Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pose, Warrior, Warrior Pose

terri and marl at flower
Non warriors with the great teacher: Earth and flower and Life

Sad but true:
the warriors are out there
posing away right now.

The Russian hot shot.
Some Georgian hot shot.
Even the brilliant little boy who
is playing President, is busy posing:
I am warrior.

I can send enough
(not myself, of course)
to blast,
push away,
push around,
get my way.

E gad. A world lived out at the level
of sandbox bullies,
whether the so called Terrorists,
or the now hung dead Bad Guy Sadaam Hussein
or the Bush Sr
or the Bush Jr
or the Lyndon Johnson
or the JFK
or the Truman
or the Hitler
and on
and on.


And the poor idealistic
young men,
full of love for something bigger than themselves,
and anger at they don't know what,
and testosterone,
and whoosh,
they are off getting killed
as some older man or men
go through their warrior pose.

And then in yoga:
we hold

What are we posing as?
Doing it right?
Get our act together?
Taking our punishment?
Being good to our bodies?

And sure,
yoga can be just plain old fun
and interesting,
if the teaching were just
about finding and discovering ourselves
in the moment,
and in the movement,
and so often,
that gets so lost
in the

And warrior poses.

What are we at war with?
Our bodies?
Doing it wrong?
Being weak?
Not being young any more?
Our teachers for being better at
than us?
Our bad habits?
Our wish to not be in pain?
A lifetime of not being perfect?

Who knows?

How could we do warrior
as a heart opener,
and no posing,
and lots of learnig.

How could we do warrior
as a shoulder and leg support
with no enemy?

How could we do warrior
with a sense of learning to
press down into the sweet Earth
and letting it all fly up
from there?

Play with it one your own.
Come to me from private yoga lessons.
Join the neurological upgrading lessons.
Go home from yoga and turn the war into
What would that take?

Won't that be interesting to find out?

1 comment:

Gloria Ives said...

You know what I notice?
I notice that my Warrior just doesn't feel right (Warrior 1) When I just don't feel right...(not living up to my potential) or feeling stifled ...

And My Warrior two is one of my favorite poses, As is Child's, and Tree.