ease, happier in your body.

Whole Brain
Whole Self

to come to the
of moving,

In these lessons, you either sit or lie down,
fully clothed,
on a firm and comfortable
table, chair, or bench.

You are guided
to being present
with yourself
and your breathing
and your awareness.

functional integration with Wenonah

From that being present,
in easy and gentle increments,
you are guided,
by touch
and word,
to new and better feeling
of using yourself
and being in your body.

These lessons
to beginners
appear to be "body work."

back ease
neck ease
shoulder ease
grace and joy in movement
moving as if 20 years younger
ability to "work out" without the usual masochistic nonsense
discovery of whole new movement, dance and voice possibilities
discovery of the miracle of having a "body"

new ideas
trying new things in life
sudden creative urges
letting go of old, boring patterns
rekindling love of learning

the giggles
a sense of fun
a sense of mischief
a sense of humor
a sense of delight
loving other people
and yourself

These touch guided "lessons"

(a far gentler touch
than you may have ever

Wenonah being held in head

30-40 minute lessons.
You lie or sit comfortably and fully clothed
on a low and firm table.
You are moved and very slow, very gentle, very
brain awakening ways.

Best taken in sets of
5-10 lessons in one week

(10 for children is amazing)
for two weeks and then taking some time
feeling the amazing changes,
and then setting up an ongoing schedule
of 1-3 lesson per week for several weeks on
and several off.

The more you bring one lesson
close to the next
the more the reprogramming of your brain
and action
as a new set of habits and options
ways of being in the world.


contribute to
  • increasing everyday joy,
  • decreasing depression and anxiety,
  • and can
  • radically improve thinking
    and problem solving abilities
  • Sports can get better
  • Sports coaches can radically improve their capabilities
  • High performers
    can improve their already fine level of skill
  • Musicians can learn to tune their bodies
    and their instruments at the same time
  • Carpal tunnel and the aches of sitting around too much,
    or repetitive work can transform
  • Actors and executives can be more in touch
    with an inner clarity
    and vitality
  • Cerebral palsy
    can undergo amazing transformation
  • ordinary aches and pains can be undone
  • and your
  • whole life
  • set out on a course of
  • improvement,
  • joy
  • and
  • learning

If that's not enough
for you
check out the list at
BENEFITS OF THE Anat Baniel Method

To come to skill and understanding
in these lessons,
I studied 5years
in the Feldenkrais Method,
with 1000 hours of training.

The next level up from the Feldenkrais work
is the work of Anat Baniel,
who has kept the magic, and rigor and discovery
alive and thriving in this amazing
system of learning, change,
development and transformation.

I am certified as an Anat Baniel Method
have completed
200 days over four years
(21 of the nine day segments of the Anat Baniel Method

Advanced Training in the Anat Baniel System:

Special Needs Children: 31 days the first time around, and then redoing this training, for 4 nine day segments, for another 36 days

Vitality and Anti-Aging: 18 days, plus redoing the first nine day segment once again

High Performers and Peak Learning: 9 days

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